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Posted by FoM on March 21, 2001 at 09:03:52 PT
By Hank Hoffman  
Source: New Haven Advocate  

justice It is just before 6:30 a.m. and still dark Monday morning when two dozen activists push shut the right half of the main gate at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford. Sikorsky security guards rush to the scene, joined shortly by Stratford police. In the chilling cold, the protesters kneel in a long line to block the plant's main entrance. Holding hands, they sing pacifist anthems, changing the words to suit the situation.


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Comment #3 posted by New Mexican on March 21, 2001 at 10:41:35 PT
Is your job responsible for killing a Columbian?
Look who supported the Nazi Holocaust...Henry Ford, the
Bush Family (well documented), other major corporations.
This is old news. Why don't Americans stand up against
this tyranny? They're to busy making a living, trying to
pay their corporate paymasters. Bush has turned the clock
back 200 years in 90 days, wait another year and the landscape will have been forever changed. Speak up now
or forever hold your peace folks. The psuedo-energy crisis
is a ruse for martial law and the big clampdown that you
saw under Clinton in Seattle, L.A., D.C. inaguration. Watch!

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Comment #2 posted by Ethan Russo, MD on March 21, 2001 at 10:00:25 PT:

Make that Ecocidal
that's an ecocidal farce

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Comment #1 posted by Ethan Russo, MD on March 21, 2001 at 09:59:37 PT:

Military Industrial Complex Rules!
"Military contractors, Sikorsky among them, were the primary lobbyists for the aid package."

There you have it. Just the problem Eisenhower warned us about. Too bad nobody is listening, but war is good for business.

"To say that our sending military aid to Colombia is not promoting these massacres is fantasy,"

This statement will be discounted, coming as it does from a peacenik, but he is absolutely correct. We should not be there. A more progressive European Union is avoiding Plan Colombia as the festering sinkhole that it represents. I hope to see massive dissent against this expensive, dangerous, ecocical farce.

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