Drug Law Enforcement

Drug Law Enforcement
Posted by FoM on November 05, 2000 at 10:03:09 PT
By Bob Brooks, Ventura County Sheriff 
Source: Los Angeles Times
On Oct. 20, Ventura County sheriff's deputies arrested a resident of Moorpark for cultivating marijuana at her residence. Although there were different ways to handle this case, the arrest was perfectly legal given the information the deputies had at that time.   After further review and recognizing that she may have a reasonable claim that the 18-inch marijuana plant was grown for medicinal purposes, which would make prosecution unlikely under Proposition 215, a decision was made not to press charges.
 Based on knowledge of the highly publicized Andrea Nagy cases, in which both Ventura and Los Angeles counties were unsuccessful in prosecuting for technical violations of Proposition 215 and in one case compelled to return 91 marijuana plants, a member of our staff made the decision to return the plant. This action drew considerable media attention, and some drew the erroneous conclusion that this decision originated from my office, or reflected a change in departmental policy.   A review of the decision reveals that because the suspect was in technical violation of the law by not having a prescription, the return of the plant was a good-faith decision not reflecting the department's philosophy toward contraband. Our review also confirms that the decision not to pursue charges was appropriate based on the circumstances and the vague language of Proposition 215.   It remains the policy of this department to strictly enforce all drug laws, which includes retaining or destroying all controlled substances except when their return is required by the courts. In the Moorpark incident, the fact that we believed that the plant was being grown for medicinal purposes and would have to be eventually returned did not justify its premature release.   As sheriff, I remain steadfast in the fight against illegal drugs, as evidenced by this year's eradication of more than 40 tons of marijuana and the destruction of part of a Mexican drug cartel. I am troubled by the fact that the interpretations and lack of prosecuting standards regarding the enforcement of Proposition 215 create a loophole for commercial cultivation and recreational use.   I am also opposed to Proposition 36, which, under the guise of treatment, further decriminalizes drug use and undermines currently effective treatment options.   Do not confuse the regrettable release of one small plant as a weakening of our resolve to enforce the law and keep illegal drugs out of our neighborhoods. Note: * Re "Police Bring Pot Luck to Marijuana Plant Grower," Oct. 25. Bob Brooks, Ventura County Sheriff Source: Los Angeles Times (CA)Author: Bob BrooksPublished: November 5, 2000Copyright: 2000 Los Angeles TimesAddress: Times Mirror SquareLos Angeles, CA 90053Fax: (213) 237-4712Contact: letters latimes.comWebsite: Bring Pot Luck To Marijuana Plant Grower Medical Marijuana Archives: 
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Comment #5 posted by teenhippie on November 05, 2000 at 16:07:40 PT
sympathetic smoker
i think you need to simply go hit that bong like a mutha my porky friend. peace not war. it's not that complicated
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Comment #4 posted by freedom fighter on November 05, 2000 at 14:06:16 PT
In a sea of green change
acoming! We got to save the planet before we kill it off ourselves!In a sea of green change acoming!We got to stop killing people over this simple sea of green change acoming!Peace is LoveHate is War!In a sea of green change acoming!
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Comment #3 posted by Dankhankster on November 05, 2000 at 13:49:43 PT:
Only one?
>>Do not confuse the regrettable release of one small plant as a weakening of our resolve to enforce the law and keep illegal drugs out of our neighborhoods.To: Sheriff Bob Brooks ......   We're not confused ... we know exactly what happened and we know exactly WHO and WHAT you are ...   Your bravado would be laughable in a child, but is dismally sad in a man who can't see the forest for the trees. Legalization is coming, a sea change is coming ... either you swim with the tide or you go under.   Here's hoping you drown, you sanctimonious, evil man ...
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Comment #2 posted by Thomas on November 05, 2000 at 10:39:14 PT
It just blows me away to know there are people out there that think that detecting and eliminating one little plant is a proper use of our resources. This is like the twilight zone. In New York City, there is a backlog of rape kits going back years because the city can't fund the tests. However, the city manages to come up with enough money for operation condor which has already resulted in the death of at least one innocent person. I guess as far as Rudy is concerned, it is more important to get the pot smokers of the street than it is to get the rapists off the street. What a screwed up world we live in.
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Comment #1 posted by Kanabys on November 05, 2000 at 10:28:30 PT
Why doesn't someone clarify prop 215 so the antis and LEOs can't use that excuse anymore? 
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