R.I. Releases Proposed Rules for MMJ Dispensaries

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  R.I. Releases Proposed Rules for MMJ Dispensaries

Posted by CN Staff on December 25, 2009 at 19:05:02 PT
By Mike Stanton, Journal Staff Writer  
Source: Providence Journal 

Providence, R.I. -- State health regulators have issued proposed regulations for the operation of compassion centers to dispense medical marijuana, but it could still take up to a year before the first center opens its doors in Rhode Island.Acting under legislation passed by the General Assembly last spring, the state Department of Health last week issued 22 pages of proposed rules for licensing and operating up to three compassion centers in Rhode Island. The rules, covering everything from the amount of marijuana dispensed to the background of those dispensing it to the security systems in place to guard it, will be the subject of a formal public hearing on Feb. 2.
After that, if state Health Director David R. Gifford determines that no revisions are necessary, it would take about a month and a half for the rules to become formally enacted. Then, the licensing process would allow for a 60-day application period for would-be compassion-center operators — which could be prolonged by further public hearings on the applicants before Gifford makes the final decision.“What’s a reasonable Timeline? You could be talking about up to a year, or maybe it will take less time,” said Health Department spokesman Robert Vanderslice.Rhode Island was the third state in the nation, joining California and New Mexico, to approve the sale of marijuana for use by qualified patients with chronic or debilitating illnesses, such as cancer, HIV and multiple sclerosis.But the 2007 law, passed over Governor Carcieri’s veto, left unclear how patients and caregivers could legally obtain medical marijuana. Then, in the spring of 2009, the General Assembly created compassion centers, inspired by an impassioned floor speech from the bill’s original sponsor, Providence Rep. Thomas C. Slater, who subsequently died from cancer. Once again, the law passed over Carcieri’s veto, drawing concern from law-enforcement officials that medical marijuana usage would open the door to criminals.Stephen Hogan, executive director of the Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition, says that he has heard from many groups and individuals who would be interested in running compassion centers in Rhode Island — including operators of for-profit medical marijuana dispensaries in other states. But he says there are too many variables to predict when the first might open.“We understand why it has taken a bit longer,” he said. “The Health Department was swamped by H1N1 [swine flu] and is understaffed. So we understand why they haven’t been able to move forward as quickly as possible.”Since the original medical marijuana law became permanent in 2007, the state has issued licenses to about 900 medical-marijuana users, as well as 725 caregivers who can legally grow and distribute the drug.But a compassion center would be able to handle a larger amount of marijuana, and take the pressure off licensed caregivers, who are more vulnerable to criminals.Because of the amount of money that would be required to start a compassion center, Hogan says that he doesn’t expect any licensed caregivers to apply to open a center. Beyond the licensing process, Hogan said, centers would have to raise the money, find a suitable building and cultivate marijuana plants before going into operation.The law allows for three compassion centers. Ideally, said Hogan, one would be in the greater Providence area, with the other two in northern and southern Rhode Island. But the proposed Health Department regulations don’t specify geographic areas.Also, unlike other states, Hogan noted that Rhode Island’s law requires that compassion centers operate as not-for-profit businesses.The proposed rules define a compassion center as a not-for-profit entity that “acquires, possesses, cultivates, manufactures, delivers, transfers, transports, supplies or dispenses marijuana ... to registered qualifying patients and their registered primary caregivers.”While the law limits qualified patients to possession of up to 12 plants and 2.5 ounces, only compassion centers would be able to keep greater amounts, based on the number of patients cared for. And the proposed rules state that the centers cannot dispense more than 2.5 ounces to a specific patient over a 15-day period.Addressing a concern of medical marijuana advocates, the proposed regulations specify that patients, caregivers and compassion-center employees cannot be prosecuted for possession of illegal drugs or sale of a controlled substance provided they adhere to the rules on limits.The regulations don’t address how much a compassion center might charge for marijuana, but says that a center would be treated as a licensed caregiver, and licensed caregivers would be allowed to be reimbursed for costs assisted with helping a patient.“We don’t control prices,” said Vanderslice. “The caregivers can charge enough to cover expenses, but we don’t get into specific prices.”Several of the rules address the background of compassion center staffers and security.People with felony drug convictions cannot serve as primary caregivers, or work at compassion centers, although the Health Department has the discretion to waive that. However, if a person had been convicted of a drug offense related to the medical use of marijuana, that conviction would not apply.Also, schools, employers and landlords would not be able to penalize someone for being involved in the dispensation or use of medical marijuana.The compassion centers could not be within 500 feet of a school, and would have to be equipped with a fully operational alarm system and good exterior lighting. Any incidents, including alarm malfunctions, would have to be reported to local police.Operators would also be required to limit access to the center, to allow only authorized personnel in the room where marijuana is stored, to submit to announced inspections by the Health Department and to conduct monthly inventories of marijuana.Each compassion center would also be required to develop an operations manual that would, among other things, include an alcohol- and drug-free workplace policy. The manual would also have to include outreach policies, including “ingestion options” for marijuana, “safe smoking techniques” and “potential side effects.”Source: Providence Journal, The (RI)Author:   Mike Stanton, Journal Staff Writer Published: Saturday, December 26, 2009Copyright: 2009 The Providence Journal CompanyContact: letters projo.comWebsite: URL: Medical Marijuana Archives 

