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  Pres Bob R.I.P.
Posted by FoM on September 11, 1999 at 08:04:14 PT
John Holmstrom - Special to HT News 
Source: High Times 

cannabis Robert Kundert, 77, who initiated the famous "Thank You for Pot Smoking" campaign, passed away on September 6, 1999, and services were held on September 9. Pres Bob was a lifetime resident of Madison WI, who worked as a car salesman, building restoration owner, and inventor.

He was also a participant in the WI Journey for Justice, and a plaintiff on the Federal Class Action Lawsuit for the Freedom of Therapeutic Cannabis. But it's his work as director of the American Cannabis Society (ACS) that he will be most remembered for.

Since the mid-70's the ACS was attempting to gather a million signature petition to wrap around the White House, and this effort will continue in Pres Bob's honor.

And it was the "Thank You For Pot Smoking" graphic (a parody of the "Thank You for Not Smoking" ad campaign), appearing in ads and on stickers and t-shirts that put the American Cannabis Society on the map.

On the back of another one of Pres Bob's famous t-shirts (which read "I Am Not A Criminal"), were these lines:

"It is my right...
to heal my own body,
to plant any crop, and
to seek happiness
any way I choose.
It is my right to freedom."

It is interesting that, as a parent of baby boomers, Pres Bob was a member of a generation that was fervently antidrug. His contemporaries were, for the most part, shocked and appalled that their children experimented with pot and LSD.

But Bob was open-minded enough to try it when his son began to smoke in the 1960s, rather than condemn his son for doing something he didn't understand. So he tried it, liked it, and soon joined up with the hippie generation and championed their cause.

Pres Bob found the marijuana experience so exhilarating that he could not comprehend why the U.S. government that he served so faithfully during the war would conduct such a ridiculous campaign of lies and hypocrisy against it.

Bob would insist say he was "against legalization" of marijuana because that wasn't enough--it could still be taxed and controlled by the government if it was "legalized."

He wanted marijuana to be completely free for growing and smoking and whatever else it was useful for. He was against legalization and in favor of freedom.

He will truly be missed. He was a very special person.

John Holmstrom - Special to HT News

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