Sen. Shockley of Victor Seeks To Repeal MMJ Law
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 Sen. Shockley of Victor Seeks To Repeal MMJ Law
Posted by CN Staff on May 26, 2010 at 03:33:53 PT
By Jennifer McKee, Missoulian State Bureau
Source: Missoulian
Montana --  A prominent Ravalli County Republican lawmaker wants to overturn Montana's 2004 voter-passed law that legalized medical marijuana, saying the current scheme controlling prescription pot is fatally flawed.Sen. Jim Shockley, R-Victor, has requested a bill be drafted for the 2011 Legislature to repeal the marijuana law.
However, Shockley said he believes marijuana has medical benefits and should remain legal, only in a much more controlled way."It was a good idea, poorly executed," Shockley said Tuesday. "I wouldn't want everybody growing (prescription painkiller) Percocet, either."Some 62 percent of Montana voters approved medical marijuana by initiative in 2004. It allows Montanans to get certifications from doctors to buy up to one ounce of marijuana at a time from a licensed caregiverThe state has more than 2,700 licensed caregivers, according to state information, and more than 15,000 citizens with medical marijuana cards.The explosive growth in the industry, coupled with a handful of violent acts involving medical marijuana businesses and growers, has prompted a crackdown on the industry around the state in recent months. City councils across Montana have voted to suspend new licenses for medical marijuana businesses and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes voted to outlaw medical marijuana entirely for tribal members on the Flathead Indian Reservation.Shockley said the current system has no controls for growing marijuana, dosage and distribution. He said there's really nothing stopping a cardholder from abusing their marijuana and seeking constant refills.There has "been uncontrolled use of the drug," he said. "I think it breeds lawlessness."Shockley said an appropriate, controlled system of medical marijuana was too complicated for the initiative process.Tom Daubert of Helena, who headed the drive to legalize medical marijuana and is now part of a statewide co-op of growers, agreed Tuesday that the current system has problems, but it shouldn't be overturned."The law doesn't need to be repealed, but it definitely needs to be fixed," he said. "I completely agree that all growing and dispensing needs to be heavily monitored by the state."Daubert said he supports the work of an interim legislative committee now looking at ways of regulating the industry. He said some medical marijuana promoters, namely Jason Christ, founder and executive director of Missoula's Montana Caregivers Network, are cynically exploiting flaws in the law.Christ has been photographed publicly smoking marijuana. His network runs traveling clinics where people can get medical marijuana cards.Daubert called those a "factory circus clinic" and said such "behaviors are nails in the coffin of this law and disrespecting the genuine needs of worthy patients."Christ said the network's clinics have driven up the profile of medical marijuana, but he said they are not a pot free-for-all."What I'm finding is that caregivers are very conscientious," he said. Caregivers "really want to do everything the right way, which I attribute to the kindness and compassion of Montanans for fellow Montanans."Christ is not a caregiver, but said he has a medical marijuana card to control hemorrhoid pain associated with Crohn's and celiac disease, both problems of the gastrointestinal system.Source: Missoulian (MT) Author: Jennifer McKee, Missoulian State BureauPublished: Tuesday, May 25, 2010Copyright: 2010 Missoulian Contact: oped missoulian.comWebsite URL: Medical Marijuana Archives
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Comment #26 posted by dongenero on May 27, 2010 at 07:55:27 PT
This kind of statement has become so common....
"Many feel the widespread growth in medical marijuana distribution is far outpacing what voters originally envisioned."Sound like Colorado too. All the prohibitionists are convinced that the situation is not what voters intended.
How presumptuous and arrogant."This is not what Americans voted for!", "Obama is not what voters wanted!", "medical marijuana is not what voters wanted!", etc, etc. Yea? Speak for yourself, not me. And certainly none of these shills speaks for all voters nor all Americans. It's desperate, wishful thinking by the soon to be vanquished, backward ideologies.
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Comment #25 posted by Paint with light on May 26, 2010 at 21:58:27 PT
How to feel?
Today I heard that the daughter of the leading prohib and most uninformed rabid right wing poor excuse for a human being, Joey "Marijuana is equal to Heroin" Henseley,was hit by a car.My first thought was for the safety and health of the little girl.Was it then wrong to feel satisfaction that her dad was hurting.He has hurt so many patients by his actions against cannabis.He has hurt so many families by his actions.Is it wrong to feel he deserves to feel pain?The girl is supposed to be okay, by the way.I never wish for evil on anybody but is it wrong to be glad when they feel pain?This guy is a doctor and should know better than to fight medical cannabis like he does.Legal like alcohol.