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Comment #50 posted by FoM on December 28, 2009 at 14:51:10 PT
That's so true. This afternoon the music that was on the satellite was exactly what I needed to hear. I believe in music with a message.
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Comment #49 posted by museman on December 28, 2009 at 14:39:51 PT
Once a long time ago, when the USN was trying to murder me for the sake of bio-experimentation, George Harrison saved my life with his song "My Sweet Lord" it is quite a tale that myself and the VA are in battle over to this day.One of my life regrets is that I never got to tell George.Yes music, all creativity, has power, and when you align it with even greater powers such as Truth and Love, it can become a movement -I seem to remember something along those lines a long time ago....
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Comment #48 posted by FoM on December 28, 2009 at 14:13:04 PT
What a gift. I can't sing or even think of writing music. We all have special gifts and yours is most definitely music. I have forgotten many things over the years but songs that touch my very soul can always be recalled. Music can be a form of prophecy in my opinion.This afternoon I got sort of sick. Stick turned on music on DirecTV. I was resting in bed half asleep and half awake and the songs that were played took me to a nice comfortable place. Music has important purposes and sometimes I think that is why some people have no use for it.
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Comment #47 posted by museman on December 28, 2009 at 13:51:57 PT
Something to share
Yesterday, some of my (adult) kids and I, along with one of their friends, tried an experiment. We decided to group-write a song. The music is proving much more challenging than the words, but I thought I'd share them.Each of us was given one stanza, and we passed it around. Here is what we came up with...From the bottom we will climb,through the distance measured in time.Pay no attention to the branches of the tree,they are only the steps we must followto get to where we are free.As the wind blows, and the sun shines,opportunity flies through fast and consistent,from the ground to the sky, and everythng in between.Creativity is in us all, but we have to come together,link our minds as one, and fly into higher consciousness,and with graciousness,will gather bliss,for this cosmic kiss,upon our wish,we will not miss the purpose.Perhaps this door is not locked no more,reaching the cosmic seashore,needing nothing but love.:)
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Comment #46 posted by FoM on December 28, 2009 at 13:08:58 PT
It's really sad to come to the conclusion that racists are blind to fairness.
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Comment #45 posted by FoM on December 28, 2009 at 13:08:04 PT
Thank you for being such a wonderful example that I feel I can use your life as a witness to someone Stick and I both love dearly.
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Comment #44 posted by museman on December 28, 2009 at 13:00:45 PT
I think you nailed it!All those cops, DAs. lawyers, judges, and politicians and the like all had macho dads, and their mothers never told them they were men (because if your mom thinks you are still a child, you are), so they are always out to prove it to themselves somehow, competing with the other alpha dogs for the masters affection (the master being the filthy, corrupted, rich (as in fake wealth), elite, ruling class.), treating everyone like dogs -including themselves- and in general being one of the main reasons why mankinds spirit has been stuck in a rut of war on this and war on that for almost ever.I have come to the conclusion that there are some worse and more profane words being used in common out there...The most evilest word I can think of is LAW. So I am startig a trend. From now on, when I am moved to say 'f--k you' to someone, I am going to rephrase it as "Law You!"So all you posers, pretenders, liars and thieves claming to have control over my life,"Law you, you damn motha lawers!"LEGALIZE IT!!!
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Comment #43 posted by museman on December 28, 2009 at 12:45:31 PT
No man could ask for greater reward than that! Thank you. I am honored and humbled.Hope- you have mail.
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Comment #42 posted by Hope on December 28, 2009 at 12:09:37 PT
I think you're right. Racists doesn't believe racism exists. They just believe that there is something wrong with the other race... just because they are the other race and they are somehow able to convince themselves that that's not racism.My racist brother in law doesn't believe he's racist. He says he doesn't have a car that fast.
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Comment #41 posted by Hope on December 28, 2009 at 12:04:53 PT
"Ladies, I ask you, does an increase in testosterone always mean a decrease in intelligence....just asking?"I don't think it does at all.Hormonally driven action isn't so much about intelligence. It's about a drive in the body that has little to do with intelligence. But intelligence, when it's powerful and accustomed to being heeded, can have some power in controlling the some of the lesser behaviors brought on by the natural hormonal urges in both men and women. But, in my experience... when the hormones are raging, intelligence can be hard to hear over the uproar. And if it can... a couple of shots of tequila can usually quiet it until the deed is done.:0)Sounds like experience, doesn't it?
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Comment #40 posted by FoM on December 28, 2009 at 11:02:18 PT
This is how I see what just happened. People that really dislike blacks don't want to even talk about how unfair the justice system is to minorities. They don't have any sympathy towards them. It makes them mad and we have seen the hate on the news at those tea party events. Obama has some people really angry and they don't know how to act. 
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Comment #39 posted by runruff on December 28, 2009 at 10:49:54 PT
Reading over some old and recent post.
I wonder about what charge people like Repo Lot and his ilk, get out of making fools of themselves?Coming here, I compare them to Blackwater types posting on Martha Stewart. They stand out like warts on a babies butt! And yet....Ladies, I ask you, does an increase in testosterone always mean a decrease in intelligence....just asking?It is like nature plays around with her subjects by saying, OK, "no more testosterone for you, You will need to tie your own shoes and such!"I am a man. My mommy says, I'm her real big boy! So there you have it! Mommy verified 100% man, that's me!I don't need to prove anything, how tough, how domineering?I can be all I want to be but I'll need my freedom to do it! 
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Comment #38 posted by Hope on December 27, 2009 at 18:17:58 PT

