County Considers Selling Pot-Laced Food 

County Considers Selling Pot-Laced Food 
Posted by CN Staff on December 22, 2005 at 07:08:07 PT
By Alison Shackelford Hewitt, Copley News Service
Source: Daily Breeze 
California -- Questions about whether Los Angeles County should allow medical marijuana dispensaries to sell pipes, marijuana-laced brownies and other products stalled a proposal Wednesday to create permits that would allow the facilities in unincorporated areas.At a hearing held by the Regional Planning Commission, commissioners also expressed concerns about where dispensaries should be located in relation to schools and liquor stores, whether on-site smoking should be allowed, and whether the facilities should have security officers, among other topics.
Of 11 people who addressed the commissioners at Wednesday's hearing, none spoke against the proposal. The only opposition to the ordinance came from Commissioner Pat Modugno, who raised concerns about the conflict between federal and state laws on marijuana use.Though federal law still prohibits any use of marijuana, Californians passed Proposition 215 in 1996, legalizing the use of marijuana as medicine, along with dispensaries to distribute it. Patients with cancer, AIDS, arthritis, migraines or chronic pain are among those who can legally use marijuana with a doctor's recommendation. The county's public health department is developing an identification card that people could present at dispensaries -- or to law enforcement -- to prove they are allowed to have the drug.Dispensary supporters said they were disappointed that the commissioners didn't approve an ordinance Wednesday."We're sorry that they're delaying their decision, but it's good to see we're finally talking about it," said Richard Eastman, 52, who helped form dispensaries in Santa Monica and West Hollywood. "These facilities are needed to help keep patients from suffering."There are already about 30 to 40 dispensaries in several cities within Los Angeles County, according to Eastman. One dispensary is in San Pedro, and there are also marijuana delivery services in the South Bay and elsewhere around the county, including one based in Lomita and another in Marina del Rey.But the county is still struggling to develop regulations for dispensaries in unincorporated areas. One point of contention is whether edible forms of marijuana, such as baked goods or prepackaged candies, should be prohibited.At Wednesday's hearing, supporters argued that such "edibles" are vital to patients who don't want to smoke or are too ill to smoke. But David Sommers, spokesman for county Supervisor Don Knabe, said local law-enforcement agencies are finding the drug-laced snacks in the hands of healthy adults and children.A Los Angeles Police Department task force found children with food items containing marijuana in wrappers designed to mimic the names, labels and colors of popular commercial snacks, including "Reefer's Peanut Butter Cups," "Pot Tarts" and "Trippy Peanut Butter," Sommers said.Don Duncan, who spoke in favor of the ordinance, said he didn't think makers of the candies were deliberately targeting children."I like candy and I'm an adult," he said. "I think it was meant to be humorous."Sommers also argued that drug paraphernalia should not be sold at dispensaries. Commissioners asked their staff to examine whether some paraphernalia might be necessary to smoke the marijuana, in the same way a clinic distributing insulin for diabetics needs to distribute needles.The commission's staff is scheduled to present a report at the commission's Jan. 18 meeting addressing the questions raised Wednesday.Note: Offering paraphernalia at medical marijuana dispensaries raises concerns, delaying more facility permits.Source: Daily Breeze (CA)Author: Alison Shackelford Hewitt, Copley News ServicePublished: December 22, 2005Copyright: 2005 The Copley Press Inc.Contact: letters dailybreeze.comWebsite: Medical Marijuana Archives
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Canabis should be available in food for all patients who need it.
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