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  New York's 1999 Million Marijuana March!
Posted by FoM on June 05, 1999 at 10:50:48 PT
by James Golden 
Source: Tag Magazine 

cannabis It was a beautiful spring day in New York City and the air was thick with the smell of marijuana and the spirit of protest.

Thousands of pro-pot people rallied in lower Manhattan to let Mayor Giuliani know that they wanted their weed to be legalized and decriminalized.

The protesters were an uneven bunch.

At the end of the parade, I could barely tell who was a protester and who was an average person enjoying the day--except for the fact that most of the people just looked like stoners. As I got closer and closer to the core of the march the signs were more apparent: marijuana clothing, blunts being rolled, and that tell-tale smell. To show their solidarity some people wore marijuana leaf hats that looked like the Statue of Liberty's Crown.

I overheard two cops speaking. "Yeah, I knew this dude who was a regular guy, then he went to Jamaica and now he's a full out dred..." I asked the officer about the role of the police at the march.

"Well, were can't arrest everybody, our goal is to just keep things peaceful." People were chanting "Fuck Guiliani" and "We smoke pot and we like it alot." This guy was screaming, "Legalize it! Then you could get some too!"

Gabe, who was leading the march gave a simple reason for his involvement:, "The drug war makes me sick." As we passed City Hall, I felt the urge to spark up. How many times would I get to smoke out front of a government building?

It was amazing just how many people were smoking!

Right in front of cops. Everywhere I looked, people where smoking, rolling joints and blunts and some were even selling. This guy posed for my picture and then started yelling, "20 bucks a blunt, $3 a puff!" He had immediate takers. Like any good protest, there were plenty of signs.
At the end of the march, thousands of pot smokers gathered in Battery Park. Then suddenly people started going wild. Everyone started hopping the fence and running towards the bandstand.

One of the organizers gave the standard issue rallying cry to legalize marijuana. Then the MC started yelling that everyone should smoke immediately and that all the dealers in the crowd should give their pot away for FREE. Wisps of smoke started rising from the crowd. Everyone was smoking.

All around, people were gathered in little circles enjoying the ability to smoke in public without having to worry about being arrested. I couldn't spend the whole day smoking pot in the park, so I decided to leave. I could barely walk in a straight line. I headed past scores of cops, completely stoned off my ass, back to an anti-pot reality.

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Comment #7 posted by azel, joam on August 29, 2001 at 23:00:29 PT:

yo past the fucking blunt son!
one time i was shmoking ( yea we were shmoking ) lol me my moms and omar and my moms said to omar yo muther fucker past the blunt nigga and we were quaking the hole night that nigga eat the blunt that shit was funny... man i am mad high right know lol i dont have an idea of what i am talking about me and alex when to see the movie bubble boy that hsit was funny when you high you have too watch that shit lol well i check ya niggas later peace bye

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Comment #6 posted by Berty Burt McBurt on July 10, 2001 at 05:09:44 PT
This sight is filtered!!!!
Hi, Im triying to do a crime prodject in school but to much of your sight is filtered. Please sort it out

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Comment #5 posted by quite lifted on May 01, 2000 at 10:48:24 PT:

This years march?
I'm just wondering when the 2000 march will start.{where}{when}{what time}could someone help me out?

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Comment #4 posted by Mickey on April 13, 2000 at 21:34:54 PT:

next date...!??
can you email me tellin me when the next marijuana fest will be cause i had friends who went but now i dont have contact with them.I live in brooklyn,NY and am known as MICKEY!!!

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Comment #3 posted by COPSSUCKDICK on March 13, 2000 at 21:48:02 PT

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Comment #2 posted by SmokedogE on March 13, 2000 at 21:44:05 PT
I was at the 99 weed march and i brought about three pounds of grade A homegrown with me. About 1/2 a pound of weed was
smoked by me and my friends, and the other 2 and a half pounds was given away by me to all the people in the crowd i was throwing buds at everyone it was great. I cant wait to go to the 2000 fest. But this time i plan to bring 7 lbs
of hydro and just throw brolic ass bags into the crowd!!
try to grab a bag! |=UCK ALL NYC POLICE AND DT'S!!!

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Comment #1 posted by SWANZETA RICE on March 02, 2000 at 10:53:11 PT:

Hello, My name is Swan, and I just want to comment on the march last year. I was one of the fortunate people to participate, and let me tell you, IT WAS GREAT!!! I've never seen so many people come out for the same cause (I've seen it, but not for something like weed!!), and not have any problems, fights, arguments, etc. That just goes to show that the standard myth for marijuana users is untrue (that we cause violence). It really brought tears to my eyes just to see so many people show up, and the good thing about it is this: Guliani can't possibly say that it was only the young crowd who showed up. The crowd also consisted of young people, business people, old, distinguished couples, and, of course, the regular weedheads. It was truly great, and I believe that this year's march (May 6, 2000) is going to be just as great, or better. I'll be bringing 2 full bus loads of people from Bridgeport, CT, so CT will be representing!!!


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