Thank you, sweet BGreen
for being your kind, protective, gentlemanly self and thank you for your generous comments and compliments, on this or another thread, to the known women here. You have amazing insight. My dear Museman, you have mail.
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Comment #37 posted by FoM on December 27, 2009 at 15:56:40 PT

Once more I agree with you. CNews isn't the answer but it is helpful for so many in different ways. When I shared pictures of the bus and you with a longtime friend  I did it for a reason. This longtime friend is very dear to Stick and me. He left Pa and moved out to Ohio because of us. He was a really cool free spirit. He met a girl who was a fundamentalist christian and life made a sharp turn for him. 9 years ago his wife was driving to work. She was a nurse at a cancer clinic and the wind caught her pickup truck and spun it onto it's roof and she died instantly at 40 years old. He has done a lot of wandering since then even got married and had another child but that didn't work out. We want him to remember the past and what I said about you, your family, your music, your focus really seemed to wake him up. We never know how we will influence someone and it might be someone we never get a chance to meet.
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Comment #36 posted by museman on December 27, 2009 at 15:30:32 PT

I agree. Cnews, even with its human flavored imperfections is unique.I have learned a lot in my brief sojourn here. I have even grown some new parts while visiting.I like to think we are all growing together, and sometimes I can see it. I don't always post my agreements, when I read other posts that are on the 'same page' but I do find a lot of it, believe it or not.Else my occasional 'disappearances' would be come permanent. Who likes to be disagreed with all the time? To be expected to a certain degree, but only some kind of masochist would get into that. There is a lot of agreement in this virtual community an some fundamental levels that actually goes beyond the issues and topics. -That is what appeals to me.I am attracted by intelligence, consciousness, a widely shared ability to recognize the truth- like a moth to a flame. And when I can look over and see the other moths circlng the light, it is a good feeling.
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Comment #35 posted by FoM on December 27, 2009 at 15:10:38 PT

I do understand. What CNews does for me is it reminds me I am not alone. When we must face the world out side our way of viewing the world I find strength from all of the good people who comment here. It's hard to stumble me anymore for that reason. 
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Comment #34 posted by museman on December 27, 2009 at 14:52:03 PT

and some more...
The way that some of us have been treated by this horror that spawns armed demons with -in-your-face attitudes, and 'legal' authority, called "Law" "Justice" etc. etc. totally precludes any humor of the situation at all.There is nothng funny about it. We make up jokes about cops and donuts, but that shallow forced humor is about as far as we (I anyway) can go.My anger at the PIGs knows no bounds, it will most likely take on form and go haunt 'em all when I am dead. -if they don't all get their just deserts before then. And of course the putrid, corrupt, money-laden corpses of humanity that empower the cops are just as guilty and deserving of great recompense, and in my mind any compromises with the devil are enlistment papers for the devils' cause.I do not agree with the ideologies that are distinctly mainstream american. I place no redeemable value in the 'things' we contaminate the natural world with, they are just artifacts, inert and of no value until needed.I do not have agreement with everyone on this site, at least one or two are on my permanent shit list. But like the 'addiction' parallel (I am also addicted to air, food, sex, and DR. Who) there is no forum quite like this one -that I have found- (the flamers, trolls, and general adolescent attitudes are just too prevalent elsewhere).I kept my beef (now thoroughly cooked and eaten) in my mental freezer for some weeks because I did not want to state my feelings, I saw no way to do it without being misunderstood, because I could not do it without emotion.
I often think, like you, that people are not reading in depth what it is I have said, at least one consistently attempted to use my own ideas and phrasing as if it were his own! Talk about infuriating!But, as I posted, it has come home to me that we might just possibly be giving way too much power and time to the virtual realm, while severely neglecting the local, physical communities. Of course, I live in a rural environment -a 'small town'- so my community is easier to spot on the street, than those who live in urban, suburban, or metropolitan environs, but the problem of being disassociated from ones natural roots in reality was already embedded in our culture well before the internet. The extension of our uprooted consciousness is only carried over to the internet, not because of it.My assesment of the state of the WOD, does not jibe with a lot of the declarations of 'victory' that I have been seeing of late, the proof is in the sudden influx of cops cops everywhere, with new cars, new guns and tasers, new computers, lots of funding from somewhere in this so called 'economic crisis'. If you want a job, go work for the government, because soon, the only jobs available will be government or corporate slavery.I have no respect for the contrived positions of 'authority' in this corrupt society, I find more intelligent conversation with a tree than with a so called 'professor' or one who has academic certification in some area of 'expertise' as I have found that all are overrated to the point of criminalty, and their 'accreditation' is meaningless. There are more skilled and knowledgable men and women outside the parameters of social/academic/economic acceptability, than within, and the class validation recieved by these pretenders to authority is just another dressed up bone from the table of the Rulers.The values that hold whole populatins in thrall to the service of the Pharoahs on top of the pyramid are the key to the whole thing. I can see it, many before me have seen it, only to have been assasnated, crucified, or socially devalidated. Its not a popular idea, actual liberty, even though so many talk about it like they really know whatb it is, when it it so obvious that they don't, because they aren't willing to take the real and final steps that will ensure that they actually possess and are able to live in it.My King, my Leader, my Teacher, YSHWH, said essentially; "No one can serve two masters." And when this entire society serves mammon (materialism), no amount of lip sevice to the contrary makes one bit of difference other than to make the lip servers feel good about their 'contributiuon.'It is hypocrisy, pure and simple. Thats why I do not believe in compromise when it cmes to the truth. One may 'compromise' with their neighbors in order to have peace, but you CANNOT COMPROMISE WITH THE TRUTH!One or two fools might flippantly throw out Pilates line "What is the truth?" or try to say that 'science is truth' or 'fact is truth' or what have you. but that only reveals the ignorance of the claimant (maybe not to themselves, but to those who actually know the truth).I have only so much time left on this earth. I have already used up most of it. In the era we are now in, on the cusp of potentially great change, I can see no point in holding onto failed systems, except out of fear. I can see no point in conceding ground to predatory consciousness just because their threats look big and bad, and their PIGness is certainly intimidating, but I know better. If only there were more who understood what I am saying.I have a lot on my plate, by choice, I admit, but so much I actually don't know if I'll get to it all before my time is up. I have been patient with my peers for most of my life. If it weren't for the fact that my kids generation is showng distinct signs of real consciousness where there was only pretense in mine, I would have certainly given up and gone for comfort for the rest of my life. My generation blew it so bad, but you can't really blame them considering what we had to work with. The few sincere amongst us actually managed to get a lot of info and discovery ready for this generation to recieve, but over all, you, 'My Generation" are a bunch of yuppie slaves, still trying to justify your damn SUVs.And all of the hold overs from the aeons of failed systems may have served the mammon worshippers, but it served no purpose towards life, truth, harmony, peace, understanding, or any other positive aspect languishing in unrealized potential within humanity.I simply do not have time to bicker with naysaying nitpickers, or play the one-upmanship of vocabulary egotism, I have work to do, and I dare say, so do the rest of us.PeaceLEGALIZE FREEDOM

