Paralyzed Kountze Man Pushes for MMJ Bill
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Paralyzed Kountze Man Pushes for MMJ Bill
Posted by CN Staff on May 10, 2009 at 20:43:43 PT
By Colin Guy
Source: Beaumont Enterprise 
Texas -- A 1985 diving accident at Village Creek left then-Kountze High School junior Chris Cain paralyzed. Now 39, Cain said he treats muscle spasms associated with the accident with marijuana.Prescription drugs, according to the Kountze resident, caused him to feel zombie-like, or set his heart to racing. "The doctors have put me on sedatives and different drugs. 
And for a couple years, I couldn't work, I couldn't think and couldn't function because of these pills," Cain said Monday, while seated before a trio of glowing computer screens he uses to connect to clients of his home-based Web site consulting service.Since 2004, Cain has advocated for legislation of marijuana for medicinal purposes in Texas. Most recently, he spoke at a May 2 rally at the capitol sponsored by the Texas Cannabis Crusade and members of the Texas chapter of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws.Sonny Cribbs, a Beaumont criminal defense attorney, said he expects the Texas legislature will never join the 15 states that have to date legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes.Medicinal marijuana bills have died in the state legislature before and the most recent proposal, filed by Rep. Elliott Naishtat, D-Austin, appears to be headed for the same fate.The bill would establish medical necessity as a defense to marijuana possession and also prevent doctors from being punished for recommending marijuana use to treat serious conditions.For the Texas House of Representatives to even vote on a bill, it must be scheduled for a reading by Tuesday. Naishtat's bill, however, has so far not made it out of committee. Snipped   Complete Article: Beaumont Enterprise (TX)Author: Colin GuyPublished: May 10, 2009Copyright: 2009 Beaumont EnterpriseContact: ttaschinger hearstnp.comWebsite: Medical Marijuana Archives
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Comment #6 posted by AdaptBones on May 13, 2009 at 12:28:42 PT:
A few things
First off Museman, you are up by Shasta then am I correct? I think I drove through the "state of jefferson" on my move up to Oregon. I didn't know what it meant at the time. I hold conflicting views on seceding. One the one hand I can understand what you are all saying, "you are part of this country and so you need to help fix whatever you don't like"; however I also see that as using the same tactics as the status quo currently. I say if they want to leave then let them leave. They will need to be educated first on EVERYTHING they are giving up by leaving but if they agree then I say let them because forcing them into one position or another is what happens now and I see it as wrong. Of course you could argue that is the way of life and at some point everyone is put into that position. So like I said, conflicting view points. The last thing I want to say is about federal income tax. I challenge every single one of you to go and look at the REAL history and facts about the federal reserve because it is an illegal company that has been involved in one of the greatest lies ever committed against the American people. It was NOT ratified under the law at the time and one of the founding documents (I do not recall which one) said that the American government shall print it's own money. Well the federal reserve is NOT part of our government, it is a private company out for profit. There is also a section in those founding papers which talks about how taxes are to be divided (namely equally) and the federal income tax goes 100% to repaying the interest to the private company that prints and lends our money. So go do the research yourself so you too can know the truth. Hopefully we are coming into a time where we will take an HONEST look at our government and country and kick out and give what is coming to them all those folks who have maintained the lies that have hurt the people of this country for so long. Times are changing, let's hope the change is complete this time around and that the change lasts. Blessed be everyone.
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Comment #5 posted by museman on May 12, 2009 at 09:35:51 PT
I resemble (some of)those remarks;-)>I live in a region referred to by many as the 'State of Jefferson.'Secession is not a new idea around here either. I have no love for the federal government, in fact it wouldn't be any stretch to say I 'hate' it.But our reasons have more to do with where the federal government has gone with our rights and liberties, than 'state pride.'Chuck Norris huh? Probably became so much of his last acting career, he actually thinks of himself as a 'Texas Ranger.'You share an important insight about how people absorb and believe information.People are gullible. Essentially they will believe anything proclaimed in a crowd, or an audience, by anyone who is uninhibited enough to stand up and look like they know what they are saying, hence the wide spread use of media as a propaganda machine. But get them in a one on one situation, and a little logic and reason can easily replace ignorance with truth (if they aren't 'advocates' of this 'way' or that).Unfortunately the conversations have been wholesalely diverted into the platonic and shallow, with great emphasis out on such things as the sports pick of the day, and 'the game' - all gladiatorial distraction intended to take up space in the frontal lobe. So when the 'authority' comes on screen in their suit and tie, people take in whatever is offered as if it were gospel.Which is why things like the Rainbow Gathering -in New Mexico this year, are so important. People can learn to think outside of the box, with or without mind-expanding enhancements. They can learn to open up the part of their minds that are filled with status quo garbage.We are on a collective crash course to a New Age. The way of thinking that has allowed centuries of bondage to the erroneous actions, and lifestyles of the rich and powerful is coming to a swift end. All those who still live in Spiritual Rome are seeing the parameters of what was a vast empire only one year ago, closing in on them a breakneck speed.And one by one, we can reason with our neighbors, getting them to see the assininity of this system, and seriously contemplating logical, ethical, balanced solutions without the emotional hype and distraction of the government (Nephalim) controlled media.One by one we can bring more people into the light of reason and understanding, and then gather THOSE people together for a demonstration of true 'collective consciousness.' -thats the gathering I've been waiting for for 40 years.The walls of America are falling down. Lets hope that they stay within the parameters of the metaphoric and philosophic as much as possible, to spare possible casualties from falling mortar. The amount of americans who wake up and smell reality, is directly exponential to the rate at which the error is replaced (relatively painlessly) by correctness. The more who cling to the falling system, only delay its end until they have been removed and are out of the way.The "Republic" is nearly over. "Democracy" never happened, and won't happen now, because something bigger and better is growing in our collective. Its time to let go of all these corrupt and failed systems, embodied as they are by our government 'of the rich, by the rich, for the rich.' And the sooner we do, the sooner all this crap is going to really go away. I can't say it enough.LEGALIZE FREEDOM
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Comment #4 posted by FoM on May 12, 2009 at 07:15:03 PT
Thank you. I heard on the news that the person who started the tea bag thing wasn't happy since it turn into a seceding issue and hating the Federal government.Sometimes I think people that have been dodging paying federal taxes are the ones that want out.
