Marijuana Law To Be Handled on Case-By-Case Basis

Marijuana Law To Be Handled on Case-By-Case Basis
Posted by CN Staff on December 06, 2008 at 06:30:41 PT
By The LDN Staff 
Source: Ludington Daily News
Michigan -- Effects of the use of medical marijuana remain to be seen in Mason County. Voters in Michigan approved Proposal 1 in November, which gives the Michigan Department of Health the duty to issue registry ID cards to qualifying patients. A registered qualifying patient or primary caregiver may possess 2.5 ounces of marijuana for medical use, and can cultivate 12 plants, kept in a locked facility.
The law specifically bars arrest, prosecution, criminal or civil penalty, disciplinary action, and bars seizure or forfeiture of medical use marijuana, according to - - a site that calls itself a legal help desk for the Michigan Marijuana Act. Some of the debilitating medical conditions specified in the statute include cancer, glaucoma, positive HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis C.At Memorial Medical Center, Bill Kerans, public relations coordinator, said he hasn’t heard of any discussions with anyone at the hospital about it or of any doctors who may recommend marijuana usage. He says the law is in its very early stages of implementation and the hospital will need to prepare new implementation plans.“We will need to plan to develop standards and policies as part of compliance with the new law,” he said.Kerans said Memorial Medical Center will want to study the law’s regulations, which don’t have to be completed until April 4, so that they are consistant with state guidelines. There have been no issues that have arisen in the hospital concerning the new law, Kerans said.“There have been no requests from patients, physicians or staff concerning medical marijuana,” Kerans said.“Obviously this is going to be a big issue and more will be developing as time goes along.”Mason County Prosecutor Susan Kasley Sniegowski said she doesn’t expect to be handling any cases regarding medical marijuana in her last few weeks as prosecutor. She said it may be something that will be used as a defense for people being prosecuted for marijuana use.Prosecutor-elect Paul Spaniola said after he takes office in January medical marijuana cases will be considered on a case-by-case basis.“If the suspect has a bona fide diagnosis from a licensed physician which would make him eligible under the medical marijuana law, we would have to seriously consider the extent which he has complied with the medical marijuana law in the decision whether to prosecute,” he said. “The medical community will act as a buffer in deciding whom will be entitled to use or possess marijuana under this law.”Spaniola said he doesn’t believe that the medical community will give permission for marijuana use lightly.“If there is not a bona fide diagnosis and the suspect merely says that he has a qualifying disorder, that will not be sufficient.” Complete Title: Prosecutor-Elect: New Marijuana Law To Be Handled on Case-By-Case BasisSource: Ludington Daily News (MI)Published: Saturday, December 6, 2008Copyright: 2008 Shoreline Media, Inc.Contact: Articles:Michiganders Go To Clinic Seeking Pot Pot Law Now in Effect Amid Questions
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