New Legal Strategy in Medical Marijuana Fight

New Legal Strategy in Medical Marijuana Fight
Posted by CN Staff on November 23, 2005 at 18:59:24 PT
By Guy Ashley, Knight Ridder Newspapers
Source: KRT 
Oakland, Calif. - An Oakland woman whose landmark medical marijuana case was rebuffed five months ago by the U.S. Supreme Court renewed her legal fight Wednesday by filing papers in a federal appeals court.Lawyers for Angel Raich, 40, filed a brief in the federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals arguing that federal efforts to restrict medical marijuana violate her rights to take the only medication that allows her to avoid intolerable pain and death.
The brief thus marks a new legal strategy for Raich, who previously had argued that federal drug laws traditionally focus on interstate commerce and thus did not apply to Raich's use of locally grown marijuana.That argument was rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court in a 6-3 ruling in June. The latest legal salvo by Raich also argues that prohibiting her from taking medically necessary cannabis would violate her due process rights, and that the federal Controlled Substances Act does not allow the federal government to prohibit medical use within a state that authorizes it.California is one of 10 states with laws allowing the use of medical marijuana. Raich suffers from an inoperable brain tumor and a "wasting syndrome" that makes it extremely difficult for her to hold down her food. After trying 35 different pharmaceutical treatments, Raich said, she found that marijuana is the only drug she can tolerate that holds her seizures and other symptoms in check."This case implicates perhaps the most fundamental right of all, the right to preserve one's life," said Robert Raich, the plaintiff's husband, who also is a member of her legal team.A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in San Francisco, Luke Macaulay, declined comment Wednesday on Angel Raich's latest legal effort.Raich's latest appeal will be heard by the same three-judge panel that upheld her right to use medical marijuana in 2003. That decision was reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court in June.Raich, the mother of two, said she is hopeful the 9th Circuit panel will again rule in her favor."I just want the opportunity to be a mother to my children without having to live in constant fear that the federal government will raid my home or throw me in jail," she said.Complete Title: Woman Pursues New Legal Strategy in Medical Marijuana FightSource: KRT (Wire)Author: Guy Ashley, Knight Ridder NewspapersPublished: November 23, 2005Copyright: 2005, Knight RidderRelated Articles & Web Site:Angel Justice Activist Revives Legal Challenge Marijuana Effort Loses at US High Court
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Comment #34 posted by FoM on November 25, 2005 at 17:51:27 PT
Unfortunately Blackwell is running unless he changed his mind since I saw anything about it last. I sure hope someone good runs against him. Things really need to change and swing back to the Democrats. Since I am not good with politics I really don't know how long my state has been Republican controlled.
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Comment #33 posted by mayan on November 25, 2005 at 17:29:16 PT
Let us not forget Schapelle Corby... Corby camp hails Qantas drug arrests: is interesting...Medical marijuana law frustrates sheriff:, if Ken Blackwell is planning a run for governor of Ohio it seems he has a lot of explaining to do. I don't even give him a snowball's chance in hell of winning. If he does win everyone will know it was rigged...Ohio's Diebold Debacle: New machines call election results into question: WAY OUT...Compromised Science and Snake Oil: worker witnessed power-down the weekend before 9/11: 9/11 Airliners, Flight 93 and 175, Just Recently Taken Off FAA 'Active' List. Are Both Jetliners Still Flying in United's 'Friendly Skies'? Proof:
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Comment #32 posted by Hope on November 25, 2005 at 16:39:25 PT
I hope you know that I don't mean that in a smart aleck or unkind way. No snarkiness intended at all.
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Comment #31 posted by Hope on November 25, 2005 at 16:37:24 PT
At least
that would likely be true of at least most of the women I know.
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Comment #30 posted by Hope on November 25, 2005 at 16:33:38 PT
Global Warming
Angel would probably feel more complimented if you just said she was more courageous than any one you know.Take that thought as just a little tip, from me to you, on what women are likely to really appreciate as a compliment or perhaps not so much.
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Comment #29 posted by global_warming on November 25, 2005 at 15:47:21 PT
Rev,,Is That You?
"Law was invented so the weak can take from the strong."Is the Light of Understanding,Any different than power?Our Gifts,Shall secretlyFill this Universe'We can end this war on people
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Comment #28 posted by Jim Lunsford on November 25, 2005 at 15:28:07 PT
Global Warming
Thanks for the compliment. I also agree with your other statement. The law must be one of principle, not rules, for it to be moral, just, and compassionate. As it stands now, I am reminded of an old Scottish saying, that goes something like this; "Law was invented so the weak can take from the strong." I hope everyone's Thanksgiving went well. As a skydiver, I have a huge family always to feast with. It is great. I hope that everyone here had one as good as mine.Take care, and peace to all, Rev JimRev Jim LunsfordFirst Cannabist ChurchCourage: Needed for compassion as well
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Comment #27 posted by global_warming on November 25, 2005 at 15:24:57 PT
That payment to your banking interests,Bows ever so humblyIn the shadow of realityThe interest that remainsIs for Eternity
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Comment #26 posted by global_warming on November 25, 2005 at 14:13:11 PT
re:comment #5
Thank you Reverend JamesThat was a very good sermon for this ThanksGiving of 2005."Cannabis is important to this goal, though its legalization is not essential to my freedom. No external situation dictates my emotional state. At least not more than I allow it to. True happiness can be found anywhere you look. I have found this simple truth to be all encompassing law."When the 'Law can be bought, and plea-bargained, the 'Law, no longer is the law, it becomes some disfigured nightmare, where the fears of the unknown, become a friend.May God Light the footsteps of Angel, this frail little women has bigger balls than any man I ever knew.