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Comment #33 posted by FoM on December 27, 2009 at 14:45:27 PT

BGreen and Everyone
We can now resume the regularly scheduled programming on CNews. I hope everyone is looking forward to a very good year for us because I am.
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Comment #32 posted by FoM on December 27, 2009 at 14:31:12 PT

Free speech doesn't mean that a person can cause emotional injury to others in a private forum and we on CNews know that. I really try to give a person the benefit of the doubt and that's why I have been just reading. It really is time for him to start his own forum and follow the direction he wants and let us be who we are.
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Comment #31 posted by BGreen on December 27, 2009 at 14:22:41 PT

Hey, Einstein!
Lastly, we reserve the right to remove any message for any reason!In simple English, that means you can't come here and post whatever tripe you wish. You don't have rights that trump others. There is no free speech on any web site if you don't play by the rules.As far as I'm concerned, you are here to disrupt us and your lame-ass cover is exposed.The Reverend Bud Green

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Comment #30 posted by BGreen on December 27, 2009 at 14:14:57 PT

Keep on blaming us
We've been a family for a long time with no problems. Somebody with a chip on their shoulder (or worse) comes here and criticizes everything we are and stand for and we're supposed to capitulate?We need to trust our instincts. We know the vibe, we have the vibe and we know when the vibe is disrupted i.e. reco loc a la mrbingbang.Yes, museman, it was me who jumped on your son like a lion on the Animal Channel. He appeared to be attacking a beloved poster here and I called him on it. You came to his defense like a good dad and I'm glad. The difference between museman's son and this antagonist is that museman's son humbled himself and changed how he acted when he was in our house. He didn't argue and continually try to convince us how it was OUR problem and that we just don't get it or we need to be f'ed up to make any sense or any of the countless assinine garbage posted by reco loc a la mrbingbang.I have no interest in playing your game, reco loc a la mrbingbang. My interest in this is entirely to protect our web site and make sure everybody trusts their instincts. That instinct screams BEWARE OF THIS INFILTRATOR!Why would somebody insist on posting someplace where they don't seem welcomed? Why would somebody continue to post in their own antagonistic and accusatory manner after many warnings to back off their antagonistic and accusatory manner?And, most of all, figure it out that FoM is a woman and you should show her some real respect or leave her house!As far as your opinion of me goes, I have more respect for my cat's feces than I do for you after the way you've chosen to conduct yourself.Please leave! You are up to no good and you are unlike anybody I've ever seen here (and that is not a good thing.)LEAVE! I am so on to you!The Reverend Bud Green
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Comment #29 posted by mrbingbang on December 27, 2009 at 14:11:03 PT:

I can not even begin to understand the use of this word, or how it applies to this board. But I have clearly seen the paranoia at work. It would be one thing if I were skulking around your house... But this is the internet. Sorry if I blinded you with my flashlight.
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Comment #28 posted by mrbingbang on December 27, 2009 at 14:01:00 PT:

Man - you are fast!
Actually - there is clearly too much of a disconnect for me to continue. I'm done. I appreciate the effort to teach me, but again, it's very challenging to grasp the allusions that fly so thickly. And what would be the point. As a reclusive person, it's not in my nature to aimlessly hang out. Just too restless for that. And I don't even know what a troll is. I say "cursed" because it is truly like some strange spell came over the communications between my brother and myself. It was bizarre. And I'm sorry, but I can't begin to know what means what for you - and what is sacred. Maybe I will learn. I am noticing how ambiguous so much of what we say really is. Without body language and facial expressions so much can be completely misunderstood. As I said, it's a challenge to communicate accurately and efficiently. I could bury every truth in qualifiers and belabor every point. You said that. And believe it or not - I saw you as the cavalry - understanding fully that this was your community and your friends. Maybe I am cursed. Surely there is no point in continuing. But I wish you well.
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Comment #27 posted by FoM on December 27, 2009 at 14:00:12 PT

