Bill To License Dispensaries Clears Oregon House
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Bill To License Dispensaries Clears Oregon House
Posted by CN Staff on June 24, 2013 at 15:26:43 PT
By Queenie Wong, Statesman Journal
Source: Statesman Journal
Oregon -- The House narrowly passed a bill Monday that would license and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries, a proposal that some lawmakers argue would allow more patients to safely access the drug but others worry could heighten abuse of the program.The state currently allows patients with certain debilitating medical conditions to grow their own marijuana or designate someone else to do it but there isnít a place to legally purchase the medicine.
Under House Bill 3460, the Oregon Health Authority would set up a registration system of medical marijuana dispensaries, authorizing the transfer of the drug and immature marijuana plants to patients. The facilities would also have to comply with regulations for pesticides, mold and mildew testing, which supporters say will help ensure the drug isnít contaminated.The bill passed on a 31-27 vote and is now headed to the Senate.Rep. Brian Clem, D-Salem, told lawmakers on the floor that when his father-in-law was dying from lung cancer a doctor recommended medical marijuana to help with appetite and chemotherapy.While he considers marijuana a gateway drug, he supports the bill because of his personal experience.ďI witnessed firsthand what it was like to have somebody be told you need this, youíre going to die. This is the only thing that might make you feel better but figure out some way to buy it off the street if you can figure it out because thereís no way for me to legally get it into your hands and Iím your doctor,Ē Clem said.But former Oregon State Police officer Rep. Andy Olson, R-Albany, told lawmakers the bill does little to address the abuses in the stateís medical marijuana program.ďItís not that Iím opposed to medical marijuana. Iím a major advocate for those who are in need of marijuana as a medicine. I am opposed to the abuse,Ē he said.In a lengthy floor speech, Olson talked about various concerns he had about the bill including federal law enforcement, drug trafficking, public safety, Rick Simpsonís hemp oil and out-of-state and youth access to the drug.Olson read from a 2012 story by The Oregonian about how drug traffickers have exploited the stateís medical marijuana program.He told lawmakers he would be committed to working with the other party on a more comprehensive bill to correct the abuses in program and provide the access the patients need.The billís lead sponsor Rep. Peter Buckley, D-Ashland, and other lawmakers argued while the bill doesnít fix every problem in the program itís a step in the right direction.ďThe black market of medical marijuana is out of hand,Ē he said. ďThe ability to trace with accuracy cardholders and growers is extremely problematic.ĒSupporters of the bill include medical marijuana dispensaries, the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum and other advocacy groups.Medical marijuana facilities would pay a registration fee of $4,000 each, according to the billís fiscal note. If an estimated 225 facilities register, the state would receive about $900,000 in the next two years. Revenue from the fees would help offset the cost of creating and running a new registration system.Marijuana is still illegal under federal law, meaning it has no accepted medical use.Source: Statesman Journal (OR)Author: Queenie Wong, Statesman JournalPublished: June 24, 2013Copyright: 2013 Statesman JournalContact: letters statesmanjournal.comURL: Medical Marijuana Archives 
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Comment #1 posted by museman on June 27, 2013 at 09:19:45 PT
"ďItís not that Iím opposed to medical marijuana. Iím a major advocate for those who are in need of marijuana as a medicine. I am opposed to the abuse,Ē he said."I'm 'opposed to abuse' as well. However, I consider the abuse of people and other life to be just a tad bit more real than the trumped up lies and maintained ignorances of such ill-equipped-to-tell-the-truth programmed patsies of a corrupt government.Lets look at the facts shall we? For a change?What exactly is this "abuse" they keep pounding on like a bent nail that just won't go in no matter how you hammer?The truth is in, the facts are -outside the government/corporate parameters of acceptable consumer behavior- that there have been innumerable people who have spent their lives using cannabis, and the only actual documented proof of any "abuse" is by this government and it's agents against its citizens.It only stands to reason in a society that values things over people, power and control over joy and happiness, and a "one size fits all" blanket, uniform conformity over unique diversity, would fall for such propaganda. Any behavior, such as thinking for ones self, making life decisions that don't involve spending most of it as a labor slave for the wealthy, and especially daring to speak up about it and take a stand that isn't so easily knocked back down -like the feeble Occupy "movement" lol-what a joke and an insult to all the real protesters for liberty in the world (IMO), is labeled as 'criminal' and 'terrorist' when in fact the real criminals and terrorists are the ones doing the labeling, finger pointing, and ABUSING!.I for one in tired of being abused. Where the hell are my 'servers and protectors'? Oh that's right they are too busy abusing people for being too happy, or feeling too good in a society that thrives on sickness, dis-ease, pain and suffering.Fortunately I know that they are currently gasping for air that won't ever come again, so they are literally drowning in their own moral/ethical perversion and excrement. Perhaps I should have more pity for their lack of life skills, and I would have if they weren't such huge abusers but according to their own idea that 'abuse' should be punished, soon the prisons will be emptied of the poor, the enlightened, the freedom fighters, and the victims of a non-representative government, and there will be room for all those cops, lawyers, politicians, bankers, and corporate CEOs that are committing the REAL crimes and abuse.Even if the people continue to worship the false values and false authority of these spiritually deprived automatons, their power is done. But as long as the people continue to slave for them, and believe their numerous lies about everything, it will only be more painful for them in the end. Because the end -the end of tyranny- is close at hand.LEGALIZE FREEDOM - NOW!
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