Medical Marijuana Supporters Rally at Capitol
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Medical Marijuana Supporters Rally at Capitol
Posted by CN Staff on October 05, 2009 at 08:14:51 PT
By Sandy Cullen
Source: Wisconsin State Journal
Wisconsin -- Hundreds of medical marijuana supporters rallied Sunday at the State Capitol for legislation that would make Wisconsin the 14th state to legalize cannabis for treatment of debilitating illnesses.Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Madison, and Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Middleton, are co-sponsors of the newly drafted Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act, which would protect Wisconsin patients from arrest and prosecution and allow them or a designated caregiver to possess and grow a small amount of cannabis for medical use, said Gary Storck, communications director for the nonprofit advocacy organization Is My Medicine Legal YET?
"It is time that we address medical marijuana as an issue of providing comprehensive health care to all people," Pocan and Erpenbach said in a memo to legislators. "The patient and their doctor should have as many options as possible available when treating a patient's medical condition."Rickert, a 58-year-old grandmother from Mondovi who has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and advanced reflex sympathetic dystrophy, founded IMMLY in 1992. In 1997, she led a 210-mile trek of patients in wheelchairs from Mondovi to Madison to advocate for legal access to marijuana.Rickert said she began using marijuana to stimulate her appetite after dropping to 68 pounds. "I'm alive because of cannabis," said Rickert, who now calls herself "a heavyweight" at 93 pounds."It's got to be this bill, this time," Rickert told supporters Sunday, saying that every time someone else signs on in support of medical marijuana, "It's like saying, 'More hope.'"Storck, who has been advocating for medical marijuana for decades, said cannabis has helped him retain his eyesight, which he began losing from glaucoma as a child. He agreed that the time for passing legislation could be now or never. "Gov. Doyle has been willing to sign it all along," he said, adding, "The legislature has never been in a position to pass it until now."Storck said that while there is a lot of support for the legislation from people throughout the state, "We need them to step forward and let their legislators know it."The act is based on a Michigan law passed by voters in November 2008, Storck said. It also includes provisions from a Rhode Island law that would allow patients to obtain medical marijuana from dispensaries if they cannot grow it themselves.Source: Wisconsin State Journal (WI)Author: Sandy CullenPublished: Sunday, October 4, 2009Copyright: 2009 Madison Newspapers, Inc.Contact: wsjopine madison.comURL: Medical Marijuana Archives
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Comment #7 posted by FoM on October 07, 2009 at 05:18:46 PT
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Comment #6 posted by RevRayGreen on October 06, 2009 at 13:03:16 PT
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Comment #5 posted by John Tyler on October 05, 2009 at 20:43:12 PT
off topic refreshment
This last week or so PBS has shown Ken Burnsí documentary series on the National Parks. Itís been interesting to hear about the guys, like John Muir etc., that got the national park thing going. Muir hiked around the country grooving on nature. He was conveniently hiking and working in Canada during the Civil War (sound familiar?). He went out west to the Yosemite Valley, and the giant Sequoia forest and fell in love with the place. It was this big spiritual experience for him. He went to Mount Rainier and Glacier Bay in Alaska. He hung out with the Northwest Indians and discovered his ideas about the wilderness and nature and the meaning of it all were about the same as theirs.  He got back to the garden and set his soul free.  He said, ď"We all flow from one fountain. All are expressions of one loveĒ. Heavy duty, but cool. (Iím amazed that so many people still donít understand it.  It seems so simple.) He founded the Sierra Club. His writings and philosophy strongly influenced the formation of the modern environmental movement.  Creation is Godís revelation, so donít mess it up. Anyway, catch the PBS series if you can. The story line is good and the photography is excellent. 
One love.  
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Comment #4 posted by Hope on October 05, 2009 at 18:05:55 PT
Jacki and Gary
Two of the hardest working, most courageous, most persistent people I've ever known. Both of them so amazing and so inspiring. I so hope it's a go this time.Jacki, Gary, I love you guys!Thank you so much for all you've done... including being a huge encouragement for me to keep on keeping on. You've never "fainted". I can't either.
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Comment #3 posted by FoM on October 05, 2009 at 10:41:43 PT
Good luck to you too. Start in the northern states and let it trickle down to all of us sounds like a good idea.
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Comment #2 posted by MikeC on October 05, 2009 at 09:55:09 PT
Gary Storck...
Thank you for all of your hard work.We here in the northern part of Wisconsin are still pounding away on Sheila Harsdorf and Kitty Rhoads. Good luck!!!
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Comment #1 posted by FoM on October 05, 2009 at 09:08:42 PT
For Gary
I really hope this year is your year. You have worked so hard and you deserve it to happen. 
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