A Sincere Suggestion
Mr. Bingbang,CNews has been around many years and we have come to a point where most of us find comfort here. When I started CNews I had no idea what would become of it but I was very passionate about helping to reform the laws on marijuana. Think about your dreams and ideas and think long and hard about how you could develop your very own web site that would reach in a different direction then CNews. 
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Comment #26 posted by museman on December 27, 2009 at 13:35:16 PT

I strode in on this exchange between you and a couple of my good cyber friends here on Cnews, and one who is a real life friend of many years.To see so many homing in on you like warriors protecting their village -all whose intuitive abilites to spot predators are noted amongst the community- certainly tends to make the experienced Cnewser gravitate to their positions, rather than yours.I have not weighed in on this because I had my own fish to fry (lol). Now that my wishy-washy agenda had been thoroughly basted in words, I feel I can contribute a couple pennies worth of my sense of it.Your agreement with me about the medium isn't exactly the kind I am looking for. The word "Cursed" is not one that I would use too lightly. And that I think is the nature of the flags that are going off in folks heads concerning you.Everyone here is capable of humor -I myself being one of the most serious assholes you could ever meet- but only when the humorist succeeds. If we fail at humor, we wait until a better opportunity, we certainly don't follow one falied attempt to tickle the funny bone with another.When the sarcasm is too thick, no one really knows what you are saying.The catch phrases you have used like overspiced sprinkles on an already spicy salad, are actually some sacred terms to some of us -not so much in themselves. but what they stand for.A joker is not a comedian. But a comedian can be a Joker.I actually believe the things I say and write. Some of them I believe so deeply, I will do almost anything to protect their sanctity.Most people here will give you the benefit of the doubt, even making their apprehensions known, so If you are for real, you will find a way to settle in.To compare Cnews to a 'Gateway Drug' -though I admit I see the paralells, and not just with Cnews, but all the nice little distractions the computer and internet can offer- is just one of the biggest Faux Pas I've seen since My son (a joker and comedian) tried to win admiration of this crew some years back. He failed, the warriors pegged him as a troll, and I had to step in to keep the natives from scalping him.Some of the things you have said, or spoken of, I personally would consider worthy conversation and discussion, however, because of the fast and loose use of those terms, you have made me wary, and I like others, have to wait and see.If you are a troll, we can all expect your response to be similar to the ones we have viewed already. If you are not a troll you have to try harder now, and offer us much more than if you'd just chosen moderate language instead of what you consider humor (might be funny where you come from..but not so much 'round here).Its like you feel you aren't 'cool' enough, so you have way overcompensated, and it shows.You don't have to be anything other than yourself. If by chance this is just the way you are, just the way the words flow for you, I understand, and we'll just have to adapt -to a point. You will have to do some adapting too, because as it sits your choices of terms have a similar effect to some cop-demon shining his flashlight in our eyes -because he can-I hope I helped.END CANNABIS APARTHEID NOW! END PROHIBITION
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Comment #25 posted by mrbingbang on December 27, 2009 at 13:29:54 PT:

Cool story Museman - you sound good today!
Yes, we have shared SO many moments of irony over the last week! Like any where you go in the world - you will find good people, and others. In my short visit to your lovely town I’ve been both roughed up, and treated with kindness. Yes, I may have teased and challenged some of you, and indeed the nature of the entire posting board, but never with malice. In fact, if you look at what I took the time and effort to contribute, you will be forced to admit that it comes from a place of care, concern, interest, and is generally positive. It’s manically positive! And that’s my reaction to the institutionalized negativity of the Board.You see, I know my kind. I know you are thoughtful people. Tell me - how many hours have you spent around your kitchen tables - fixing the world?! I KNOW you care! I KNOW you do it! My point? This is an amazing kitchen table! You have a WORLD of caring, thoughtful, and passionate people ready to take a seat. THIS is the place where I could see some remarkable thought and advances championed. This could be the most wonderful incubation chamber for thoughts and words that change our world! Silly me - I BELIEVE IN YOU!Now, you can poke fun at me. You can dismiss me. As runruff said, there are plenty of drive-by shooters in the neighborhood. (loved the Westside Story analogy!) You can be dismissive and invalidate my every intention - and the effort I’ve invested - the sheer energy the Universe channeled through me to you and your site.But can you dismiss a long time, beloved, and clearly respected person like Museman? I’d love it if you would do me one last favor. Go back to Museman comment #44 under “Whites Smoke Pot, But Blacks Are Arrested”. Read it again, VERY carefully. He speaks about how small and constrained a place this site has become. He mentions how considerations of political correctness on this site have stifled many voices. People get mugged here. Very few people are chiming in regularly. He mentions how casually the word ‘Love” is bandied about. He speaks at length about how difficult it is to speak and be understood in this format. He mentions what an empathic person can sense about posters. And he is probably reacting to the energy of this site as well. Some behaviors that I’ve witnessed here, in the wake of his posting, do not square with your response to him - claiming that you understood him.As a pretty empathic person myself, I sensed the energy here as being akin to a shadowy rut. Just one man’s observation. And some of you regulars are committed to defending that. You don’t even listen to the ones you say you value and love. Go on - shoot the Messenger!As to the Reverends - I don’t know who YOU are, but your empathy and compassion have failed you - you have lost my respect - and you never even tried to earn it. You are allowed to treat this place like a one-way street that you own. Old lions, watching over your pride. I’m the bully?!  If it helps to re-inflate your ego, it might please you to know that my parents were mid-Western, and my mother grew up in Webster City. So I might sound like an Iowan. Very perceptive. But I have spent very little time there - and I am most definitely not, nor have I ever been, reco loc. As someone who jokes all the harder the more serious things get, I hope you will laugh when I write - I think he/she may be going by the handle of “Frau Bluecher” (a horse whinnies in the background) Clearly, whoever this character is, he/she has left you in a state of vexed agitation. So sorry for that. Clearly, one of the more positive aspects of the internet, if allowed, is that no one is anything they don't want to be. We each provide our own story and labels. We don't HAVE to be a race, or any particular age, or a gender or sexual proclivity. No rulers or class system. Help me out here... What did I fail to put on that list? Hopefully, at least here, we meet as equals.Now, I've got to get back to work, but I’ll be witnessing you. You - go back to the top, read it again, and make sure you really understood me - and Museman - and thanks!

