MMJ : Governor's Wrangling Revives Measure

  MMJ : Governor's Wrangling Revives Measure

Posted by CN Staff on March 11, 2007 at 06:38:02 PT
By Steve Terrell, The New Mexican 
Source: New Mexican 

New Mexico -- The state Senate on Saturday resurrected the medical marijuana issue, passing a new bill allowing people suffering certain serious medical conditions to smoke cannabis to treat their symptoms.The action came two days after the House voted 37-32 to defeat the original bill (Senate Bill 238). But on Saturday, the Senate voted 32-3 to pass Senate Bill 523, which now goes to the House.
Gov. Bill Richardson told The Associated Press on Friday that he had talked to several Democrats who had voted against that bill in an effort to get them to change their minds. He also said he planned to talk with House Speaker Ben Luján, D-Nambé. Luján is a Richardson ally but an opponent of medical marijuana.SB 523, sponsored by Sen. Shannon Robinson, D-Albuquerque, originally pertained only to topical uses of cannabis, such as ointments and patches. But Robinson agreed to submit a substitute bill that incorporated the provisions of the bill that was defeated in the House.Sen. Carol Leavell, R-Jal, one of three to vote against Robinson's bill, said, "We're sending a very poor, poor message to our citizens."Sen. Rod Adair, R-Roswell, a vocal proponent of medical marijuana, expressed frustration with opponents of the issue, including members of his own party in the House, some of whom, he said, deliberately confused the medical marijuana proposal with decriminalizing marijuana for everyone."This is a 30-page bill with strict controls, and (opponents) say that sends the wrong signal?" Adair asked. "The signal (opponents) send is that you don't understand the bill."Adair noted that the medical marijuana program contained in the bill applies to only about 150 to 175 people statewide.For the past seven years, drug-law reform advocates have been trying to get the Legislature to adopt a medical marijuana program. The Senate has passed such bills several times, only to see the legislation die in the House.In 1978, the Legislature passed a medical marijuana research project at the urging of Lynn Pierson, a cancer patient who died before the bill went into effect. That bill had a "sunset clause," which means it expired several years ago.Note: Senate passes resurrected bill, which now heads to the House.Source: New Mexican, The (Santa Fe, NM)Author: Steve Terrell, The New MexicanPublished: March 11, 2007Copyright: 2007 The Santa Fe New MexicanContact: webeditor Website:   Related Articles & Web Site:Drug Policy Alliance Medical-Marijuana Bill Not Dead Yet Pot Bill Dies in House

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Comment #27 posted by nuevo mexican on March 12, 2007 at 10:39:23 PT

Todays' victories blog, C-news style!

