Pfizer, Eli Lilly Were The Original MMJ Sellers
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Pfizer, Eli Lilly Were The Original MMJ Sellers
Posted by CN Staff on April 08, 2015 at 14:47:19 PT
By Debra Borchardt, Contributor
Source: Forbes Magazine
USA -- Today’s major pharmaceutical companies were the original medical marijuana sellers. Eli Lilly, Parke-Davis (now owned by Pfizer) and Squibb of Bristol-Myers Squibb all sold medical marijuana at the turn of the century. In a 1919 medical catalog, these companies listed several cannabis products.Back then, most medicines were the same – the original generics. So it was up to good marketing and brand recognition to get people to buy one particular company’s drug over another. According to the Antique Cannabis Book, almost 6% of all manufactured drugs at the turn of the century contained cannabis in one form or another. For example, Squibb sold cannabis in powder form, tablets, fluid extracts and tinctures. However, Squibb wasn’t even the leader at the time with only 15 cannabis products in its lineup.
UpJohn & Co. listed 30 different cannabis entries in its medical catalog, while Parke Davis came in at 27. Eli Lilly sold 23 different versions and Abbott Laboratories sold 4 in 1935. Abbot is the only company that is still associated with medical marijuana. It’s research arm Abbvie Pharmaceuticals was recently spun off as a separate company and it manufactures the synthetic pot pill Marinol.The cannabis was prescribed for a variety of ailments including epilepsy, female problems, migraines, stomach worms, mental illnesses and addiction. It was used as an aphrodisiac as well as a treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, so they attended to all your sexual problems with cannabis.While some people are concerned about the new cannabis products for pets, back then cannabis was also used a veterinary medicine. Parke Davis sold cannabis extracts to vets for use as a pain reliever and sedative for animals to relieve coughs and stomach ailments. Parke Davis even worked with Eli Lilly to create its own plant strain called Cannabis Americana, which was a domesticated indica strain. Parke Davis was once the largest drug company in America, but is now a subsidiary of Pfizer.No stranger to recreational drugs, Parke Davis originally sold various forms of cocaine before it was illegal and was also the patent holder for the drug PCP and the developer of ketamine, another drug used for recreational purposes. According to a spokesman at Pfizer, the company is no longer involved in any cannabis research and hasn’t been for years. Neither Eli Lilly or Bristol-Myers Squibb would comment on whether their companies would reenter the field of medical marijuana. In fact, the companies won’t even discuss medical marijuana while other pharmaceutical companies like GW Pharmaceutical and Insys Therapeutics push ahead in their cannabis research studies.Eli Lilly does do a drug test for cannabis for prospective employees and that seems to be the extent of its cannabis testing for now.Source: Forbes Magazine (US)Author: Debra Borchardt, ContributorPublished: April 8, 2015Copyright: 2015 Forbes Inc.Contact: readers forbes.comWebsite: Medical Marijuana Archives 
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Comment #5 posted by Hope on April 09, 2015 at 02:09:24 PT
Texas House committee debates pot policy
Texas House committee debates pot policy
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Comment #4 posted by Hope on April 09, 2015 at 01:28:26 PT
"Treat it like tomatoes"
'Treat it like tomatoes' ... an ode for David Simpson'Treat it like tomatoes' ... an ode for David Simpson
In honor of Longview state Rep. David Simpson and his bill to legalize marijuana for adults, treating it like tomatoes or jalapeños ...Treat it like tomatoesTreat it like tomatoes
Mr. Simpson said
And all around the capitol
Wags laughed and shook their headsStoner jokes filled every room
Wry quips at his expense
And though he took it with aplomb
Some thought he’d lost his sense. But I’m here today to tell you
Simpson’s crazy like a fox
And small minds laugh too quickly
When men think outside the box‘Cause here’s the most disturbing thing
That keeps the jokers up at night:
The troubling deep down knowledge
That David Simpson’s right.Not about everything, it’s true
Yes, God made marijuana, too
But He also made rattlesnake venom
And nobody wants any of that in ‘emStill, when you get down to it
Pot is safer than alcohol
And society regulates booze
Without all the hype and vitriolWithout armed crooks controlling the cash
Without using residential housing to stash
Drugs guns and money from robbers who crash
And without the corruption and violence and graft.Without spending millions on jails and courts
For defendants who no one fears
Without funding murderous Mexican thugs
Without so much heartache and so many tearsTexas spends a billion border dollars to pretend to stop cartels
But this bill slashes their revenue
And does more to shut them down than a line 
Of troopers and guardsmen could ever do.In Colorado they “tax and regulate”
But conservatives don’t like either one
So this bill gets rid of both and 
Lets the free market get it doneIf you’re going to legalize
Then make the taxes low
So beer drinkers will switch to pot
And Texas farmers have incentive to growFor if it’s true (and it is) that pot 
Is safer than alcohol
Then whenever a drinker switches to smoke 
It’s measurably safer for all So tell me, friends, who’s the real joke?
Supporters of the status quo, or
The guy who wants to solve the problem
By letting Texans toke?
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Comment #3 posted by Hope on April 09, 2015 at 00:59:32 PT
 "I still have all the albums."
Obama in Jamaica pays tribute to Bob Marley
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Comment #2 posted by MikeEEEEE on April 08, 2015 at 20:35:16 PT
The light???
I think some see $$$$$$$$$But corporate cannabis?
This is corporate-america.
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Comment #1 posted by HempWorld on April 08, 2015 at 18:18:06 PT
Forbes Magazine, seeing the light?Well, then, these same companies...Can Forbes explain why cannabis became illegal?All of a sudden, (and) for no reason?Follow the money... ?In short, cannabis was/is highly effective, that's why all these (very large) drug companies had to make money off of it, with extended product lines (see above article).But then when reality set in and this 'drug' (ahem herb) was God-made and not patentable, oh my...However the un-intended consequences were; over filled prisons and millions of dead from illegal distribution (see;, driving people into alcohol, heroin, cocaine, etc. etc.Boy, have times changed (in some states)!
Cannabinoid Pharmaceuticals!
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