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Comment #24 posted by museman on December 27, 2009 at 13:00:13 PT

About 30 years ago my mother showed me a picture of myself, standing outside a Grateful Dead concert, heel-to-toe in tie dye, with my arm around an attractive young lady.She asked me when I became a Dead Head, who was the girl? and why I didn't visit while in state.I took me some time to convince her, that as uncannily identical that guy seemed, it wasn't me. Other people I met over the years claimed to have met me at a Dead concert, or a gathering, that I had no recollection of at all.The guy was not a musician (or not one that anyone listened to), I never owned a tie-dye anything until the 90's, never been to a Dead show, and never smiled like that guy in the picture.For years I kept expecting to run into the guy, as he seemed to be many of the places I went, but I never did.But in 1985 I met a dopplegannger -of sorts- or should I say we met each other.The morning after the best, cleanest, most powerful LSD trip of my life, I was preparing my bus for departure, as I had the night before come to some decisions concerning my future in the Rainbow. It was over for that period of my life, I was done.As I was tightening the lug nut on a wheel, this guy walked by whose spirirt just reached out and grabbed me, I felt compelled to communicate, so I did.We struck up an immediate comradery, and in the space of an hour or two shared a lot of stuff.The guys name was Terry H(withheld for obvious reasons), and he was born on the same day, in the same hospital in KC. Mo. that I was. looking in his eyes was like looking in a mirror, with a twist. We didn't look alike, were raised in completely different environments, yet almost everything else about us was the same. There is of course much more to the story, -like the fact that he and I had been to at least 9 of the same rainbow Gatherings and never crossed paths until the very last day-, but some things I reserve for my grandchildren. We lost touch, maybe he'll read this- things happen like that.
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Comment #23 posted by mrbingbang on December 26, 2009 at 21:07:22 PT:

Thanks for that
Something new every day. That is nourishing! Provocative! In the last week we have shared so many wonderfully ironic moments. Museman, you were right. This is ultimately a cursed medium for communication/interaction. And yet, the experience has become too compelling. You, Cannabis News, are a gateway drug, and I really appreciate you for it!The video is great! It's right there at 3:48!Sleep tight Happy People!
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Comment #22 posted by Had Enough on December 26, 2009 at 18:11:21 PT

Doppleganger...Unexplained Mysteries...
Doppleganger...Unexplained Mysteries...A double, an identical replica of a person. The idea behind this is that everyone has a Doppleganger, an identical copy of themselves somewhere in the world. If the person is good, then the Doppleganger will be evil and vice versa. It is even said that if the two should meet, then they will both perish. Although there is no evidence that Dopplegangers exist, some people have actually reported claims of witnessing what they believe to be their Doppleganger. In all likelihood however, Dopplegangers are an aspect of myth only.***Alcien SemhazaiA doppelganger is not only a copy of a person, it is much more like that of a shadow; the representation of the dark side or opposite of a person. There is also an association of shape shifting similar to that of a shadow which does not remain the same at all times but still remains a shadow attached some way to the thing that makes it. The doppelganger cannot become something it is not but a variation of what it is; nor can it become independent of what it is copying. But surely the question rises where such creatures come from. Like most things unexplained or unknown it may be believed they come from a supernatural power. Whether you want to call them demons or angels does not matter for really the doppelganger is that thing in between. Upon the Earth these creatures cannot hold their former figure so they take a shape that can live in this one. Like the angels that fell with Lucifer or those once called watchers from Heaven angels and demons alike have had a fascination with man. When on Earth their first form may seem like that of a spirit ghost. Being able to roam the Earth other shapes may seem more suitable to the purpose they ultimately design becoming more human in their evolution. However the change is not controlled, at least at first. Even if the Doppelganger is but a myth the story told by them is really one of mankind. We often change and have a sense of duality. Like the doppelganger we but wonder through life searching for that form, that thing we call self, so that we may serve that purpose, so we may end the quest.************The Who-Who Are You Concert For New York City ¼

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Comment #21 posted by mrbingbang on December 26, 2009 at 17:40:58 PT:

thank you runruff
Although I would like the Reverends to be at ease. This seems to be a reoccurring issue.
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Comment #20 posted by runruff on December 26, 2009 at 17:35:23 PT