Bill gets my vote! When I met him, stopping the War in Iraq was the issue, I mentioned his running for President in 2008, (as an Astrologer), and he was very receptive, and appreciated the support).If it was a private meeting, I can imagine sparking up, though I'm sure he'd have to pass, ala Clinton! Yeah, right!2007 is shaping up to be the year the America Wakes Up, with the world anxiously waiting for the newborns (just 226 years old) to bring an end it's bloody, deadly temper tantrum, known as the Occupation of Iraq, and bushes lust to attack Iran.The time for all Americans who stand for Peace to make their voices heard now, or face the certain extinction of the species, with bush taking us into his personal hell with his nuclear death wish.Great, well written, long overdue article, at Raw Story, on the Drug War Drug raids, related trauma, on riseWitnesses say the police burst into the house around 5 a.m., pointing submachine guns and wearing full SWAT uniforms -- fatigues, helmets, black hoods and body armor. They were looking for drugs and the young man who lived there. His parents, asleep in their bed in a Paterson suburb, opened their eyes to the sight of weapons aimed at their heads and an officer shouting, "Don't move."
Today on C-span, and Democracy Now:Chavez puts bush in his place, but why aren't other World Leaders this outraged about bush?Why does it take the President of Venezuela to speak truth to power, when it is the job of our Media and the Democratic Party, and they could've been doing their job, but no....Hugo does it for them!(and he's the bad guy in the U.S. press, the 'leftist', while FAR right-winger bush is given a pass on his idiocy, blood lust, and ridiculousness, and no adjectives are used the way Clinton's' blow-job was referred to in every broadcast, and now Hillary is running for Prez, NOT A PEEP about the BLOW JOB, we heard about non-stop for years!!Fire the Fifth Estate, Yellow Journalism is FACT now, and authentic journalism gets no coverage!The Internets to the rescue! And YOU (according to TIME mag, and Amy Goodman, always a journalist, and not a paid shill for the corporate whoredom some of you lurking journos represent. Kudos to Authentic journos, you know who you are)!Watch Chavez RIP bush in front of 40,000 at C-Span, and wonder, why don't you hear this from OUR Democratic 'leaders'?Bush has blackmailed just about everyone in power it seems, and with the exposure of his NSA wiretapping scam, we know EVERYONE in the Democratic Party's' phones and computers' have been tapped, the Dems KNOW it, and are AFRAID to do anything about it, though now the OBVIOUS has been revealed, it is just a moment before our so-called 'leaders' GET IT!Wake up politicos!Speak up now, or forever hold your Peace!Watch excerpts here!http://www.Democracynow.orgPhotos of what Americans will probably be doing soon to take their country back from the bush-loving Nazi/fascists, and those are KIND words:A Peaceful revolution takes place in the mind, and non-violent resistance is the only way, Ghandi paved the way, we will make non-violence the new paridym! far and wide: on the Pentagon! March 17th, Washington, D.C. visit boosts Chavez popularity, marks the end of 'Gringo Rule'!Bush's visit to the region was partly to foster economic and trade ties between the U.S. and his host nations. Other issues like technology and immigration were also on the agenda. Chavez, whose country joined MERCOSUR (Spanish abbreviation for Southern Common Market) in 2006, was visiting Argentina (a MERCOSUR member) and Bolivia (an associate member) precisely for similar reasons. If he had his way, Chavez would like to convert MERCOSUR, which is comprised if Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela, into a powerful trade block that will counter what he perceives as American economic and political hegemony in the region. MERCOSUR represents 75 percent of all of South America's economic activity. Its member states have more than $1 trillion in combined GDP and they constitute 65 percent of the continent's population. for the great Leonard Cohen Video! Wow!What you can do to stop the war, stop them at the ports! is how we can stop bushes war on Iraq, and soon, the world, if we don't stop the 'little imperial gentlemen' now:'Dozens Arrested Protesting Iraq War Shipments In Tacoma'!It won't be long' Beatles video, I'm still waiting, excited and ready for the completion of the shift, that started back in 1962, and continues through today!Beatles on Ready, Steady, Go! Manchurian Candidate was on TCM the other night, I've seen it recommended here, and now I am recommending it as well! Amazing, you have to watch it to get a better perspective on how we got to where we are now, just amazing!The Manchurian Candidate From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:The Manchurian Candidate is a 1959 thriller novel written by Richard Condon, later adapted into films in 1962 and 2004.The central concept of the book and the subsequent 1962 film is that the son of a prominent political family has been brainwashed into becoming an unwilling assassin for the Communist Party; in the 2004 version, the villain was instead a giant corporation called "Manchurian Global".[ Post Comment ]

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Comment #26 posted by goneposthole on March 12, 2007 at 07:12:04 PT

Headline News from Yesteryear
From December, 1923:"Church Invaded By Bootleggers Says Witnesses"A group of bootleggers broke into a church and vandalized the sanctuary. A few members were suspected of being spies for the 'revenuers.'"Federal Brief Holds Beer Is Not Medicinal"Washington, Dec. 21 -- The right of physicians to prescribe beer for their patients was denied in a brief filed today by the government with the Supreme Court in a test case expected to result in final determination of that question.Defending the constitutionality of the Willys-Campbell anti-beer law, the government's brief, signed by Solicitor General Bock and Mrs. Mabel Walker Williebrandt, assistant attorney general, in charge of prosecutions, declared that beer has no medicinal value and its prohibition under physicians prescriptions is necessary to enforce national prohibition.The case is an appeal by the James Edwards breweries from a decision by a Federal Judge Hand of New York, dismissing an injunction sought against the New York prohibition director.It is connected by the appellants in the brewery case that congress is without power to interfere with medical practice.The government contends that congress is the sole judge of steps necessary to enforce prohibition.""Rumships Reap Rich Holiday Harvest In Atlantic City Trade"The US government must be satisfied with history repeating itself.Cannabis will see to it that it does.The chicanery continues.
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Comment #25 posted by FoM on March 12, 2007 at 06:36:22 PT

