Killing More Than Coca

Killing More Than Coca
Posted by FoM on August 07, 2001 at 22:04:42 PT
By Wendy Williams
Source: American Prospect
For nearly a decade, the Colombian military, fed by American dollars, has used crop-dusting planes to drop a dangerous herbicide where it believes coca and poppy fields may exist. In return for that favor, the United States government is giving the friendly generals items like Blackhawk helicopters, which the military promises to use to fight bad-guy drug dealers. The spraying is one piece of the highly controversial Plan Colombia, which the U.S. government has implemented to fight the drug war in the highly unstable South American nation. But opposition is rising in Colombia to this unseemly bargain. 
For example, Bogotá Judge Gilberto Reyes recently ordered that the military suspend the spraying, taking seriously the indigenous people's complaints that the herbicide, glyphosate, causes them skin irritations, itchy throats, and nausea -- not to mention loss of their banana crops when the crop dusters accidentally spray the wrong fields. As part of his ruling, the judge asked the government for extensive information about the effect glyphosate has on humans and on the environment. Preliminary studies show that the herbicide -- manufactured by the giant American biotechnology corporation Monsanto and sold in the United States under brand names like Round Up and Rodeo -- could be deadly for humans and destructive for the environment. After the ruling, General Gustavo Socha Salamanca, head of the Colombian government's anti-narcotics forces, said he was going to spray anyway. Salamanca had received the first three of his promised Blackhawks the Friday before his announcement. (Reyes later clarified his ruling, explaining that the government must stop spraying in "indigenous reserves," a ruling with which the government says it will comply.) Opposition to the spraying is mounting in Colombia despite the eagerness of the military establishment of that nation to continue pleasing the U.S. State Department, says Lisa Haugaard, legislative coordinator of the advocacy organization, the Latin America Working Group. "The Colombian government wants to carry out the fumigation campaign because it's believed that U.S. military assistance is tied to the campaign," she says. On paper, the two are "not directly" tied, she adds, "but, politically, yes, they are." In fact, the Associated Press reports that U.S. Ambassador to Colombia Anne Patterson has warned that if the Colombian government ceases the spraying altogether, it could jeopardize U.S. aid to the country. Nevertheless, the Colombians are speaking out against the spraying. Eduardo Cifuentes, that nation's Defensorio del Pueblo, or national ombudsman, has taken a strong stand against continued spraying and has issued a number of public letters and decrees. Cifuentes charges that other, less drastic methods can be applied to eradicate the coca, and that alternative development plans could provide the small growers with legal ways to earn their living. In July, the Controller General of Colombia issued a damning letter about the spraying, and just last week, two governors from the regions suffering the spraying came to Washington to make their case against it in person. "Opposition is rising, certainly," says Haugaard. "That's just the official level of opposition. There's also a popular level of opposition. In Cauca, for example, a largely indigenous area, there are indigenous groups threatening to block the Pan American Highway if fumigation is not suspended." Resistance is increasing because in recent years, the anti-narcotics forces have stepped up their spraying efforts. Since December, Colombian crop dusters have chemicalized at least 125,000 acres of southern Colombia with glyphosate. Some very rough estimates -- the only kind available -- indicate that as many as 40,000 indigenous people have been displaced by spraying in the last six months. At the same time, research has been uncovering the dangers of the herbicide. Researchers in Sweden have drawn a correlation between herbicides and the alarming rise in non-Hodgkins lymphoma (a 73 percent increase in the United States since 1973). The European magazine New Scientist wrote that a group of patients studied were "2.3 times more likely to have had contact with glyphosate . . . The researchers suggest that the chemicals have suppressed the patients' immunity, allowing viruses such as Epstein-Barr to trigger cancer." According to the Inter Press Service, "Glyphosate is an herbicide classified as a Category III Toxin, which calls for caution in handling because it can cause gastro-intestinal problems, vomiting, swelling of the lungs, pneumonia, mental confusion, and destruction of the red corpuscles in mucus membrane tissues." When the U.S. military sprayed heavy doses of the herbicide Agent Orange in Vietnam to eradicate plant cover, people believed it was harmless to humans. But many Vietnam veterans now believe they suffer the effects of poisoning. Recently, environmental groups and groups representing the indigenous people of Colombia have begun drawing comparisons between Agent Orange and glyphosate. "More than 15 scientific studies have linked Parkinson's disease in people to environmental conditions such as working in the agricultural or