New DEA Chief Suggests 'Compassionate' Policy

New DEA Chief Suggests 'Compassionate' Policy
Posted by FoM on August 02, 2001 at 16:36:46 PT
By Josh Meyer, Times Staff Writer
Source: Los Angeles Times
The federal government should offer more rehabilitation programs for drug offenders even as it aggressively enforces drug laws, the incoming head of the Drug Enforcement Administration said Wednesday in Los Angeles.Rep. Asa Hutchinson (R-Ark.) said he thinks it is "unconscionable" that so many drug offenders are serving time in prison while limited rehabilitation programs exist to help keep them off drugs once they get out.
Hutchinson, who was approved as DEA administrator Wednesday by a 98-1 vote of the Senate, said he will seek additional funding for such programs. "I don't think we ought to reduce our commitment to law enforcement, because when we did that in 1992, we cut DEA agents, we cut the drug czar's office and we saw at the same time teenage drug use going up," Hutchinson said in an interview with Los Angeles Times reporters and editors.Hutchinson, a former federal prosecutor and member of the House Speaker's Task Force for a Drug-Free America, said law enforcement is only one component of an effective anti-drug campaign. Educating youths and providing medical treatment for drug users are key elements as well, he said."There is a treatment gap in this country, and we need to have more resources for treatment. I think it is unconscionable for a society to put people in jail and not give them adequate treatment programs in jail," Hutchinson said.Hutchinson, a father of four, also said the government must find ways to discourage youths from using drugs such as Ecstasy and make sure they understand the substances are dangerous and illegal.Such rehabilitation and education efforts should not come at the expense of fighting the drug scourge with aggressive law enforcement, Hutchinson said.But he said the DEA should embark on what he called "a compassionate crusade" rather than the "war on drugs" so often touted by his predecessors.As part of that compassionate effort, Hutchinson said he would support allowing convicted drug offenders to remain eligible for federal student loans.Hutchinson said many offenders who left prison years ago are now finding that they cannot get financial aid "even though they've turned their lives around."Such financial aid, he said, is an important component in letting drug offenders "get back to leading useful, productive lives."Hutchinson said he plans to resign his congressional seat as soon as possible to start his new job. He replaces Donnie R. Marshall, who was nominated by former President Clinton. Newshawk: ddddSource: Los Angeles Times (CA)Author: Josh Meyer, Times Staff WriterPublished: August 2, 2001Copyright: 2001 Los Angeles TimesContact: letters latimes.comWebsite: Articles:Senate Confirms New DEA Chief Greenfield at Large - War on Drugs Nominee Won't Outline Plans for Marijuana 
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Comment #26 posted by freedom fighter on August 04, 2001 at 21:21:41 PT
Electronic Expressions
Anger aboundLove everywhereCompassionate dream.I am only a man with an electronic dreamI know you not personally but I see and hear and feel and taste the fire of electronic expressions.Ask what electronic expressions if you may,Love everywhereAnger aboundCompassionate dream.ff
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Comment #25 posted by Toker00 on August 04, 2001 at 08:58:06 PT
Hi, jorma. Apparently some people don't understand what a sincere, complete apology means. Not your fault. Lehder, when someone apologizes to you, do you think it is apropriate to respond by ACCEPTING their apology and then slamming them and their family? You obviously were terribly offended by jorma's philosophical response to your anger. Did you even read the responses from other posters supporting you? Sheesh.Peace. Realize, then Legalize.