Soros Buys Another Politician 
By Cliff Kincaid March 12, 2007Political observers knew that Barack Obama was for real as a presidential candidate when Democratic Party money-bags George Soros took an interest in him. But Soros has also purchased the services of other candidates. One of them, Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, is currently trying to strong-arm state legislators into passing a Soros-backed “medical marijuana” bill. Records show that Richardson took $50,000 from Soros and a Soros front group during his re-election campaign for governor. Complete Article:
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Comment #24 posted by Toker00 on March 12, 2007 at 04:36:39 PT

The video of him leaving his "bunker" and saying on tape that they were told the TOWERS were going to collapse, then he, and the person/s who told him that, not warning anyone in the towers (?!?) is just too damning. I hope the Firemen and Police of New York City stand tall for 9-11 Truth and defeat his Presidential bid. Their dead Brothers would demand it. He deserves nothing less than Prison! Toke. 
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Comment #23 posted by Toker00 on March 12, 2007 at 04:24:32 PT

OT: Faux News declares war on the Democrats/Left.
Big News!The Democratic Party of Nevada is dropping Fox as the host of its presidential debate!The Drudge Report, Fox's partner in the right-wing smear machine, says our defeat of Fox means "war"—that's fine, our side is ready for battle.Film director Robert Greenwald (Producer and Director of Iraq for Sale) will continue making his Fox Attacks online videos exposing Fox's smears—and we'll keep working with him to achieve big victories.Any attack we can pull on any Controlled Media is a great success! A major political party admitting that the MSM is controlled by the Right Wing and then dumping them, isn't really news, but, it is action. That is very important.Toke. 
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Comment #22 posted by FoM on March 11, 2007 at 21:01:01 PT

Off Topic
Halliburton Moving Headquarters To Dubai,0,7232090.story
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Comment #21 posted by afterburner on March 11, 2007 at 20:48:22 PT

re #10 & #20
Every time I read of a new scientific 'breakthrough' that attempts to use our current understanding of pieces of the world to control people, I think of James Redfield's books. Especially Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight. Secret is the third in a series of fictional books about the development of spirituality, insight and synchronicity. Secret deals with the contrast between the control-dominated world in which we currently live and the spiritually powerful world of the few and the future many. First in the series is The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventurefollowed by The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision- Further Adventures of The Celestine Prophesyand finally Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight Hempiness upon all who dwell in blessing!
Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight
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Comment #20 posted by John Tyler on March 11, 2007 at 15:15:35 PT

re #10
With regard to comment #10 doing genetic testing to determine who is good and who is not would be really easy to get out of control if the government got involved in it. Mental health and true substance are real issues to be sure, but the problem comes when you define the terms. We have had similar waves of phony science sweep the world with tragic results. Remember eugenics. The poor and outcast were rounded up and serialized for the good of society. The Nazi took this one step farther and just murdered them and anyone else they deemed inferior. The Communists weren’t quite that bad (but they did their share too) but if you didn’t support their program you were obliviously mentally ill and needed to locked up in a “mental institution” (prison), or sent to a slave labor camp for work therapy. Maybe there should be a genetic test for a good American, or a good Republican, or a good religious nut case. Society needs the “wackos”. They keep the “sane” ones from going off the deep end onto true madness.  
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Comment #19 posted by FoM on March 11, 2007 at 14:55:54 PT

I haven't forgotten either.
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Comment #18 posted by Dankhank on March 11, 2007 at 14:50:13 PT

