Colorado Cop Busted Over Date Rape Drugs

Colorado Cop Busted Over Date Rape Drugs
Posted by FoM on January 06, 2000 at 14:40:25 PT
By M.E. Sprengelmeyer, Scripps-McClatchey Services
Drug agents arrested a Littleton, Colo., police officer after federal officials intercepted a package of "date rape" drugs he ordered over the Internet, police said.Jeffrey Daniel Osman, 35, was arrested Tuesday at his home in Lakewood, Colo., where a U.S. Postal Inspector posing as a mail carrier delivered a package intercepted by the U.S. Customs Service at a mail facility in Oakland, Calif., said Ramonna Robinson, spokeswoman for the West Metro Drug Task Force.
The package was addressed to Osman and disguised to look like a puzzle box.But hidden in the lid were 90 1-milligram tablets of Rohypnol, a tranquilizer known on the street as "roofies." The drug is illegal to possess in the United States for any purpose, Robinson said. "It has been associated as a `date rape' drug, but we don't have any evidence to link that use to Mr. Osman," Robinson said.She said Osman ordered the substance over the Internet from a company in Thailand and paid by credit card. The Customs Service discovered the hidden drugs after X-raying the package. They then contacted Denver's West Metro Drug Task Force, which assisted in the investigation and executed a search warrant at Osman's home, she said.Following the search, investigators also seized 200 Valiums, five tablets of the depressant Temazepam, and less than an ounce of marijuana, Robinson said.Osman was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. He was released pending formal charges and later suspended with pay from the Littleton Police Department.He has been a patrol officer with the Littleton department since Sept. 15, 1997. Before that, he worked nine years with the Steamboat Springs and Central City police departments.Littleton Police Chief Gary L. Maas said the case is a warning to consumers about illegal items they might find available online."A lot of people seem to think if it's available over the Internet it's somehow OK," Maas said. "The fact that you can order a controlled substance or an illegal substance over the Internet does not make it legal."M.E. Sprengelmeyer is a reporter for the Denver Rocky Mountain News.Published: January 6, 2000 Copyright, Denver Publishing Co
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Comment #3 posted by Hailey Wheaton on January 29, 2001 at 14:30:07 PT:
The Cop with the Date-Rape Drug
Ok I am a high school sophomore in California. I am doing a report on date-rape. I thought that rapists and over hormonal college students as well as high school students did that, but when I read about the Cop from Colorado it made me wonder whether i should trust the police for protection. This article proved me wrong. Trust loved ones only.
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Comment #2 posted by sean on January 07, 2000 at 11:41:09 PT:
yes the worm does turn!
I hope when the piggie gets to jail, hes ass doesn't get too full. oh how the worm turns!
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Comment #1 posted by kaptinemo on January 07, 2000 at 06:47:17 PT
One of the problems with having a position of power is that, after a while, you tend to think yourself invulnerable. Above the law. In this case, this guy *was* the law. After all, when you carry 3 pounds of death on your hip, who's going to argue with you, right?So, he thought he was safe from the very police state he has supported. Protected from the very laws he no doubt viciously applied to his fellow citizens with no small degree of relish. He never thought he would be caught and treated as he has treated others. He figured he was anonymous. Safe. Secure. As a great many lazy, apolitical stoners reading this also no doubt feel.The worm does turn, doesn't it?What was it Lord Acton said about corruption? 'Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.' But it seems we never quite learn that lesson.
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