Governor Vetoes Job Security for MMJ Users

Governor Vetoes Job Security for MMJ Users
Posted by CN Staff on October 01, 2008 at 20:42:45 PT
By Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff Writer
Source: San Francisco Chronicle
Sacramento, CA -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed a bill sponsored by medical marijuana advocates that would have protected most employees from being fired for testing positive for pot that they used outside the workplace with their doctor's approval.The measure, AB 2279 by Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, would have overturned a state Supreme Court ruling in January that allowed employers to punish workers for using medical marijuana that was legalized by a state ballot measure in 1996. 
Under Leno's measure, the only workers who could have been fired for using medical marijuana would have been those in safety-related or law enforcement jobs.In its 5-2 ruling, the Supreme Court said the initiative, Proposition 215, exempted medical marijuana patients and their caregivers from state prosecution, but wasn't intended to limit an employer's authority to fire workers for violating federal drug laws. Schwarzenegger used the same rationale in his veto message Tuesday."I am concerned with interference in employment decisions as they relate to marijuana use," the governor wrote. "Employment protection was not a goal of the initiative as passed by voters in 1996."Medical marijuana supporters disagreed. Snipped   Complete Article: San Francisco Chronicle (CA)Author: Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff WriterPublished: Wednesday, October 1, 2008Copyright: 2008 San Francisco Chronicle Contact: letters sfchronicle.comWebsite: CannabisNews Medical Marijuana Archives
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Comment #13 posted by Vincent on October 06, 2008 at 10:44:58 PT:
The Governors Veto
You know, I like Arnold Schwartzeneggar's movies and his style. He used to smoke herb and he probably has a rather liberated view of it. However, he is still a Republican and, as such, he is susceptible to Right-Wing pressure. I believe that is what happened. As a member of the Republican party, he needs their support and money, so they are able to pressure him into taking an anti-marijuana stance. When it comes to pot smoking, the Republican party is among the most ignorant organizations on the face of the Earth.
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Comment #12 posted by ekim on October 03, 2008 at 19:06:17 PT
rnold did not sign the hemp bill he was sent 
why has a ballot intitive never happen to get hemp grown in CA ---with the cellulose to ethanol -- and all its great health value it is a crying shame the matter has not been but befor the voters-- at least three-govenors have refused to sign hemp bills that have been sent to them by both housesCome on Jerry Brown 
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Comment #11 posted by afterburner on October 03, 2008 at 14:25:24 PT
Now, the Governator Wants a Federal Bailout
Gov. Schwarzenegger asks Treasury for $7B loan.
Friday October 3, 10:07 am ET.
California may need a $7 billion emergency loan from the Federal government for day-to-day operations and to pay teachers' salaries, nursing homes, law enforcement and every other 
State-funded service this month, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger warned in a letter sent Thursday to the U.S. Treasury secretary.
}If he would stand behind his state's medical cannabis law, his state could benefit from business taxes and income taxes, in addition to the existing sales taxes. Then, he would not need a federal bailout. "Help me, Bushie-wan, you're my only hope!" It would make much more sense for Ah-nold to use his political influence to help pressure the US Congress to reschedule cannabis to at least Schedule 2.
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Comment #10 posted by Commonsense on October 03, 2008 at 11:25:28 PT
I tend to agree with you, Mike. I understand both sides of this issue. I think it's dangerous though to start ramming things down employers' throats. This doesn't play well to the voting public. It's easily sensationalized. If employers are forced to allow medical marijuana use then many who were for medical marijuana might turn against it because they'll have all these visions of stoned people getting hurt on the job and hurting others or just generally doing shoddy work. Employers will revolt and start providing a lot more financial backing in attempts to stop new states from getting medical marijuana. That's going to make it harder to pass medical marijuana laws in states like mine where we don't have it yet. For the movement in general it is probably best at this time that there are no laws requiring employers to allow for medical marijuana. Most probably don't care anyway as long as people aren't high at work, and some don't care if people are high at work as long as they get their jobs done.
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Comment #9 posted by mike on October 02, 2008 at 15:40:17 PT
Prop. 215
There are companies that now prohibit even tobacco use off the job. is about protecting employment rights. Prop. 215 was not intended to take away any rights an employer already had before passage. To take away existing employment rights would require separate legislation. Legally, Arnold was right.
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Comment #8 posted by charmed quark on October 02, 2008 at 15:17:46 PT
Can't use prop 215 to justify veto
Regardless of the intent of 215, this is NEW legislation, not a clarification of 215. So his saying 215 didn't intend this is nonsensical.
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Comment #7 posted by charmed quark on October 02, 2008 at 15:15:32 PT
I'm surprised
I wasn't expecting this at all. This doesn't match his behavior on similar social issues. Wonder who got to him.
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Comment #6 posted by duzt on October 02, 2008 at 11:56:49 PT
Arnold is a joke
He was a terrible actor and an even worse governor. It will be nice when he isn't in politics any more, he is pretty much useless as a governor.
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Comment #5 posted by purpleshadrach on October 02, 2008 at 10:20:14 PT:
Arnold they are working jobs!
Comment #3 posted by dongenero on October 02, 2008 at 07:58:11 PT 
"Are you trying to drive these people to state and federal welfare, Mr. Republican?" No one is saying, let employees smoke a joint while driving heavy equipment.I went to traffic court and the citation I was issued as a matter of judgment. During that time I questioned the motorcycle officer regarding drug use 12 hrs prior to duty. Even though the police officer protested the line of questioning; he was still compelled by the Judge to answer the question. The police officer admitted he used medication for back pain. I then questioned him about whether or not the medication contained narcotics. The officer would not answer and the Judge quickly moved to wrap up the proceedings. Police officers are tested on the ability to determine the approximate speed of a moving vehicle; even at low speeds. My line of questioning hinted at the possibility that the officer was operating his motorcycle while on duty under the influence of narcotics.Employees through out America go to work every day while taking prescription narcotics. Vicodin and Oxycodone are the most abused prescription drug given to relieve pain.I don't find employers making a big deal out of prescription narcotics. When is the last time you heard of an employer implementing a mandatory urinalysis test for all employees just to see who is on prescription narcotics.Some will argue the point that cannabis is a much safer alternative than narcotics, so why are you going to fire those who test positive?    
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Comment #4 posted by tintala on October 02, 2008 at 07:59:40 PT:
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Comment #3 posted by dongenero on October 02, 2008 at 07:58:11 PT
Republican values?
How can someone take personal responsibility for their own livelihood and financial security if they are unemployable for being ill and using medical marijuana under your state's laws, Mr. Republican?How can these ill people pull themselves by their own bootstraps when you can't ensure that they are treated fairly in employment despite being ill and using your state's approved medication, Mr. Republican?Are you trying to drive these people to state and federal welfare, Mr. Republican?Assuring these people do not face discrimination is not about some sort of affirmative action. It's not about assuring jobs for incompetent people. This is about assuring that capable and competent employees are not discriminated against for some sort of ridiculous 'culture war' ideology.Yet another backwards, idiot to vote out of office.
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Comment #2 posted by Storm Crow on October 02, 2008 at 06:08:46 PT
So Arnold puffed without fear.......
(and perhaps still does). The rest of us can just go hang, apparently! It must be NICE to be immune to losing your job for treating your medical conditions! But I wouldn't know about that! 
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Comment #1 posted by HempWorld on October 01, 2008 at 20:52:37 PT
Arnold Smoking A Joint ...
On a mission from God!
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