Guliani ..
is a parasite and was only "rehabbed" with the death of 3000 of his citizens on 9/11.before that he persecuted small time dealers and users as part of his "clean up" of NYC.In 1999 during the MMM, NYC was the only city to arrest demonstrators in the whole world, over 100 of them.don't know if G was mayor then, but he is of the same mindset.He alienated the firefighters that were so brave during 9/11 and was headed for the trash heap of history when 9/11 happened. The firefighter haven't forgotten, and neither have I ...
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Comment #17 posted by FoM on March 11, 2007 at 14:40:47 PT

charmed quark 
I am like you in that I don't want to empower the Republicans. They need to fix their party so that is why I am following who I am interested in so closely.
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Comment #16 posted by charmed quark on March 11, 2007 at 14:38:01 PT

I was already hoping Richardson would get the nomination, primarily because I thought he was the best qualified of the current candidates and the one most likley to beat whoever the Republican candidate will beI really feel it's time for a Democrat president. Giuliani really seems OK to me politically, although I worry about his tendencies in NYC towards "facism" and his surrounding himself only with Yes Men. But even if the Republicans came up with the perfect candidate I don't want to "enable" that party for a while. I feel that a Republican president, no matter how close to my values, would enable the continued misbehavior of the Republican Reps and Senators.So anyway, I've been hoping for Richardson even though I knew nothing until yesterday about his feelings toward medical cannabis.This really makes me feel good - a candidate I think I could really support who also could win.
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Comment #15 posted by FoM on March 11, 2007 at 13:30:50 PT

I know what you mean. It's true many people don't fall into line with this sterile way of thinking and in turn we can be considered a little wacky. If I'm wacky I like it better then the alternative they think is right.
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Comment #14 posted by The GCW on March 11, 2007 at 13:22:33 PT

medicinal toker, 
medicinal toker,You are correct;Gore, is part of the sickness not the cure.He hasn't shown any reason to think He's a friend of medicianal cannabis use.
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Comment #13 posted by museman on March 11, 2007 at 13:22:17 PT

just stoppin' in
I once participated in an 8 hour "Spirit In The Sky" guitar marathon. Yes, several guitar players would come and go, 'relieving' each other.You know Ba-dada-da-da-da-da-Badada. 8 hours.#10 is just so far into a future I don't ever want to live in."Our study suggests that analyzing the expression of genes in blood could indicate whether a person is susceptible to having a behavioral disorder."So who determines what a 'behavioral disorder' actually is? Someone you can trust has an inside connection with the actual designer of behavioral templates, 'God 'himself'? I don't think soThe denial of those who support such tripe, of their own human indadequacies is the only logical reason for thinking concepts such as this.Behavioral disorders LOL! Where were these idiots when George Bush arrogantly challenged the entire Islamic World to "Bring it on!" Talk about behavioral disorders.So if we don't 'go with the program' we can be ultimately (where this is conceptually leading) criminalized by our genes, and subject to their genetic tampering. If a child has ADS it's obviously a 'probable cause' to fry his brain on riddalin, so why not go a step further, lets declare a war on 'unsuitable genetics.'******Let My People Grow is now on YouTube had to split it into parts. At the time of this post only 3 of 7 parts are ready.

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Comment #12 posted by FoM on March 11, 2007 at 10:50:13 PT

Oops I Forgot The Link
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Comment #11 posted by FoM on March 11, 2007 at 10:45:59 PT

nuevo mexican
We were listening to The Loft and this song came on and I found it on Youtube. It's so beautiful. I hope you and others like it too.
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Comment #10 posted by FoM on March 11, 2007 at 09:39:45 PT

Off Topic
Hope And Concern Expressed Over Potential Genetic Testing For Substance AbuseMarch 11, 2007Genetic tests using blood samples already are used to diagnose some diseases and even personalize treatment. Now it is possible to develop similar tests that reveal a person's potential to become dependent on nicotine or marijuana or have antisocial personality disorder, University of Iowa researchers report online in the American Journal of Medical Genetics. Such tests would not dictate who would become substance dependent or have behavioral problems, as genes do not function in isolation but are influenced by other genes and environmental factors, said the study's lead author Robert Philibert, M.D., Ph.D., professor of psychiatry in the UI Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine. "Our study suggests that analyzing the expression of genes in blood could indicate whether a person is susceptible to having a behavioral disorder. Having a particular gene expression change does not by itself predict that a person will act a certain way. However, it can indicate who might have a greater biological basis for engaging in behaviors such as smoking and alcohol or marijuana use," Philibert said. Complete Article:
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Comment #9 posted by medicinal toker on March 11, 2007 at 09:20:46 PT

