Staten Island Senator is Behind Push for MMJ
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Staten Island Senator is Behind Push for MMJ
Posted by CN Staff on May 16, 2009 at 11:25:58 PT
By Judy Randall
Source: Staten Island Advance 
New York -- When state lawmakers vote on legalizing medical marijuana later this month, state Sen. Diane Savino expects to be front and center in favor. After all, Ms. Savino (D-North Shore/Brooklyn) is a bill co-sponsor.But her support is less about the political and more about the personal: She believes her late parents -- both of whom "died young" of cancer -- would have benefited from it, saying it would have alleviated the great pain they were in.
"No question about it," said Ms. Savino. "They were in chronic pain. Morphine didn't work. You get to the point where nothing works. If marijuana is going to provide some sort of relief, then let them have it." Ms. Savino's father, Alexander, was 53 when he died in 1990; her mother, Diane, 61, when she died in 1998.But it looks like Ms. Savino has her work cut out for her when it comes to convincing her fellow Staten Island lawmakers to vote in favor. Only Assemblyman Matthew Titone (D-North Shore) said he plans to do so, calling it a "matter of compassion." He said his late mother, Margaret, who died of cancer in March at the age of 79, could have benefited from its palliative powers.  Snipped   Complete Article: Staten Island Advance (NY)Author: Judy RandallPublished: May 16, 2009Copyright: 2009 Advance Publication Inc.Contact: editor siadvance.comWebsite: Medical Marijuana Archives 
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Comment #7 posted by Hope on May 18, 2009 at 05:58:41 PT
About Count's story...
Apparently, I don't think the Count told us the date, the experimental surgery and the use of cannabis as an anti-inflammatory was quite some time ago. It's interesting that they used cannabis as part of the treatment for that experiment. I don't recall ever hearing of it. What were the results of the experimental treatment? The surgery, apparently, went well and is used often today... on an outpatient or day patient basis... but what about the use of the cannabis in the experiment? Where did that go, if anywhere? Why did they do it in the first place and the government sponsored it? How long ago? Very interesting.
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Comment #6 posted by yoshi on May 17, 2009 at 22:32:24 PT:
BBC reporter tests intravenous THC of reporter testing THC 
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Comment #5 posted by count on May 17, 2009 at 20:32:22 PT:
dna of glaucoma - hb648 - nh - medical marijuana
thread name
Dna of glaucoma & marijuana medicine
text body comment of my post
dna of glaucoma & marijuana medicine
glaucoma is a major cause of blindness. inocular pressure called vitrious humor fluid causes the optic nerve to degenerate and die causing blindness, blind sight,and total blindness and to have the eye surgically removed and a prostetic eye inserted. glaucoma causes severe inflamation to the eye, constant pain and migranes. any sun light and artificial light causes blindness meaning constantly flashes of light,distorted stimuli. basically unusable vision, loss of central vision and loss of peripheral acuity. one must wear dark glasses with uv filtered lensses to stay off the intense light that blinds you. that is glaucoma and there is no cure. the chronic eye disease from glaucoma can be combated by surguries and opthalmic eye drops are prescribed but there is no cure to stop the degenerative process from glaucoma. the smoking of marijuana causes the inocular pressure to be temporary lowered, migranes to be dulled and pain to be lowered.but the optic nerve still dies and after the thc from the marijuana wears out of the system the cycle of the inocular pressure is raised again by the fluid in the eye, more thc medicine is needed again for the treatment of glaucoma to lower the pressure again.and to slow down the dying of the optic nerve. the payoff of medical marijuana causes the process of total blindness to be slowed down. i have had glaucoma for over thirty years and are in the final stages of glaucoma and have known the benefits of eye surgeries thirty in all and eye drops and the use of marijuana to treat the glaucoma. I have retinitus pigmentosa a degenerative eye disease and uvitus an eye disease. Macular degeneration another degenerative eye disease. I have had cateracts and surguries to remove them. I have had detached retinas and surguries for detached retinas to have the retinas reattached. I also have chronic cornea eye disease and degeneration,
 the most eye disease is glaucoma and surpasses diabetic retinopy which is caused by diabeties and the disease can be stopped if caught early ,except juvenile diabetes and type one diabetes for those that were born with diabetes, diabetes in america is the most leading cause of blindness thou it is not severe to the eye as compared to the glaucoma and diabetes affects the blood vessels in the eye and the retinas and be stopped laser surgury and retina surgury to stop blindness and even restore eyesight. there is no restorative eye surguries for the optic to restore the optic. surgury can be donw to implant stints. tiny valves implanted in the eye to lower the innocular fluid and try and lower the pressure on the optic nerve. so have your eyes tested for innocular pressure done by an eye doctor and the test is painless and takes less time than a second. glaucoma is deadly to the eyes.
i was born in alaska.the state of alaska has medical marijuana where i was legal to grow and smoke marijuana. alaska was the first state in the union to decriminalize marijuana in the late nineteen seventies and recriminalizw the laws due the black mail of the united states government department of transportation to with hold federal monies for alaskan highway projects. thou alaska is real pioneer to decriminalize marijuana and marijuana as medicine for glaucoma so called medical marijuana. alaska again made its laws about medical marijuana and decriminal small of marijuana after prop 215 in california. california leads the way in dispensation of medical marijuana and its broad definition in how one qualifies for prescription. 
i also lived in california and legally used medical marijuana in that state,
I also have lived in oahua and maui hawaii. I also used marijuana there for the treatment of glaucoma with a doctors letter and that was before hawaii had medical marijuana as law there.but now has passed laws for the legal use of medical marijuana.