Mr. BB
Your entrance into this site has been a great deal more grand than that of most of us, I grant you!Whether you are going to stay and comment or not is up to you. Whether you make yourself welcome, liked or disliked is up to you.You are not the subject here any more than I am, so we move on, shall we? 
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Comment #19 posted by mrbingbang on December 26, 2009 at 17:31:58 PT:

I'm sorry...
It's just that legal circumstance, and prudence won't allow me to speak as boldly as you do. God bless you, sir!
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Comment #18 posted by mrbingbang on December 26, 2009 at 17:22:52 PT:

Excuse me...
What is your point? I don't need to post to witness this community. I have not asked for personal info from you. In fact, I've been overly generous with giving you insight and context regarding myself. What is your point??? Are you a narc?
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Comment #17 posted by mrbingbang on December 26, 2009 at 17:16:26 PT:

International Man of Mystery
It must have been my doppleganger! Have they been cloning me - AGAIN?!
Surely you wouldn't expect an innocent to out themselves? What do you feel you need from me? What could I do, within reason, to give you peace? The odds are good that I am a friend, there really ARE a lot of enthusiasts around. I can imagine sitting at your kitchen table and enjoying it.  Perhaps someday soon... Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long.
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Comment #16 posted by FoM on December 26, 2009 at 17:06:58 PT

Thank you. 
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Comment #15 posted by RevRayGreen on December 26, 2009 at 16:28:55 PT

Not playtime
you just fit the profile from one of your earlier posts, and follow-ups replies. I've been posting here like 3+ years or so, most core members know me by my real name from TV/print news. If you are who I think you are, then I can attest to your loyalty to the plant..there is no Holy Smoke and Mirrors to legalization here. We ROLL,SMOKE and VAPORIZE.
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Comment #14 posted by mrbingbang on December 26, 2009 at 16:05:39 PT:

Reverend - please!!
How you toy with me!
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Comment #13 posted by RevRayGreen on December 26, 2009 at 15:05:43 PT

I believe he is one of my fellow Iowa that a yes mrbingbang ?
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Comment #12 posted by FoM on December 26, 2009 at 14:55:15 PT

Kuwait Times: Obama, Drugs, Common Sense
By Bernd DebusmannDecember 27, 2009Barack Obama, Jan 21, 2004: "The war on drugs has been an utter failure. We need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws ... we need to rethink how we're operating in the drug war. Currently, we are not doing a good job." Amen to that! Since President Richard Nixon first declared war on drugs in 1969, seven successive administrations have spent billions upon billions on eradicating drug crops abroad, blocking shipments at the country's borders, and enforcing tough drug laws at home. They failed to
curb demand or throttle supplies.Obama made his assessment of the drug war during a debate at Northwestern University, near Chicago, when he was running for a seat in the US Senate, a key stage in his meteoric political career. Now that Obama is nearing the end of his first year in office as president of the United States, how much rethinking has there been and how good a job is his administration doing on the drug war? The record is mixed but after decades during which the words common sense and drug policy never fitted into the same sen
tence, American attitudes towards drug prohibition - and above all, punitive laws on marijuana - are changing too fast for policymakers and legislators to ignore.URL:
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Comment #11 posted by FoM on December 26, 2009 at 13:49:14 PT

I believe it came from Prop 215. It was called a compassionate use act. Compassion means helping people and I think that's where it came from. I don't believe it passed in 96 because of it being a good business idea. PS: I got my first Internet computer in the fall of 96 so I could be wrong since I was still trying to figure out what the Internet actually was back then.
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Comment #10 posted by ezrydn on December 26, 2009 at 13:26:17 PT:

I Just Don't Get It!
Where in the heck did all this "not for profit" talk come from? Do we tell bakerys, restaurants, pharamacies, car dealerships and pharma companies, "Hey guys, you can make and sell your product but you're not allowed to make a profit?" Do we? We seem to be so worried about "profit." Isn't that the real BAN? Everyone knows, and has most recently seen, that the US Government is totally incapable of making a profit so I guess no one else should either.Care givers or dispensaries are not what I'd classify as "good semaritans." They do "work" and need to have some form of "income" from that work. And, being American, I'd think we'd all like to make the most profit from our endeavors as we can. At least, that's what schools USED to teach.Look at it this way, so what if they make a profit. If it's an above board business, then the State has more income to tax. Just how many feet does the US Government have to shoot itself in before it gets a hint?
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Comment #9 posted by mrbingbang on December 26, 2009 at 12:34:40 PT:

