Hundreds in Maine Apply To Grow
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Hundreds in Maine Apply To Grow
Posted by CN Staff on August 24, 2013 at 06:26:06 PT
By Kathryn Skelton, Sun Journal
Source: Bangor Daily News
Augusta, Maine --  An annual report by the Department of Health and Human Services released Thursday shows the medical marijuana program has been growing in Maine and is in the midst of a reorganization.Some 575 people applied to the state last year to grow medical marijuana — 521 of those new applications. The state’s eight medical marijuana dispensaries employed 84 people. The Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program took in $612,370 in fees and spent considerably less: $466,028.
The report was due to the Legislature in April, by statute. DHHS spokesman John Martins said it had been held up by staff changes and the review process.Maine has allowed the use of medical marijuana since 1999 on a grow-your-own basis and set up the current nonprofit dispensary system with a second statewide referendum in 2009.Though there are no hard figures, it’s estimated 13,000 patients use it here.Last year, Cumberland County had the highest number of medical marijuana patients voluntarily register with the state (255), followed by Kennebec (238), York (230) and Androscoggin (123).Cumberland County also had the most physicians with 14 writing patient certifications for medicinal marijuana. Sixty-eight doctors across the state wrote at least one.The report mentions a statewide conference this year that includes physicians and law enforcement, but Martins said it hadn’t been planned yet.Also included:–1,455 patients have voluntarily registered with the state; 1,311 patients asked someone to grow medicinal marijuana on their behalf.–The number of employees ranged from 45 at the Wellness Connections’ four dispensaries to seven at Safe Alternatives in Frenchville.–Safe Alternatives had the largest board of directors at eight; Remedy Compassion Center in Auburn the smallest at two.As of Friday, Remedy had three directors, Martins said. “Program rules are specific about who can be a board member, but lack specificity on the size of a particular board.”The report mentions reorganizing the program with goals such as new, clearer forms, returning calls in two business days and processing paperwork in a “timely fashion.” The office has three dedicated staff members, Martins said.The 2011 program report had highlighted legal challenges around medical marijuana growers, mentioning that “inspection of caregiver grower locations has not yet been scheduled due to the newness of the program.”More than a year later, that hasn’t changed.“We are still working through these legal challenges regarding this issue and we have not yet begun this process,” Martins said.David Boyer, Maine political director of the Marijuana Policy Project, said he thought the new report showed the system working.“Revenues are more than adequately covering the costs of administering the program,” he said. “Most importantly, the state is meeting the needs of the patients these laws were intended to help. Regulating marijuana works.”Source: Bangor Daily News (ME)Author:   Kathryn Skelton, Sun JournalPublished: August 24, 2013Copyright: 2013 Bangor Daily News Inc.Website: Medical Marijuana Archives 
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Comment #3 posted by mark702 on August 24, 2013 at 14:45:30 PT:
Feds Force Security And Armored Car Companies To S
Feds Force Security And Armored Car Companies To Stop Servicing The Cannabis Industry
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Comment #2 posted by mexweed on August 24, 2013 at 14:21:32 PT:
Positive view energizes reform work
 runruff, there is truth in your rant about PIGS (prison industrial government syndrome) but I would "question" the relatively bleak view, rather terrific opportunities are at hand:1. Now that more mainstreaming and access are being given-- at the cost of paperwork and bureaucratic hoopjumping at first but (like government itself) that stuff is supposed to "wither away" as soon as WE have constructed the SAFETY and benefits mechanisms on a neighborhood basis-- let's throw in a safety feature that has been overlooked-- PROMOTE VAPORIZERS AND LONG-STEMMED ONE-HITTERS. Every GROWER can have an attached workroom where siftscreens (1/8, 1/16, 1/32 inch), one-hitters, quarter-inch-diameter #40 mesh pre-shaped screencups are manufactured to be wholesaled to whatever DISPENSARIES pick up the herbal materials.2. Someone develop a neighborhood toker clinic (including workshop, tools, etc.) where everyone can work together making sure everyone's one-hitter is capable of delivering 25-mg vape tokes, even kids can learn how to make moderation utensils, the fear that kids will be lured into overdoses or addictions (including "gateway drug theory" can be ELIMINATED planetwide.3. Promote more HAND(f)WORK worldwide (the hemp plant thousands of years ago BECKONED to mankind with its hand-like leaves, saying, harvest me, scatter my seeds on dung piles near your house so I can develop humanoid anandamides, use me to thatch the roof, burn me in mom's cookstove so all family can breathe my fumes, etc.). Human nature: the hand is the most diversified intelligent organ of the body and occupies most brainspace with its governance. Teach everyone, first thing after a toke, do tune-up exercizes with music or counting, then proceed to important shopwork, making toolhandles, toys, music instruments, carpentry etc. 4. Or landscape maintenance outside, using ANVIL PRUNER, ratchet pruner, handsaw and hatchet to harvest deadwood or unwanted brush which can be trimmed, made into some products, and the finer material composted. Improvisatory nature maintenance like that makes more sense and you do it better with first-hours cannabinoid attention-diversification in progress.(Imagine "gangs" of users turning rubble, brush-obstructed property into accessible, walk-safe parkland, nothing to trip over or gouge your eye out, and all the harvested biomaterials, branches et. used in some productive way. This is the neighborhood and the world we can now be initiating with our first unfearblockaged ganja vape tokes.)
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Comment #1 posted by runruff on August 24, 2013 at 09:02:55 PT
I just still can't believe it!
Here in America we will go to prison and have all of our possessions taken away for growing an outlawed weed or flower.In the movie "Braveheart" William's Uncle was explaining that the funeral music for his dad was outlawed music being played on outlawed pipes. This morning I inhaled outlawed smoke from an outlawed weed copped an outlawed high, then listened to bagpipe music!America is not being governed by any one party or organization, our federal government is a train wreck with various gangs looting the booty up and down the track.Government will give itself more and more power until we the people are completely enslaved. When the masses do not stand up and question authority, we end up with a forty year long militant war on the citizenry. At this point I wonder more at the voting public, that we have allowed something as heinous as a war on us by our own government, even funding it!Who was it that said "you will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people"?
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