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Comment #24 posted by Lehder on August 04, 2001 at 07:03:13 PT
Rhymish and Concretinism
you aree lucky you caught me tired, buddy, at the end of two days. You put words in my mouth regarding violence, criticized them as my own and proceeded to psychoanalyze me as well. you fail to distinguish what is serious formwhat is satire, what is mockery and what is meaant to be mad. i can tell that you are a big shot somewhere whose underlings look at each other and roll their eyes when you come in. one of them should stand up and tell you that not every golden word you utter is a fucking poem.apology accepted.PAZ'Carlos'
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Comment #23 posted by Dan B on August 04, 2001 at 06:34:57 PT:
A Few Comments for FF and Lehder
Freedom Fighter: You have balls of steel, my friend. I really appreciate your comments, particularly where you describe the comments you made to your div. officer. He must have a difficult time living with himself while doing his job if he really believes that he once tried to legalize the weed and failed, and now he is part of the whole corporate prison-industrial problem. I'm sure you're making him think, and you may even be getting him to talk about his discomfort with others. That can only serve a positive end; his discomfort may bring not only him around, but others as well.Lehder: I don't know if you remember this, but you and I really started off on the wrong foot a while back. I forget what it was about, frankly, but we had a rhetorical tussle, after which everything seemed to clear up, and we were fine after that. Since that time, I have grown to appreciate your comments, whether written in anger or in peaceful contemplation, and I have to say that I would miss it if you decided to refrain from commenting. One thing I have learned by visiting Cannabis News is that anger at the drug war is another way of showing intense compassion for those who have been victimized by it. It's like weeping for the victims in writing, and that can't be wrong. I hope this makes sense.Dan B
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Comment #22 posted by jacksplace58 on August 04, 2001 at 05:47:01 PT
Toker00's viking comment got me thinking about how true his analogy is. Berserkers(vikings) would group together and do battle but the fight was not for a group cause but personal glory and entrance into Valhalla. One on one the berserkers were the badest thing walking upright to leave a print in dirt. Along came the Romans, organized and fighting for a common cause, maybe not on the right side, but organized none the less. As Hagaar stands beating his shield with his sword reciting his lineage he charges the legions, a foolish act but a glorious end! We need to unite to win the fight!
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Comment #21 posted by dddd on August 04, 2001 at 02:22:31 PT
we gotta always remember
.....that we are in this in one basic aim,and cause.....we have a diverse group of commentators here,,,and thelevels upon which we agree,,,far exceed those upon which wedisagree.........I have a strong tendency to say too much,,,andmake weird critisms of other points of view.........I dont like soundin' corny,,,,but I think of all the people hereas sortof a family....cousin Jorma gets Uncle Lehders goat,,,Itall works out,,,,,,because we wouldnt be here,,if we all were notinvolved in the same thing.......the diversity,,,and the disputes wemay have here are a good thing,,,we all learn from our disagreementsand arguments...........because after the disagreement....all remains the same.....we learn,,,,,and keep on keepin' on........dddd
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Comment #20 posted by Toker00 on August 03, 2001 at 22:37:46 PT
You are one of the most influencial posters on this or any other site I visit. We need you, bro. You alienate no one. It sounds like FoM is right. We can't be strong all the time, as bad news has a way of bringing down the most optomistic among us. I'm guilty of getting upset and sounding off about pacifism not working. I know better, but in my heart, I am a warrior. I've never been more passionate about a cause, as I am about Cannabis. My wife tells me I had to be a Viking in a previous life. But she admires my commitment to the cause.It's very depressing, sometimes, to be the underdog. But I assure you, we are gaining much ground in this war. Not with the prohibitionists, but with the general public. Every club I belong to, has a membership that is expanding rapidly. There are 30,000 legalize sites on the net now. This didn't happen by accident. It's activists like you and all the other posters here that has gotten the truth out with level headed, documented posts. So, don't you dare quit commenting. Hang in there bro. When you get tired and worn out, we will carry you.Peace. Realize, then Legalize. 
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Comment #19 posted by jorma nash on August 03, 2001 at 21:26:46 PT
my sincere apologies, Lehder.
"still, i am going to take a break from commenting since if you believe that i alienate people from our cause, as you apparently do, then i probably am. "i hope you don't do so on account of my very poorly thought out post.i do not consider you to be alienating anyone.i could see how you could get that idea from the manner of my first post,and i apologize completely.i wish i had stated my ideas in a different manner, and there was no need to direct it at you specifically.practically all of us here, myself most certainly included, have posted things based on anger."in person i am probably quite different from what you must think."i consider you to be a brave and honorable person who i am privileged to share ideas with --who, at the moment, happens to be angry by the cruelty you have seen, as have we all from time to time."for the record, should anyone imagine that my posts are shaped by large doses of marijuana..."not for a moment. again i completely apologize for my reckless and ill-considered post,which i should have not directed at any specific person at all.i should talk about anger.the seemingly endless "they swipe at us, we swipe at them"just got to me and you had the misfortune of being the next post i read after i time i advocate treating our enemies with compassion,i think i'll make very sure i treat my allies with compassion first.