Al Gore on the same page? I think not!
Last I heard. All Gore was against mmj. He flip=fliopped while running in 2000. Has he flipped-flopped again? I think, for Al Gore, the science of medical cannabis is an "Inconvenient Truth". And if Al lies about mmj, why should we believe him about anything?

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Comment #8 posted by FoM on March 11, 2007 at 08:48:08 PT

nuevo mexican
Happy Hippie Sunday to you too. That was great. Thanks!
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Comment #7 posted by nuevo mexican on March 11, 2007 at 08:33:48 PT

Bill Richardson leads the pack now!
And you know Al Gore is on the same page, now Obama needs to get rockin' on reform, w/Jim Webb, and we will have created our new reality! Watch these 60's hippies' manifest inner peace, while the world watched with 'horror'!Peace is sooooo scarry, I feel safe when we are at 'permanent war', don't you!Happy Hippie Sunday!
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Comment #6 posted by FoM on March 11, 2007 at 08:26:54 PT

John Tyler 
Spirit in The Sky took me away to wonderful places in my youth. It really is one of those one hit wonders.That is great about Senator Webb. It's time to look at issues of concern like prison population. I watched some of a show on Stalin last night. I would have watched the whole thing but it was really late. I couldn't believe how many things jumped out and me as to how we are now here in our country.
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Comment #5 posted by ekim on March 11, 2007 at 08:07:06 PT

-------thanks to big D for tip on story

US TX: Pot Smoker Jailed for Life Gets PardonURL:
 Votes: 0
Pubdate: Sat, 10 Mar 2007
Source: Dallas Morning News (TX)
Copyright: 2007 The Dallas Morning News
Contact: letterstoeditor
Author: Brooks Egerton, The Dallas Morning News
Bookmark: (Tyrone Brown)
Bookmark: (Incarceration)
Bookmark: (Sentencing - United States)
Bookmark: (Clemency - United States)POT SMOKER JAILED FOR LIFE GETS PARDON Perry's Conditional Release Symbolizes Repair of Judicial Ills Gov. Rick Perry granted a conditional pardon Friday to Tyrone Brown, a prisoner from Dallas whose extreme punishment has become symbolic of the ills of the Texas criminal justice system. Mr. Brown sentenced to life as a teenager 17 years ago after smoking marijuana while on probation isn't getting the simple commutation recommended by Dallas County officials and the Texas parole board. Instead, he must report indefinitely to a parole officer and meet other conditions or risk going back to prison.
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Comment #4 posted by John Tyler on March 11, 2007 at 08:04:33 PT

in the news
I love Norman Greenbaum’s - Spirit In The Sky song too. 
On the ABC News show this morning the new Sen. Jim Webb (D. Va.) said he was going to investigate why the U.S. has 2 million people in jail. Could this be some kind of hint at Drug War reform? Huge numbers of people are in jail for various drug law violations? Keep your eyes and ears open for any other news on this topic.

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Comment #3 posted by FoM on March 11, 2007 at 07:02:02 PT

Just a Happy Comment
The news on tv is terrible so we turned on XM Radio and they are playing this song. It's great for a Sunday and I always loved this song.Norman Greenbaum - Spirit In The Sky
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Comment #2 posted by mayan on March 11, 2007 at 07:01:11 PT

Hats Off To Bill!
I'll give Bill his due. The man is on a mission. If it passes he'll be Sweet William! All eyes are on the House! Big,bad Bill!
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Comment #1 posted by FoM on March 11, 2007 at 06:40:21 PT

Thank You Governor Richardson
If Governor Richardson gets the Democratic Party nomination I will vote for him.SENATE BILL 238: BILL 523:
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