Florida Voters Back MMJ 9 to 1, Poll Finds
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Florida Voters Back MMJ 9 to 1, Poll Finds
Posted by CN Staff on July 28, 2014 at 06:49:49 PT
By Niraj Chokshi
Source: Washington Post 
Florida -- If the latest poll is right, it’s a safe bet that Florida will legalize medical marijuana this November.A new Quinnipiac University poll finds that 88 percent of voters support the legal use of marijuana for medical purposes, while 10 percent do not. Those attitudes were unchanged from May, but support was six percentage points up from November. The lowest level of support was among senior citizens, who still back the measure roughly 6 to 1. The youngest segment of voters backed it 19 to 1.
A ballot measure that would legalize the drug was narrowly approved in January, which means that voters will have the chance in just a few months to add their state to a growing number with legal medical pot, which seems likely given the poll.Among all demographic groups, support for medical marijuana was lowest among Republicans, 80 percent of whom support legalization with 19 percent opposing.When asked whether they would support a legal medical marijuana dispensary in their own town or city, 71 percent of voters said yes while 26 percent said no. Support for a dispensary in one’s own town was lowest among seniors, who still backed the idea 57 percent to 37 percent.A majority of voters even supported legalizing marijuana simply for recreational use. The only demographic groups where majorities opposed the idea were Republicans and seniors. Overall support for recreational legalization was up seven percentage points from November.There was a 23-point different in support between Democrats, who support recreational pot roughly 2 to 1, and Republicans. Support among men was 61 percent, a dozen points higher than that for women.When asked confidentially, 44 percent said they’ve tried the drug. Seniors had the far and away lowest rates of trying pot, at 23 percent.Source: Washington Post (DC) Author: Niraj ChokshiPublished: July 28, 2014Copyright: 2014 Washington Post CompanyContact: letters Website: URL:  Medical Marijuana Archives 
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Comment #5 posted by Oleg the Tumor on July 29, 2014 at 08:58:51 PT
kaptinemo: You Have It Right-we have no rights
Many readers on this website could testify as to how their Constitutional Rights have been violated to the point of "usurpations", as it says, part way down after "We the People…" Our founding fathers knew a scam when they saw it. They understood human nature and the statistical inevitability of imperfection, otherwise known as "criminal activity."George Washington had to deal with this at Valley Forge, when some of his generals, including Gen. Charles Lee and Horatio Gates planned to have Gen. Washington removed from command by screwing with his supply chain. They almost got away with it, too.The point is: Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Washington, and all the others saw the need to defend the citizenry from being victimized by well-heeled interests that target the system itself to control instead of serve the taxpayer.This is why you have a right to a firearm.It would appear that we need to have another Constitutional Convention to amend this document that was created to be amended, after all.But as Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and he is us!"Therefore, the economic collapse to come will arrive precisely when it is needed and not one instant sooner.Digging each other out afterwards will have to include safeguards to be sure that this doesn't happen again. Wait a minute, didn't we just…
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Comment #4 posted by kaptinemo on July 28, 2014 at 18:28:24 PT:
Oleg, this is why re-legalization is so important
All too often too many concentrate on only the immediate effects of prohibition, and what lifting it will mean.But there is a deeper, more important reason.The reclamation of freedom in this country.If you are not sovereign over your person, free from governmental influence as to what you want to put in it, you are not free at all. You are nothing but a ward of The State. A condition that has slowly, slowly squeezed the freedoms and liberties our great-grandfathers enjoyed but were extracted from us under false pretense.As a result, gigantic bureaucracies control almost every aspect of your life. You may not feel their presence directly, but it is there, nonetheless. Almost every facet of our lives are effected by rules and regulations made by unseen, unelected bureaucrats whose diktats are often backed by the force of The State. Come into opposition to them, and then you WILL feel that force. The best example of that is the DrugWar.Reclaiming personal sovereignty is the beginning of reversing that process...and is a direct challenge to that State-sanctioned power. You'll note, I said, 'beginning'. It won't stop there...and that is what has our would-be masters so terrified. Because, from their point of view, things will 'get out of control', namely, their control. Since 1947 and the rise of the National Security State, the intent has been to atomize the rights and liberties of the individual, to suborn and yoke them to the needs of The State. Everything possible has been done to do that, but it met resistance at every step. The only way to get around that almost instinctual resistance to unbridled Power that Americans have was to attack us where we were weakest: our children. Hence the mendacious War on (Some) Drugs.But Lincoln's observation about not being able to fool all of the people all of the time is proving true; the drug law reform movement is a symptom of that. We've seen through the lies, and are determined to not only know the truth, but also to live it. And living that truth about personal sovereignty means challenging State power over our lives, and reclaiming that power for ourselves, again.. Something its thieves are pee-their-pants terrified of happening, for then, from that position of reclaimed power, we will be able to deal with them as they should be dealt with.
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Comment #3 posted by swazi-x on July 28, 2014 at 15:36:41 PT
Robert Platshorn - Thank You!
The support we're seeing in the older population in Florida is likely a result of Robert Platshorn's Silver Tour in that state. Robert was released not too long ago from prison after decades of serving a non-violent cannabis smuggling sentence (he was the leader of the Black Tuna Gang, as labeled by the FBI), and after being illegally denied the right to travel outside of Florida by the feds - even after having served his sentence and finished parole - he's concentrated his efforts in Florida.He speaks to the older generation - his generation - about the benefits of cannabis, and is quite convincing. That's what happens when a good salesman/pitchman pitches the truth.Thanks Robert for all you've done - you're making the world a better place for everyone.
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Comment #2 posted by Oleg the Tumor on July 28, 2014 at 08:13:50 PT
Cannabis and Social Security
In a state like Florida with so many retirees collecting Social Security, the Social Security Administration is in effect, subsidizing criminal activity!For those of us who understand our health problems, and know that our lives represent a finite number, it is a sad thought to think that unless something happens at the federal level soon, we will go to the grave as "uncaptured federal criminals".Now, our government (We the People?) represents corporations and their interests just to stay relevant, as if from relevance alone comes power! The dream of 1776, still seems so far away."We the people" did not include corporations. That didn't start until the end of the 1800s and the Rockefeller era.Before that, groups of people who contributed their resources towards a common end (usually in secret) were considered "criminals."America is in the hands of the corporate elite, their subjective judgment and their check books.FREE THE PRISONER OF SCHEDULE 1!
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Comment #1 posted by rchandar on July 28, 2014 at 08:06:30 PT:
Florida's Day Will Come
I think the most important state in this article is the support level of Republicans.If pot is ever going to really be legalized in the United States, it will be because the GOP is no longer the enemy of it.
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