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Comment #18 posted by FoM on August 03, 2001 at 20:33:51 PT
Just a Comment
Hi Everyone, I haven't really read all the comments very closely because I'm tired and just taking it easy. I don't want Lehder or anyone to stop commenting. Frustration with the news causes a lot of stress because of what we know should be done and the more we see the angrier we become. The more I find out why we are in Colombia and what happened to the Bowsers, the more I become infuriated. We aren't each others enemy but sometimes we become a sounding block. I appreciate you all for the way you express yourselves. That's what makes the world interesting. People being different. Being nice is a great thing too I think!
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Comment #17 posted by freedom fighter on August 03, 2001 at 20:12:11 PT
Mi Amigo, Lehder
Please do not take a break from commenting I have learned so much from you from your postings such what prohibition of cannabis do to people as well as many other subjects.My suitcase is packed too..I know many of us are angry and just downright pissed. We just should not give it up!Mi Amigo!\/ff
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Comment #16 posted by lehder on August 03, 2001 at 19:04:29 PT
you can call me a pacifist fool,      and point out that non-violent resistance is not stopping the SWAT teams.       i'm just saying violent resistance will just pour gasoline on the fire.==================i do not always look back, jorma, to see if my comments have been commented on, and i only now saw your critique of my writings in general. i will give it some more thought later on. for now i will say that i would not call you a fool and that i have not suggested physical violence as a reasonable remedy to the drug war.perhaps i am mistaken that a strongly confrontational - not violent - attitude is appropriate in dealing with drug warriors and the victims of drug warriors' propaganda who often refuse to even discuss the topic until their children have been arrested. so far as actually educating warriors themselves, I would as soon try and teach a mad dog to do algebra. it is the people who have kids or mates or relatives in prison or life-ruining "rehabilitation" who are often confused and, strangely, ashamed, who can be educated whereupon their attitude typically changes from one of confusion, passivity, humiliation and guilt to anger.==================do you think they wake up in the morning and say           "gee, i know cannabis is perfectly harmless,     but i'm going to throw a bunch of people in jail, anyway,------------yes, that is what i think. i think they do it for money and for power and, quite beyond their own control, out of moral outrage and anger born of a profound person i am probably quite different from what you must think. still, i am going to take a break from commenting since if you believe that i alienate people from our cause, as you apparently do, then i probably am. for the record, should anyone imagine that my posts are shaped by large doses of marijuana, i will say that it has been four months since i last smoked a casual reefer, in which case, perhaps, i should. 
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Comment #15 posted by freedom fighter on August 03, 2001 at 18:42:01 PT
My friends
I agree with every postings that is posted down here..You see,I tried to tell my so-called diversion officer that cannabis laws are unconsitutional. "Can you(div. officer) understand that piss testings are unconsitutional?"My div. officer said, " Yes, I can understand that it is not consitutional but if you broke the cannabis law, you do not have rights."I said, " Sir, but do you understand that cannabis laws are also unconsitutional?"With that statement, he waved his hands and said nothing.You see, these people knew and they got blood on their hands.I may be a pacfist but I am also a tiger pacing about waiting for a perfect moment to strike back. For you see, no life is worth living in a golden cage where there is no LIBERTY, JUSTICE AND FREEDOM FOR ALL..I rather die. I am tired of all this foolishness and all of these ingorance. By the way, I told the div. officer that I respect him. What I did not tell him that I do also consider him a WAR CRIMINAL.Someone once said that "INGORNACE IS NO EXCUSE."Too many innocent people have already shed their blood because of their ingornace.I asked my officer if he would help me legalize the cannabis and he would not answer it.He only answered me with ambigiousity. "We tried to legalize it and we failed."Is that true?Me think not!ff
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Comment #14 posted by Toker00 on August 03, 2001 at 14:27:56 PT
Yes, ignorance abounds.
Not knowing something is not a sin. Ignoring reality, is. I'm afraid the lack of knowledge about Cannabis does not lie with the anti's, but with the general public. They have been thoroughly brainwashed with the LIES being told by the government for so many years. That is where we come in. We must educate. I think the collective experience among cannabis users qualifies us for that position. Nevermind the blocked research that proves us right.jorma, Ghandi was indeed an enlightened person. Read all you can and apply what you read. You can't go wrong there.Peace. Realize, then Legalize.