chemical industries," writes ecologist David Suzuki. And in Living Downstream, biologist Sandra Steingraber explains that dogs exposed to herbicides applied as weed killer to suburban lawns were "significantly more likely to be diagnosed with canine lymphoma than dogs whose owners did not use weed killers. Risk rose with number of applications. . . The incidence of lymphoma doubled among pet dogs whose owners applied lawn chemical at least four times a year." Evidence about glyphosate's environmental destructiveness has also been rolling in. Like Agent Orange, glyphosate is a "non-selective" herbicide, which makes it particularly dangerous. The compound interrupts a biological process endemic to almost all plants, so that almost all plants that are dusted with the chemical are destroyed. As a result, there are bound to be a slew of indirect environmental problems. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has suggested there might be a correlation between the use of the herbicide and the disappearance of the Houston toad. David Olsen of the World Wildlife Fund and Luis Naranjo of the American Bird Conservancy point out the obvious: The eradication of plant cover in an area means the eventual eradication of all the animals as well. There is enough evidence that glyphosate spraying can cause serious health problems and harm the environment that the growing opposition is well justified. The United States should ask the Colombian government to stop the spraying -- not reward the dangerous practice. Note: Opposition mounts to spraying in Colombia.Source: American Prospect, The (US)Author: Wendy WilliamsPublished: August 6, 2001Copyright: 2001 The American Prospect, Inc.Contact: letters prospect.orgWebsite: Articles & Web Site:Colombia Drug War News Judge Allows Spraying To Resume Orange, All Over Again Articles - Glyphosate 
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Comment #13 posted by observer on May 06, 2013 at 12:00:44 PT
Roundup - Autism, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's
Roundup safe? "Sure!", says your government. Study Links Monsanto's Roundup to Autism, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's - Genna Reed
EcoWatch / News Analysis
Published: Sunday 5 May 2013 
"A new review of hundreds of scientific studies surrounding glyphosate -- the major component of Monsanto's Roundup herbicide -- sheds light on its effects within the human body. The paper describes how all of these effects could work together, and with other variables, trigger health problems in humans, including debilitating diseases like gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. Glyphosate impairs the cytochrome P450 (CYP) gene pathway,..."
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Comment #12 posted by museman on January 25, 2012 at 09:43:21 PT
Yes there is a wealth of 'Old Wisdom' that makes 'modern, western' thought and perspective seem sickly and severely lacking in faculty.The 'New Paradigm' of consciousness that is happening all around right now is not a disconnect from that which has remained true during the long drive of the lemmings over the cliff of reality , is built upon the solid foundation of the truth, which belongs to all men, and not some elite, exclusive class of 'em.Western (see "American") logic is corrupted, if compared to the profound truths that have existed since before mankind looked up and recognized his divine nature, such 'logic' is small, trite, and shows how profound ignorance can be when it is a way of life that is taught -as it is here in amerika, and upheld through force of arms, threat of imprisonment, pain, and suffering -that is the 'moral imperative' of the Status Quo.Corruption deserves the flames of a purging fire, not compromise or capitulation.LEGALIZE FREEDOM
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Comment #11 posted by afterburner on January 25, 2012 at 09:28:45 PT
museman #10
"And someone who sees the truth when they smoke cannabis, or do LSD or another more natural form of 'psychedelic' is held in contempt by the systems of false knowledge and beliefs that are perpetrated, and perpetuated by the Status Quo."During the late 1960's I took several college courses in Oriental Philosophy. In them, I found explanations and cultural wisdom for many perplexing problems with Western society. In the early 1970's I took courses in Western Philosophy in order to balance my world understanding. In those, I was shocked to see other students, who had experienced Oriental Philosophy and personal enlightenment, sarcastically derided by the Professors. The professors used their force of will and "bully pulpit" to dismiss Oriental insights and alternatives, without giving them any serious consideration or even cogent counter-argument. I could readily see that the game was rigged and based on an underpinning of violence and discrimination.This inherent lack of respect for Oriental thinking led me to feel like a "suffering" servant in the Western workforce. 
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Comment #10 posted by museman on January 25, 2012 at 08:59:35 PT
I think that "Call no man 'Raca' (fool)." is about personalizing and accusation. Accusation is the Spirit of the Adversary, and one of the identification modes used to determine the nature of whom one might be dealing with.