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Comment #24 posted by BGreen on May 26, 2010 at 20:28:09 PT
There's a word that makes me feel like that
Unfortunately, that word IS Republican.Oh, snap, no I didn't. :)Bro. Bud
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Comment #23 posted by Hope on May 26, 2010 at 19:01:14 PT
Of course you wouldn't The GCW
And I've noticed lately that you are flat setting the world on fire again with letters. From one end of this country to the other , as well as up to Canada... and I think I remember seeing one today that was printed in Europe somewhere. Way to go! You have had so many letters printed. I admire that so much.Thank you both for allowing me to express how I felt about it without blowing my feeling about it off too easily. I didn't mean to be a whatever you might think I was being... but sometimes... Well I'm usually actually quite delighted with how much I agree with and appreciate most of the comments made by posters here. And I look up to and admire The GCW, very much... except for that one thing... and it's a weakness of mine, too. I love you, too, The GCW. You know I DO.And I'm not trying to judge or make rules... I'm dang sure not "The decider" around here. Maybe I am being prissy and spessshul... but it doesn't feel like it. It feels like, Dang... I just wish you wouldn't say that. It sounds so... yuck. I'm at a loss for words beyond that... I don't even want to try to think of any.Keep being shiny.
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Comment #22 posted by The GCW on May 26, 2010 at 18:14:26 PT
Hope,I apologies.Although I too thought it a well crafted statement... Turd seems like such an innocent way to describe poop but We'll not play with poop either. I knew full well it was somewhat unacceptable. Pushing the boundry... I kind of like it said that way but I want to speak here at CNews with respect and I believe I deviated a little.I would not speak that way in a LTE.I will control Myself.Thank You, Hope, for helping Me.Love,The GCW
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Comment #21 posted by BGreen on May 26, 2010 at 17:24:01 PT
There are two meanings, Hope
The second definition is spot on with what The GCW was trying to convey. Your mind saw definition one.turd1. a piece of excrement.2. a mean, contemptible person.Most Republicans are acting mean and contemptible and they are persons so the word seems to fit. I'm not calling them names, just observing, highlighting and exposing their actions.I'll change it to "they're acting like turds," so I'm just criticizing their actions and not them personally. They use that defense all the time in their views towards gays. "I don't hate them, I just hate the horrible wicked sins they're committing that will make them burn in Hell."The actions of the Republican party have been so heinous that I can't imagine a single word or words in the English language that could offend me more than they have.Oh, well, I still don't want to offend my friends so I'm sorry to you.Bro. Bud
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Comment #20 posted by Hope on May 26, 2010 at 17:05:22 PT
I'm very sorry I mentioned it. It's been said about five times now. Including by me!
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Comment #19 posted by Hope on May 26, 2010 at 17:00:09 PT
I was disgusted. Offended.
I'm not easily offended. I'll get over it.I'm not surprised you like the choice of words. I know many people that would. It doesn't create a positive response in me at all. The only "Effect" of the expletive is to distract me from what he said. Which I don't remember. Oh yes... Republicans.But yes, I have to mention the name calling to him. I was reminded of scriptures and sometimes we find ourselves, on the rare occasion, led to gently admonish one another. I never admonished the GCW, my brother, before. But I am now. I'm not judging him. I'm asking him... what the hell? All that disobedience stuff about other people means he has to watch his step and weaknesses extra close.I'm not judging him. I sometimes cuss like a sailor and I'm inclined to be coarse and bawdy... though not excrementally. I'm getting better over the years at being a quieter and gentler spirit. I'm practicing. But I have weaknesses. So I'm not judging... I don't wish to be judged by others. But, I don't mind being advised, at all, or admonished, if necessary.I still think it's terribly little boys bathroom language.But do it. Whatever you want. I'm not the boss of anything but myself. Just pointed out it's gross... and as Christians, we're advised by He whom we profess to worship, or I do, anyway, not to even call people rude names... like Racca.So... I'm finally saying... Hey Bro... do you see what you're doing... or not?
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Comment #18 posted by Cheebs1 on May 26, 2010 at 16:39:14 PT:
I like the turd comment. You can say that it is possible to substitute any other word that you want to but it wouldn't be the same. That was some fine word crafting. I would not presume to speak for The GCW, but I can honestly say no other word would have given you such a strong response and I believe that was the intent. When I think of republicans lately the only image that comes to mind is a large smelly sloppy pile of steaming turds. I would also like to point out that GCW shouldn't be reprimanded for his choice of words, unless you are judging him of course, which is supposed to be a no no as well.
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Comment #17 posted by Hope on May 26, 2010 at 16:02:57 PT
It's believed that the Christ
while he was in the flesh as a rabbi suggested that we should not even call a person a fool... or "Racca"... which, as I understand it, meant "Fool".I'm calling you out on it, GCW. You're hard on other believers that are "Disobedient"... well you often call people really nasty names. More than anyone on here.Am I right or am I not?Now that's all I'm going to say, because you know I'm very fond of you both and sometimes I get ugly in describing the reptilian, creepy, murderous, hateful, puritanical, despotic .... but... I just expressed to my friend, the well spoken GCW, that he could do better than that. I felt finally, like I had to point out to you, The GCW, that you might be having a bit of trouble with disobedience from time to time yourself. Would you call someone you loved that? I can't imagine that you would.
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Comment #16 posted by Hope on May 26, 2010 at 15:50:17 PT
Christianesque restraint?