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Comment #13 posted by jorma nash on August 03, 2001 at 13:06:33 PT
Part Two
i can agree with Toker00's ideas on "Korporate competition conspiracy theory,"as he rather interestingly describes it. i guess really the issue is so complex you can't sum up any one single motive for it.i still would suggest the corporate angle could not exist without widespread ignorance.also, re-reading my own post, i think my tone was a little harsher toward Lehderthan i intended, especially since my whole point was the importance of compassion.i meant no disrespect at all, i have just seen your posts becoming gradually angrier over timeand i was becoming concerned the anger is starting to use you instead of the other way gotta remember, i've been up all night reading stuff like:"Hatred ever kills, love never dies such is the vast difference between the two. What is obtained by love is retained for all time. What is obtained by hatred proves a burden in reality for it increases hatred." -Mahatma Gahndi 
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Comment #12 posted by Toker00 on August 03, 2001 at 12:00:01 PT
They are not ignorant.
Hi, jorma. I must disagree on your position that the anti's are ignorant. They know full well what they are doing. It's not about the children. Or dangerous drugs. Or protecting society from the scourge of drugs. Even some of their own know Cannabis is not the demon weed it is portrayed to be. Evidence abounds to prove this. One word sums it up. COMPETITION.While there is no way to prove the Korporate competition conspiracy theory, (The marijuana tax act protects them from conspiracy charges) there is no doubt in MY mind. Face it. We don't have a government anymore. We have Korporatism. They make the laws that protect their interests. They buy the politicians that pass the laws. Not only do their laws protect them, but it creates a vast new industry for prisons, military, legal rigamorow, and all the industries that support THESE created industries.They make cannabis look demonic by grouping it with the poison powders. No medicinal value, balogna. Dangerous, balogna. Creator of crime and insanity, bologna. Competition is the ONLY reason cannabis is banned. And believe me, they know this. They are already well educated on this subject.But hey, I'm with you on the point that pacifism is powerful. So are peace and love. Unfortunately, men in power just laugh as they roll over all us peaceful activists. I'm beginning to think there are only two ways to hurt the anti's. Make legalizing appeal to them as a way to make mega-bucks on taxation, or radical rebellion. I'm trying desperately to hang on to the first one.Peace. Realize, then Legalize.
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Comment #11 posted by Patrick on August 03, 2001 at 08:56:00 PT
jorma nash
Thanks for the reminder! I was upset today until I read your posting here. Truth will win eventually over the lies and ingnorance.
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Comment #10 posted by jorma nash on August 03, 2001 at 08:50:10 PT
enough hatred already.
i don't expect you'll like this post one bit, Lehder. i'm posting it anyway.i've been reading up on Gahndi recently, as you'll be able to tell.the drug war makes me angry too. there is plenty to be angry can go back thru the posts and find me verbally boiling over, too.i've decided it's time for me to rise above that kind of be perfectly blunt, i see very little difference between your hatred and the anti's hatred.if you try to fight hatred with hatred, you are playing right into their hands.the paradigm of Us vs. Them is exactly what will preserve the status quo.the anti's aren't the enemy. their *ignorance* is.with the proper education, the staunchest prohibitionist will understand he has been deceived and you think they wake up in the morning and say"gee, i know cannabis is perfectly harmless, but i'm going to throw a bunch of people in jail, anyway, moobuhahahahaha?"no. they honestly believe they are doing the right thing. out of ignorance.we need to do something that requires real courage: fight hatred with compassion and education.if you try to fight hatred with hatred, they will just say:"see how violent they are? we need to crack down on these terrorists, surrender a few more civil liberties so we can protect you, or maybe YOU will be their next victim."playing right into their hands.this is a war all right. In war, you don't attack to your opponent's strength, You attack to your opponent's weakness.the anti's have an infinite amount of hatred.they have absolutely no defense against compassionate words of can call me a pacifist fool, and point out that non-violent resistance is not stopping the SWAT teams.i'm just saying violent resistance will just pour gasoline on the fire.hatred NEVER ends hatred. it perpetuates it.if you want to see who is really suffering because of all your anger, look in a mirror.i'm not saying for a moment the Drug War is not an outrage.i'm just saying: Don't stoop to their level.don't play into their hands trying to fight hatred with all that emotion into an attack that the anti's have no defense against.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him."Booker T. Washington
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Comment #9 posted by greenfox on August 03, 2001 at 08:06:52 PT
Policy shift
This sh*t makes me sick. I'll keep it short:DEA is now threatened by the legalization movement (don't believe me? Read above). Their response? Include the now-popular "treatment" word in with the not-so-popular "incarceration" word. Notice they don't intend to REPLACE incarceration with treatment, simply to suppliment it. In the end, this changes nothing. The DEA still runs around locking people up. What a fraud.-gf
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Comment #8 posted by 2Dogs on August 03, 2001 at 04:31:07 PT:
Assa Hutch (God Help Us!!)