The powers have severely clouded the lines between such things as 'observation of the facts' and 'judgement and accusation.' -Judgement being another of those identifiers.As the real economic/political powers scramble to prepare for their planned armageddon -where they can all go underground in their vast underworld they've been constructing since about 1947- another struggle is going on in the collective consciousness of the people that they thought they planned for, but could never really have. That is consciousness itself; The awareness of what is real, and what is really going on.The concept of the 'American Dream' of selfish materialistic opulence was a big ruse - a carrot on the stick, designed to occupy the attention of the people for their whole lives, so that they wouldn't wake up and look at the 'men behind the curtain.'The reasons that generation after generation of young men have been led to slaughter in war after war after war, has never had anything to do with any of the reasons ever given as an excuse.Even the 'big' one, that convinced an entire surviving generation of warriors they had 'fought the good fight' because they 'defeated the enemy' that historically was about defeating fascism, was a construct, a setup, and more lies than truth. Those fascists were just puppets, like our politicians. The whole thing was staged. Including the 'Holocaust.' - a topic not politically correct to challenge, or discuss outside the emotional, dramatic evidence of the loss of human life.Pearl Harbor was more like 9/11 than many might believe. The evidence, like 9/11 is there.We all thought that it was 'the mob' that took out Kennedy, and the Status Quo made great efforts to make us believe that. And they shut away the real evidence until just recently, so that most of the players in that game are dead or so old that there is nothing to be done.The Dead Sea Scrolls promised to enlighten the world about the real story of Yashua, but as soon as they began to realize what was in those scrolls, they shut them away so that those in my generation -who know but cannot 'prove' the truth about all that, wouldn't have those ancient -but valid- documents to support our knowledge and belief.Even I was once a bright-eyed american child who believed in the tripe that as handed out in the schools, media, and churches. The military and Viet Nam cured that.But most people think us, who have seen war, as damaged (and to some degree that is true) and therefore our experience is tainted and not to be validated, especially when it contradicts the wide-spread propaganda that pervades our society (and the worlds.)And someone who sees the truth when they smoke cannabis, or do LSD or another more natural form of 'psychedelic' is held in contempt by the systems of false knowledge and beliefs that are perpetrated, and perpetuated by the Status Quo.False ethical standards, like the so-called 'work ethic' which is a twisted variation on the nature of human creativity and our 'builder' nature, give justification to the slave to defend their right to be a slave, and to CREATE LAW as insurance when the social/peer stigma of violating that 'ethic' doesn't convince the rebellious to tow the line.False moralities such as 'patriotism' and "I WORKED for my money" and "cleanliness is next to godliness" among a rather lengthy list, create the breeding ground for negativity, Out of that we get the many categories, 'profiles,' class separation, 'superior' and 'inferior' types.Those lies purported to be truth by the many minions of corruption, many known as 'professionals' and their personal entourage of slaves, permeate all of society.All powerful lies are based on partial truths. Which is why some things SEEM right in a 'logical' sense, but feel wrong in an undefinable way.Well as much as the powers that be would like to think they have it all under control, they didn't stop the Truth of Yashua though historically they made a mighty try, and now many are finally beginning to understand what generations have heard about but not really seen. They couldn't put Yashua back in the box, they aren't going to stop the current collective epiphany that is revealing them for what they truly are and what they certainly are not.Are they fools? Are they even men? If they are men they are fools, because they have chosen a foolish path. Calling a fool a fool is only frowned upon when it engenders negativity, accusation, and judgement. We call house builders carpenters, and demolishers 'demolition experts' -what's the difference?Move on to the light and "Pity the fool", because they cannot go.LEGALIZE FREEDOM
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Comment #9 posted by Hope on January 24, 2012 at 07:48:14 PT
Thank you, Museman.
It's so disturbing and we know they won't change their ways at all.I wouldn't say "Stupid idiot" to their faces because of Jesus's admonition to not say "Thou fool (Raca)!" to anyone. But I've come to the conclusion that that means (because of the "thou" or "you" part, that that means don't say it right to their face. You should explain to them the error of their ways, if that's the way you feel about it... but I think it might be ok to exclaim the fact at the realization of their idiocy when they aren't actually in your presence. But maybe not. Anyway, it's obvious the "authorities" behind the orders to do the spraying of communities and families with Round-Up, don't have a clue of "upright" behavior and choices, all the while thinking they are most righteous and wise, and busily adding great lengths to the hems of their virtual "robes".It is hard not to think that true stupid idiots might not be behind the stupid, idiotic actions.
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Comment #8 posted by museman on January 23, 2012 at 17:45:30 PT
"Stupid idiots."I couldn't have said it better myself.