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Comment #3 posted by Hope on May 12, 2009 at 06:46:39 PT
Museman and Vincent
Thank you, Museman.Vincent, those secessionist people are very, very irritating to me. Yes, they really would, or they think they would support their state in seceding from the Union of States, if they could. Chuck Norris is one of them. Although I don't have a clue why he got involved in it since he's not a Texan. Although he may live here, now, for all I know. But back to the secessionists. There's always one around and there is a club or group I think, called The Republic of Texas, I think. The secessionist talk really heated up after the Democrats won in Washington. Personally, my answer to anyone who mentioned that bologna to me was, "What's this? Last month you guys were the "Real Americans". You guys were the "Real patriots". What happened to that? Seems like talk of seceding is not very "Patriotic", at all. What happened to "My country"? "My flag"? Doesn't sound very patriotic, loyal, or "Real American", to me, to want to jump ship all of a sudden because you didn't win this or that political roll of the dice."I don't know, but the people I said that to, more than one, seemed to stop in their tracks and think. They dropped it immediately. They knew I was right. It seemed like a spell over them had been broken. They'd been riled by some talk show blow hard's rhetoric and , "Yeah! Yeah, that's a good idea!" But away from the inflammatory rhetoric, and being forced to think about it, they seemed to realize that it was definitely a form of disloyalty to what they claim to love so much.All this goes back to something about a clause in the deal Texas made to become a state. There's a clause about pulling out if we want to and being a Republic again. Well they already know, or should, that clause is worthless. How well did it stand up during the civil war? But it's been mentioned from time to time in Texas for as long as I can remember. I think they,law enforcement, had a running gun battle with a few of the Republic of Texas secessionists that wanted to literally fight about it a decade or so ago. It didn't work out well. Most people paid them little attention until they got in that gun battle out in the Big Bend, I think. The Big Bend area is a part of Texas that is very rugged desert area, I'm thinking it's part of the even vaster Chihuahua Desert area... and that adjoins Mexico. Anyway. They had helicopters and dogs and stuff down there looking for them, and pot shots and sniper fire was going on from the canyons and mountains and all, and one of the secessionists shot a police dog and killed it. Well that got people's attention... not especially when one of them got killed... but the dog got people fired up.It's not right to talk about what a Patriot you are and how much you love this country and it's flag, it's veterans and what it all means to you, and in the next breath to want to secede from the union because you don't like taxes or the party that's supposed to be in "Power". Power, schmower, if you don't like it, try to work it out as reasonably as possible and change it. You're part of it, you're supposed to help fix it when it goes wrong. Not run out the back door hollering "I hate you" and starting your own private club. Like they always told people who knew the cannabis laws were wrong... or complained about them and how harsh they are, "If you don't like it... change the laws."I see those that get serious about secessionist talk as rather unhinged. Like Chuck Norris. 
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Comment #2 posted by Vincent on May 11, 2009 at 21:18:57 PT:
Right on, Museman, very well said. During those recent "Tea Parties" that were organized by Fox News, I noticed some knucklehead holding a sign featuring the Texas state flag that read: "Yes We Can--Secede"! I only wish that they were serious. Promises, promises.
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Comment #1 posted by museman on May 11, 2009 at 08:43:31 PT
where's the BIG Texas?
Always going on about how everything is bigger in Texas, guess they forgot about heart. Hope must've got a huge portion, but Big 'ol Texas's got a teeny tiny (republican)heart, obviously.LEGALIZE FREEDOM
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