Lawmakers Wise To OK Marijuana Bill
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Lawmakers Wise To OK Marijuana Bill
Posted by CN Staff on January 18, 2010 at 06:09:21 PT
Source: Courier-Post
New Jersey -- People who suffer from chronic, debilitating pain deserve the right to use marijuana legally. Twenty years ago, during the height of the national "war on drugs," everything was black and white when it came to illegal drugs. The idea of legalizing the use of marijuana for people suffering from chronic, debilitating pain was unheard of.Wisely, our society has progressed from that rigid way of thinking. Today, most people know and understand that there are people out there -- cancer patients, people with AIDS, glaucoma, chronic pains and other terminal conditions -- who use marijuana just to get through the day and relieve some of their symptoms and ease their constant pain. These people are not criminals and should not be treated as criminals.
So the New Jersey Legislature did the right thing Monday by approving a bill to finally free people suffering from these ailments who use marijuana as a medicine from the threat of criminal prosecution.While it is troubling that the Legislature has rushed some controversial and complex legislation through with little discussion over the past week, lawmakers were right to approve this bill which has been discussed for years. Polls show a majority of New Jerseyans favor legalizing medical marijuana. And many lawmakers of both parties who once opposed legalized medical marijuana now see its value. Gov.- elect Chris Christie has said he's generally OK with the concept of legalized medical marijuana use. Last year, the federal government stopped arresting and targeting medical marijuana users and growers in states where it is legal.Thirteen states already allow medical marijuana use. More are sure to follow in years to come as more people across the country recognize that for some patients, marijuana is a truly valuable medicine, sometimes the only medicine that works to ease their pain.We applaud the Legislature for recognizing this and approving this bill.Source: Courier-Post (Cherry Hill, NJ)Published: January 18, 2010Copyright: 2010 Courier-PostURL: Medical Marijuana Archives
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Gov. Jon Corzine Plans To Sign MMJ Bill
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