Please, God, Save us from the hypocrits like The new compassionate, Asa Hutchisons, from the "Ministry of Love"-type institutions, who can smile as they say things they OBVIOUSLY don't believe....It's spooky, and chilling, and otherwise would be comical, but it isn't, because there's not enough distance between the tragedy and us, yet, as there will be in the future....
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Comment #7 posted by Phyro_the_Dragon on August 03, 2001 at 00:19:08 PT
Can you smell what 
Asia is cooking ?  Things always look darkest before it gets better.
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Comment #6 posted by Lehder on August 02, 2001 at 23:54:40 PT
thank you, dddd
I needed that. it can be hard. we gotta stick together. thanks, friend. PAZ
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Comment #5 posted by dddd on August 02, 2001 at 23:27:48 PT
Right On Lehder
This is the spirit that we need,,,as fervent and zealous inflavor,,as a sixties Jesus freak,,,yet balanced by verifiablefacts of todays reality......My sincere compliments to yourstance and outlook Lehder.....You are extra cool in my opinion.dddd
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Comment #4 posted by Lehder on August 02, 2001 at 22:35:59 PT
"There is a treatment gap in this country, and we need to have more resources for treatment. I think it is unconscionable for a society to put people in jail and not give them adequate treatment programs in jail," Hutchinson said.This is obscene. This angers me. This is why I write comments at this site, why I have a 'negative attitude' and why I wake up angry every day and put on my shirt, my button, my cap and my attitude. This is why if you see me at the market or on the street or in the theatre you are going to hear about the drug war. The drug war offends me and it should you too. I demand and end to it all and war-crimes trials.
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Comment #3 posted by freedom fighter on August 02, 2001 at 21:28:14 PT
War Criminal=Asa Hutchinson
Your crime?Using american children to promote your terrorism..
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Comment #2 posted by dddd on August 02, 2001 at 17:43:28 PT
"a compassionate crusade"
...This is almost more scary than the term "zero tolerance"."Compassionate crusade",,,has a nice ring to it,doesnt it.Whatthe real aim of such a term is,,is to make it appear as if therewill be some sort of change in approach,,,as if to say;"thesepoor drug users have no idea what they are doing,therefore,for their own good,we will pursue them,,but only because weare concerned for their well being" other words,our intentionsare only good and honorable.....this is to give the DEA a new look as"crusaders",who are only trying to help people....Make no mistake,,this is social endoctrination at a most devious and misleading level.The DEA,and the War on Drugs knows,that it is going to need anadjustment in its image problem.The drug warriors realize thatthey are becoming increasingly more unpopular amongst theAmerican public,and the world,,,We will sse them using themedia to give the impression that they are only involved ina "compassionate crusade"....This will be the new,and improvedimage that will be put forth in the new campaign to maintainthe drug war.They will be using our tax dollars to hire the bestpublic relation advisors money can buy.They know that their wholefuture in maintaining their cash cow war,will mostly depend onpublic image,and perception......once again,,I must bludgeon theold dead mare of the medias' significance in this whole picture..dddd 
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Comment #1 posted by Toker00 on August 02, 2001 at 17:06:19 PT
Kiss my Assa, Hutchinson.
Then, when you are finished, you can stick your forced rehab where the sun don't shine. (I'm withholding my profanity out of respect for FoM) Drug USERS don't need your caca. Bush has shown us what is meant by COMPASSIONATE. We don't need any more lessons, thank you.Peace, til the time comes. Re-establish the CONSTITUTION!!!Realize, then Legalize.
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