Feds Should Research MMJ For Veterans
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Feds Should Research MMJ For Veterans
Posted by CN Staff on October 26, 2017 at 12:01:48 PT
By Tom Angell
Source: Forbes
Washington, D.C. -- The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) "is uniquely situated to pursue research on the impact of medical marijuana on veterans suffering from chronic pain and PTSD given its access to world class researchers, the population it serves, and its history of overseeing and producing research resulting in cutting-edge medical treatments," the group of lawmakers who sit on the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs wrote on Thursday in a letter to VA Sec. David Shulkin.Recently, medical cannabis advocates and veterans groups like the American Legion have increased pressure on VA to stop blocking federally-approved researchers from recruiting veterans for research on medical cannabis.
One such study on marijuana’s effects on PTSD has been prevented from reaching veterans at the Phoenix, Arizona VA hospital.“This study needs 50 more participants and the Phoenix VA is in the best possible position to assist by simply allowing principle investigators to brief [VA] medical staff on the progress of the study, and by allowing clinicians to reveal the existence of the study to potential participants,” the Legion wrote to Shulkin last month. “Your immediate attention in this important matter is greatly appreciated. We ask for your direct involvement to ensure this critical research is fully enabled.”Shulkin has not yet responded to the Legion's letter, a representative of the group said.“Time and time again I have heard the stories of veterans who have used marijuana medicinally to help them cope with physical and psychological injuries sustained during their service," Congressman Tim Walz (D-MN), the highest ranking enlisted servicemember ever to serve Congress, said in a statement about the lawmakers' new letter to Shulkin. "After hearing from and meeting with veterans and veterans’ advocates from communities across the country, I now know for a fact that research and access to medical marijuana has become a critically important veterans’ issue."A number of recent studies indicate that legal marijuana access is associated with reduced opioid overdose and addiction rates.“At no period of time has research into medical marijuana been as critically important as it is now, as there isn’t a single community in America that hasn’t come face-to-face with our nation’s tragic opioid epidemic," Walz said. "Few populations have been as hurt by the opioid epidemic as our veterans.". RepTimWalz: Time and again, I have heard the stories of #veterans who have used #MedicalMarijuana to help them cope w/ physical & psychological injuries sustained during their service. 1/4— VetAffairsDems ( VetAffairsDems) October 26, 2017After hearing from & meeting w/ veterans & veterans’ advocates from communities across the country, I now know for a fact that research & access to medical marijuana has become a critically important veterans’ issue. 2/4— VetAffairsDems ( VetAffairsDems) October 26, 2017Shulkin has on a number of occasions indicated that he does see medical potential for marijuana but has consistently incorrectly claimed that Congressional action is needed before he can do anything to increase veterans’ access or expand research.The House lawmakers, all Democrats, are asking him to respond by November 14.Tom Angell edits cannabis news portal Marijuana Moment and founded the nonprofit Marijuana Majority.Source: Forbes Magazine (US)Author: Tom AngellPublished: October 26, 2017Copyright: 2017 Forbes Inc.Contact: readers forbes.comWebsite: Medical Marijuana Archives 
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Comment #1 posted by The GCW on October 26, 2017 at 16:19:39 PT
Do not wait on thieves.
On behalf of Our Greatest Father, forgo waiting on government to catch up with The Wise.Government which has herded people to use substances un-natural and which include side effects including death.Government bought to sell You cheap imitations by removing Your choice to acquire the real thing.Imagine one of those pro football stadiums which used to have names and now today their names are preceded by some company driven by stockholders... example: AT&T Stadium, Century Link Stadium, The now defunct Sports Authority Stadium etc...Our government should be labeled out in the open for what it is:
etc.Take control of Your body away from corporation's profit interest's.If cannabis does not help You, You have nothing to lose and You can then try their cocktails.
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