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Comment #7 posted by Hope on January 22, 2012 at 17:43:10 PT
That's awful. More awful. It was already awful. We didn't learn anything from Agent Orange or about a gillion other things, too. Well, some of us learned. Some of us didn't.Are they still spraying crops down South?People, Observer isn't talking about sperm counts or infertility here. He's talking about Testicular CELLS... the "boys" themselves... and Testosterone itself... the hormone that makes men mannish.Oh great. There is already proof that there are cosmetic and cleaning products that cause micro penis in baby boys. Add this to the birth defects they know Round-Up causes... our government and chemical companies are sure doing a lot for the "future generations" out there.Stupid idiots. At least Souder's out of office. He loved spraying stuff with Round-Up. Stupid idiots.
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Comment #6 posted by observer on January 22, 2012 at 10:45:29 PT
Killing more than coca ... 
2012: "Monsanto’s Best-Selling Herbicide Roundup Linked to Infertility"
A recent study has found that Monsanto’s Roundup pesticide may be responsible for causing infertility. After reviewing the many already well-documented negative impacts Roundup has on the environment and living creatures, it is no surprise to add yet another item to the list.Researchers tested roundup on mature male rats at a concentration range between 1 and 10,000 parts per million (ppm), and found that within 1 to 48 hours of exposure, testicular cells of the mature rats were either damaged or killed. According to the study, even at a concentration of 1 ppm, the Roundup was able to affect the test subjects by decreasing their testosterone concentrations by as much as 35%.

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Comment #5 posted by observer on June 09, 2011 at 10:18:52 PT
''regulators knew as long ago as 1980''
Roundup Birth Defects: Regulators Knew World's Best-Selling Herbicide Causes Problems, New Report Finds ...WASHINGTON -- Industry regulators have known for years that Roundup, the world's best-selling herbicide produced by U.S. company Monsanto, causes birth defects, according to a new report released Tuesday.The report, "Roundup and birth defects: Is the public being kept in the dark?" found regulators knew as long ago as 1980 that glyphosate, the chemical on which Roundup is based, can cause birth defects in laboratory animals.But despite such warnings, and although the European Commission has known that glyphosate causes malformations since at least 2002, the information was not made publicSee? Murderous government thugs knew glyphosate is toxic to people and animals, but, getting back at "them dopers" makes it all worthwhile. Never too high a price to pay, no sacrifice is too great, when it comes to "drugs".  All for the children. 
Huffington Post, 06/7/11
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Comment #4 posted by observer on November 21, 2009 at 16:47:33 PT
Round Up Update
re: "Evidence about glyphosate's environmental destructiveness has also been rolling in..."
France Finds Monsanto Guilty of LyingNovember 21 2009guilty, courtFrance's highest court has ruled that U.S. agrochemical giant Monsanto had not told the truth about the safety of its best-selling weed-killer, Roundup. The court confirmed an earlier judgment that Monsanto had falsely advertised its herbicide as "biodegradable" and claimed it "left the soil clean." Roundup is the world's best-selling herbicide.French environmental groups had brought the case in 2001 on the basis that glyphosate, Roundup's main ingredient, is classed as "dangerous for the environment" by the European Union. . . . (
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Comment #3 posted by Sudaca on August 09, 2001 at 09:51:15 PT
what gets to me
is the hypocrisy of the U.S. Senators who from one side of their mouths cry out over the children and the environment, and from the other, say that spraying is necessary , good and harmless, and moral on top of everything. the program was an absurdly stupid idea from the first, it deosn't take a hundred years of research to figure out that spraying herbicide over vast amounts of land, where people live, in industrial quantities, is a brute force solution that would cause problems. All for the sake of WHAT?MONEY paid by lobbyists that protect WHOSE interests?
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Comment #2 posted by The Offspring on August 08, 2001 at 05:55:58 PT
Backward soceity
The more I think about the more my head hurts. I guess I have to light a joint to take my headache away. I don't understand these people. They are suppose to be helping people but yet they are spraying chemicals in an enviroment that is sensitive. 
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Comment #1 posted by dddd on August 08, 2001 at 00:21:29 PT
sickeningly absurd let's compare two things.....First,,we havethe man-made chemical glyphosate.It's probably beenaround for 10 or 15 years....Luckily,they have researchedit enough to say it is safe and harmless to fumigate largeareas of inhabited jungle......Next,,,let's look at Marijuana,,,it's a natural herb thathas been around for centurys....unfortunatly,,there is notenough research to prove it is safe for human consumption.They want to make sure that there are no harmful side effectswith long term use.....Glyphosate ,,, to shower the landscape with.........Marijuana ,,,,not proven safe...more research needed..all that is known about its effects is anecdotal.I could FREAK OUT when I think about this...dddd
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