All that jive
I was considering fear. The nature of fear. Who is afraid? Why are they afraid? How are we affected by our fears? How does it impact the everyday interactions that we have with others?In short, what are we provoked by - who are we provoked by - and how do we react to that provocation? And finally, who do we provoke??I remember coming to the awareness that my whole life was driven by fears. One of those moments of far-reaching realization. I was in my early 20’s. I’m somewhat sorry to say that I can not share the specific details of how I arrived at that awareness. I can only hope that knowledge was integrated into my fuller being, that I turned at that moment and effectively became a new person, moving through the world in a new way. I believe that is possible. mrbingbang could mean - what the hell was that?!I was thinking about anger. What an angry young man, ‘with his fist in the air, and his head in his hand’, I have been. I mean - I do indignant, very well. How things still upset me. Sometimes I lose patience. Sometimes I shout. Why? Usually because I feel passionately that something needs to be both voiced and heard. Do I sound like an SOB? Yes. Nasty. It’s the irritated sounding way I learned to speak from my father. It’s been confirmed by outside sources! mrbingbang could mean - taking aim and letting fly.I was thinking about how my yelling must provoke fear in people. I could argue that I am ALL things - at least some of the time. That is the nature of full expression. I operate across a broad range of perspectives and behaviors. I select realities to fit what I am confronted with. What ever perspective is sustainably empowering for me, under the circumstances. mrbingbang could mean - loose cannon.But if I’m even inadvertently provoking fear in other people, how will they react? Will my point be buried in their fear and reaction? I must be getting old! Experience is dictating, and I think I’m beginning to feel there may be a pointlessness to excessive passion. Detachment feels a little softer. Where did I put that olive branch?!I was thinking about what a friend of mine had related to me about a book written by Serge Kahili King. He was revealing the Way of the Adventurer Shaman. Good stuff to contemplate! What a powerful way of moving through the world. That reality just smacks of power in the best way! mrbingbang could mean - man who flies down mountain on two wheels... yeah - I’m teasing. Or am I? (insert evil laugh here...)Runruff - I wouldn’t be here now if not for you. Hope - comment #7 - that thought occured to me, too! Wait a minute - is that YOU, Harry?! “Just a give me a reason why this is irredeemably bad, and should never occur again.”
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Comment #8 posted by FoM on December 26, 2009 at 11:08:33 PT

That would be funny. 
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Comment #7 posted by Hope on December 26, 2009 at 10:46:29 PT

Narcs, trolls, prohibitionists
I had a funny thought years ago.What if we were all narcs and trying to catch each other doing something illegal... and we all convinced each other, in our efforts to fit in, to be anti-prohibitionists?That would be funny.
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Comment #6 posted by Hope on December 26, 2009 at 10:42:18 PT

Comment 1 Runruff
Very, very well said, Runruff!
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Comment #5 posted by runruff on December 26, 2009 at 10:28:53 PT

Mr. Bing Bang
Thank you for responding and the compliment!If I have missed the mark where you are concerned, then so be it!I am also drawing from 10 years of meeting various temporary guest here and elsewhere. Sort of, "drive by shooters" if you will? You know drive by warfare? Not like the old days, like the gangs in "West Side Story" where opponents gave each other the courtesy of a dance first? Everything is so impersonal these days! 
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Comment #4 posted by mrbingbang on December 26, 2009 at 10:10:36 PT:

Rhode Island's pucker butt
Please insert Museman's #55 from "Whites Smoke Pot, But Blacks Get Arrested" HERE.Runruff -very amusing in a prickly sort of way... Just in case you are referring to me, all I can say is you really don't want to know where mrbingbang came from! Trust me. But I can assure you it was in use long before I found you all. It was thrust on me. It is based in humor and self deprecation.
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Comment #3 posted by FoM on December 26, 2009 at 09:17:25 PT

WA: Two Republican Lawmakers Want Tighter Rules
Richland Lawmakers Want Tighter Rules on Medical MarijuanaBy Michelle Dupler, Herald Staff WriterDecember 26, 2009RICHLAND — Two Richland lawmakers have their eyes on medical marijuana in the upcoming legislative session.Rep. Larry Haler and Sen. Jerome Delvin each are planning legislation that would tighten rules for when marijuana can be used as a medicine.URL:
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Comment #2 posted by FoM on December 26, 2009 at 08:13:17 PT

Heavy duty and thank you. What a great post.
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Comment #1 posted by runruff on December 26, 2009 at 08:02:26 PT

The trolls turn in the troll turn out!
Trolls need to be shown the exit route!Cop trolls are the funniest! They are always so macho. they use the language they were trained with and not the language of their familiar backgrounds.They like cool names like GI Joe characters. Names like, "Semper Fido" or "Repo Lot"!Trolls with holier than thou attitudes who sign on with the idea that they will play around with the "fuzzy headed ones" and have a few beers and some giggles while teaching these "pot heads" a little reality! Maybe show off for the wife a little. She too thinks stoners are a waste! Armed with infallible facts, and scientific info provided by the ONDCP I will straiten out some smokey thinkers!This kind of troll likes names like "Mr. Yadda Yadda" and "Fuzzy Was He"!I the name department they just don't get it!Names mean something. Even made up names.My name "runruff"?: A ruff is a bird that chooses to be flightless. It is a contrary bird, like me! The name also implies a certain lifestyle. This is also me!Rev. Green Bud: Qeneh bosem, Hebrew for cannabis. The Rev is the tree of life spoken of in the first chapter.Green collar Worker: It ain't white collar or blue collar it is green collar worker, 'nuff said!Observer: lays it out so clean!Kaptinemo: Pontificator extraordinaire, Like his sub, runs deep and clear!Paint with light: A clear reference to enlightened thinking!Hope: Well, Hope is hope!FoM: Only the Shadow knows what meanings and secretes are held in these three little letters?Museman: Music! He has a talent for exposing the scabs on societies hidden places!I could go on but this is enough to illustrate my point. When trolls sign of they see all of these strange disjointed sounding names so they come up with something they think is just find for blending in. I would say to any trolls out there reading our website; If you don't like us stoners, if you don't agree with our message, start your own website and then you can "win hearts and change minds" too!Oh that's right you already have two websites, DEA Website and the ONDCP Website! Discredited and laughable we actually go there once in a while to blow the dust off of the pages and see if they have come up with any new lies lately. This we must do because these departments have built multi-billion dollar departments complete with para military police and they built the whole thing on lies!We are the truth police! We shine light on you skulduggery and schemes.  
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