i moved to new hampshire over 11 years ago and i now look forward to legally grow and smoke marijuana in legal residence, for the treatment of glaucoma. live free or die, maybe the legislature and the governor lynch will pass the hb 648 bill for medical marijuana and sign the bill into law in the state of new hampshire.
hopefully the general public that does not have a chronic disease that qualifies for medical marijuana can understand the purpose for medical marijuana legislation in new hampshire.for 
those who favor or who are against decriminalization of marijuana do not blur the lines in the medical marijuana legislation and decriminalization of marijuana legislation, for these are two different aremas in political parties and social parties and religious parties. decriminalazation and legal marijuana are subjuects of law that be proposed as bills and amendments to the legal use of marijuana for those who do not have a chronic disease for medical marijuana for another day and time when it comes to the reality of hb 648 now in process to become law in the state of new hampshire. fight one battle at time and in due course marijuana may be legal for all in the united states of america.
so please see the light to the many beneficial uses for medical marijuana for many chronic diseases and the people who need the medicine and have the legal right to use and grow marijuana and be protected by hb 648 from criminal prosecution.
a pioneering spirit can change the hearts and minds to make hb 648 law for medical marijuana and how to frame words as arrows and knowledge and wisdom mixed with restraint in contacting legislatures and news media and the internet the bottom line do not get the cart before the horse and stop the thetoric - for medical marijuana legislation. stay focused and keep an open mind filtered with a conscience.
an alaskan native who lives free or dies in the state of new hamshire
count francisco durante gilford,nh. i have a boxer as a guide dog and frank the boxer does not have glaucoma and has no need for the medicine for he has good vision. 
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Comment #4 posted by Canis420 on May 16, 2009 at 22:51:58 PT:
I have sooo many great memories from nelson ledges. Heart, J Geils Band, Steve Miller, goes on and on. I remember at the ELO show we did not have a ticket and we got out of the car that picked us up hitch hiking and went in through a downed fence. We were soo thirsty and this chick gave us fresh strawberries...strange what you remember. It was very cold later in the evening at that show and people started burning the tires surrounding the it was/is a speedway. It really stank but it intermingled with the lazers and made for a really interesting display We would go to the ledges when there were not any concerts and camp at the quarry. The only time I ever saw the northersn lights in ohio I was at the ledges camping...if I remember correctly I was tripping but they were there none the less...Mr. Natural if I remember correctly. Anyway...I live in Florida now and miss the environs of NE Ohio...especially the decrim as laws are draconian here. I have two posession incidents up there but they do not show up on my background checks. Both incidents were at metroparks north chagrin reservation. Anyway, talk about nelson ledges got me going
peace all
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Comment #3 posted by Juztbudz on May 16, 2009 at 21:27:49 PT:
Sure, this happens year after year...
"But you have to give those kids, those half a million kids credit, that actually, they had three days of peace and music. Nothing violent happened. I think that's something. I don't know if we can pull that off today."I got to go to the '04 and '05 editions of Bonnaroo, the largest long week-end music festival in the U.S. today. There was no violence observed by me at all. The only deaths were of people who died naturally, the result of thier diseases. Go to a place in Ohio, Nelson Ledges, and spend a weekend grooving to the jam bands and you'll find thousands of peace loving folks there too...and these types of places are all over the U.S. We old folks are teaching the young 'uns to be kind to each other, one on one. It is fun for us old hippies to mentor the new generations.
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Comment #2 posted by FoM on May 16, 2009 at 17:14:53 PT
Had Enough
Here is the official trailer for Taking Woodstock.
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Comment #1 posted by Had Enough on May 16, 2009 at 15:36:48 PT
'60s flashback: Ang Lee is `Taking Woodstock'
May 16, 11:33 AM (ET)By DAVID GERMAINCANNES, France (AP) - Ang Lee views his 1970s drama "The Ice Storm" as a representation of the disillusionment of the '60s, the hangover of Woodstock.Now director Lee has gone back in time a few years to capture the party that led to the hangover. "Taking Woodstock," Lee's Cannes Film Festival entry, presents a loving glimpse of the behind-the-scenes hijinks that resulted in the gloriously sloppy music fest.Set in 1973, 1997's "The Ice Storm" was a portrait of suburban families unraveling amid adultery, casual drug use and the backdrop of the Watergate scandal. "Taking Woodstock" shows the summer-long buildup to the 1969 rock 'n' roll gathering that lured half a million free spirits to a rainy, muddy patch of farmland.Woodstock "has a symbolic meaning to me. It's the innocence of a young generation departing from the old establishment and trying to find a more refreshing way, more fair way, to live with everybody else," Lee said Saturday before the Cannes premiere of "Taking Woodstock."It was dirty, filthy. It was actually a mess," said Lee, a best-director Academy Award winner for "Brokeback Mountain.""But you have to give those kids, those half a million kids credit, that actually, they had three days of peace and music. Nothing violent happened. I think that's something. I don't know if we can pull that off today."Based on the memoir by Elliot Tiber, "Taking Woodstock" is the story of a dutiful son (Demetri Martin) who views the upcoming rock festival as a means to save his parents' seedy Catskills motel from foreclosure. After Woodstock organizers lose their permit to stage the event in a nearby town, Elliot brokers a deal with the promoters to stage the event on the dairy farm of his neighbor Max Yasgur (Eugene Levy) in Bethel, N.Y.Click to see the whole thing…
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