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  Seattle's Million Marijuana March!
Posted by FoM on May 08, 1999 at 08:27:29 PT
Source: Darral's Marijuana Land 

cannabis Our march was supposed to begin at noon. I had spent the last few days faxing all the radio stations and the newspapers and tv stations and calling in on talk radio shows to promote the event. Many other great volunteers with the Seattle Hempfest Staff have been knocking themselves out, reading the word about jay day for freedom. I showed up at at volunteer park at around 10:50 am the core staff was all there and ready to go, we were so organized!

There must have been 40 people there. In the next hour the sun came out and smiled on us! We looked around and we were over 400 strong, we practiced our chants and slogans, went over the route and the techs, made sure everyone was mellow enough to march the miles, and proceeded to march our hemp smoking, freedom loving selves right down broadway on capitol hill.

We had a police escort and they told us that since we had such a large crowd we should take on both lanes of traffic and have us a regular old fashioned parade through town!

Wait till ya see the videos! We looked around and the crowd was over a block long! I guess about 1000 people! But by the time we made it to pike street to turn the corner to go down westlake, we had at least 4000 people chanting at the top of their lungs! We had it going on! The sound was incredible!

The Power of our voices calling for peace was awesome! We were getting great support from the onlookers too, the cars stopped on the side streets whilke we went by were homking and waving at us in solidarity!. We had banners from many groups and organizations in prominent places along the march and made the most of the media cameras.

The seattle police are to be commended too because they were instrumental in helpin us keep the event safe. There were 0 arrrests! I think the city of seattle got a kick out of it! At the rally at westlake center many of the groups expanded their memberships because there were many eager people who were saying "wow how can we get involved in this movement" we had activism and action and more fun!

I'd love to do this every day! I gave out Flyers from w.h.e.n and the november coalition, the october 22-stolen lives project, f.e.a.r, seattle hempfest, and many magazine articles that I had printed up at the library.

I took a very careful head count at about half way through the rally and I Figure we had at least 4000 people standing there listening! And our location was great because we had lots of cars going by that saw our banners and our web addy's for over three hours in the streets. Westlake center mall has lots of balcony space and the people up there were snapping photos like crazy, they never saw anthying like this in Seattle! We should be on the news. Marijuana should be legal, and I should be sleeping.

Thanks to all you marchers world wide!
Seattle loves you!
Darral Good

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Comment #1 posted by BlueinSC on May 08, 1999 at 10:43:56 PT
MMM Rally
Apparently nobody in the city I live in was interested! It really scares me! I live in the "Bible Belt" of S.C.. I am sure they thought they would get arrested even if they weren't holding anything! A message was left at the BBS on local paper, and a radio station was supportive!

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