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Comment #15 posted by Hope on May 26, 2010 at 15:48:04 PT
How bout
the weeping, scab covered, swollen foreskin of a diseased goat?That's better than...Alright. I don't care. Keep saying it. If it makes you happy.
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Comment #14 posted by Hope on May 26, 2010 at 15:44:00 PT
Some of us
have vivid imaginations and sensitive stomachs.Like....yuck...It's not a rule or a prissy thing... just YUCK.
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Comment #13 posted by Hope on May 26, 2010 at 15:42:30 PT
Yuck and double yuck, BGreen..
It's juvenile and distracts, not accents. I don't want him to be juvenile and distract from what he said.Of course Yuck and double yuck is juvenile, too. I tried Ewwww but it didn't look yuck enough.Just yuck. I like reprehensible reptilian hateful a..hole, snobbish, stupid, ignorant, arrogant, creepy, selfish, judgmental, cob up their.... but "Turd"?Yuck!You can do better, GCW!
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Comment #12 posted by BGreen on May 26, 2010 at 15:18:42 PT
re: posts 7 and 8
Actually, Hope, I not only tend to agree with The GCW, I also admire his Christian-esque restraint in word choice.When the apparent actions of the vast majority of those who identify with the Republican party show they are only out to lie and cheat for their own financial profit, and torture, imprison and kill people who think like me, I can't help but see them as my enemy.Bro. Bud
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Comment #11 posted by Sam Adams on May 26, 2010 at 15:04:59 PT
can you imagine
I didn't even read to the end - so this newspaper basically wants Crohn's patients to not be able to take medication in public. Crohn's, a permanently disfiguring and chronically painful condition that can be fatal. It makes me shed a tear to see the media just eating up everything the police say and do and throwing sick people under the bus. It's nothing short of medieval. I'd expect cops to be like this but I'm ashamed of people that own & run newspapers, what's their excuse?It's like a willful decline to the Dark Ages. That's what these media corporations apparently want. It's the simplicity that's frightening...should we take care of the sick and dying, or sacrifice them?
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Comment #10 posted by Sam Adams on May 26, 2010 at 14:59:44 PT
Constant refills
you mean, like shots of bourbon at a bar?  sort of like that?
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Comment #9 posted by FoM on May 26, 2010 at 14:03:08 PT
Both Sides Talk Changes To Medical Marijuana Law
May 26, 2010Helena (AP) -- Medical marijuana advocates and opponents are trying to reach an agreement on fixing the law even as a new initiative was submitted to repeal the law.A new initiative aims to ask voters to undo their 2004 decision legalizing medical marijuana.
But the initiative faces a strict mid-June deadline to qualify for the ballot by passing legal review and gathering thousands of signatures  an extremely difficult task.Many feel the widespread growth in medical marijuana distribution is far outpacing what voters originally envisioned.Advocates and practitioners were meeting Wednesday with representatives from law enforcement, cities and others who say the law at least needs to be fixed. If they can agree, their proposal would go back to a legislative panel studying the issue.Copyright: 2010 Associated PressURL:
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Comment #8 posted by Hope on May 26, 2010 at 12:17:03 PT
Good grief. That's a little harsh... and crude.Yuck.
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Comment #7 posted by The GCW on May 26, 2010 at 11:52:44 PT
Mr. Shock -and awe- ley
should take it to the voting booth,and while He's at it put on the ballot the question of whether voters want Him to find different work. -0-I'm very surprised that it is a Republican speaking like that. NOTI often feel as though Republicans are very similar to turds. 
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Comment #6 posted by dongenero on May 26, 2010 at 08:56:15 PT
Shockley's quite a piece
There has "been uncontrolled use of the drug," he said. "I think it breeds lawlessness."Actually, spurious Prohibition laws that millions of people have rightly flaunted for decades breed "lawlessness", not to mention contempt for law.
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Comment #5 posted by dongenero on May 26, 2010 at 08:46:47 PT
growing Percocet????
Well, while you're making complete nonsense, you may as well stand tall and proud as an anti-freedom Senator.I guess this is where I'm supposed to insert the question, "Why do conservatives hate America and want to destroy it"?Hey what do you know, it worked, anybody can do it!
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Comment #4 posted by Sam Adams on May 26, 2010 at 08:42:00 PT
still waiting.....
for someone to explain the difference between marijuana clinics where licensed, board-certified doctors prescribe cannabis and the clinics where the board-certified doctors prescribe suicide-inducing Prozac by the millions.
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Comment #3 posted by FoM on May 26, 2010 at 06:38:14 PT
About The Article
When will Republicans who push state's rights stop trying to change what the people want?
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Comment #2 posted by Hope on May 26, 2010 at 05:55:35 PT
Montana doctor fined $2000 and disciplined 
What they really, really want to do, is burn her at the stake... you know... as a warning to others.
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Comment #1 posted by FoM on May 26, 2010 at 04:10:02 PT
Montana Doctor Fined Over Medical Marijuana Clinic
May 26, 2010URL:
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