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Comment #25 posted by runruff on November 25, 2005 at 12:43:43 PT:
This really gets my goat!
See the hipocrocy? See the nonsense? See how it just doesn't make any sence? 1,000 people legally put to death.
A choice each state can decide. To kill or not to kill. But the states cannot make a choice on which medicine to use. A plant that has never hurt anyone! One that can relieve stress, pain and suffering. We can't have it. But we can legally kill. But the thing is the prosecuters and judges are often as bad or worse than the people they condem. I don't trust lawyers. How ambitious must one be to invest the money and time and effort to become a lawyer? I tell you it is pathalogical in it's nature to be this driven.
And what of judges? Elevated lawyers. Once they don the magic black robe they magically become yer honors. All prior pathologies instanly erased. Lawyers not doctors are responsable for the pain and suffering in todays America.
Lawyers have constucted the CSA. Law enforcement [DEA] decide pain management treatment in America. Where is the logic in this? The DEA kill people who do no obey federal gardening guide lines in this country. They have the right to kill people who indiscriminatly administer water to forbiden foliage. They have killed people whom they have 
determined were feloneous farmers. They have vowed to rid our great nation of the heinous gangsta gardner. The perps 
with the green thumbs and the dirty knees. Those who are an obvious menace to society like Angel Raich. In order that we all may sleep better at night.
Yes with scary criminals like Marc [The Seed Merchant] Emory out of buisness, I can now let my kids go out into the yard to play. The DEA. An organization Stalin would have been proud of. A group of all American boys brainwashed and trained to kill their fellow countrymen.
I believe a week in Disneyland with family is the reward 
for making your first kill. The second comes time off with Money. The trick is don't recruit anyone with the ability to think. Stalin called them "useful idiots". America has too many useful idiots. 
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Comment #24 posted by FoM on November 25, 2005 at 11:04:31 PT
Happy Thanksgiving EJ
We had a very good day and are just enjoying the time off from normal things. There's a time for everything under the sun. Now is a time for regenerating ourselves for what will be coming in our future. 
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Comment #23 posted by E_Johnson on November 25, 2005 at 10:37:00 PT
Happy Thanksgiving everyone
I am so tired! I'm resting up today from doing cook-aerobics between my oven and stove for the last two days. Hope everyone had a good time. It's hard to say that given the circumstances. Obviously not everyone had a good time yesterday. A lot of pain going around.
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Comment #22 posted by FoM on November 25, 2005 at 09:34:34 PT
Max Flowers 
It sounds like you will be having a great day today! Happy Thanksgiving to you. We are having another good day. Right now we are watching Simon and Garfunkel's Old Friends Concert Tour. It is very cold here. It was 13 last night and we got a dusting of snow. It's going to be close to 60 on Monday. Here's a picture that we took yesterday. I sent this picture to a friend I talk to in e-mail from Canada. He said he liked it even though the snowflakes were a little corny. I told him that I never said I wasn't corny. We had a good laugh. Have fun today.
Picture from Yesterday
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Comment #21 posted by Max Flowers on November 25, 2005 at 09:25:25 PT
I want to say a big thank you to Angel Raich, who is going way above and beyond with this latest legal move. Clearly, she now has a taste for the fight and doesn't want to let it go. Excellent! Thanks Angel!!
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Comment #20 posted by Max Flowers on November 25, 2005 at 09:22:47 PT
Sounded like you had a great one, FoM. Glad to hear it. My Thanksgiving was postponed one day, and is today for me. My girlfriend and I and two of our friends are going to do the whole turkey and side dishes thing... of course there will also be a bit of fine wine and more than a bit of even finer herb and hash oil!! Gobble, hack hack cough!
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Comment #19 posted by FoM on November 25, 2005 at 07:30:21 PT
Just a Comment
I hope everyone had a great day yesterday. We did. I can't find any news to post so far but I will keep looking. Mayan on this thread I posted a video of a November 2nd protest in D.C. It was very good and worth a look.
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Comment #18 posted by mayan on November 25, 2005 at 06:08:03 PT
Don't Forget
Use this form to send in your nominees for Person of the Year: I'm pulling for Cindy Sheehan but I see that some dolts are actually voting for Karl Rove. WHAT??? Surely they jest, but then again, he is very influential. Don't you have to have a heart to be a person?
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Comment #17 posted by mayan on November 25, 2005 at 05:39:41 PT
The Good Republican
The "Anti-Bush" has some interesting words for America...Congressman Ron Paul Reiterates Danger Of Foreign Troops Being Used For Martial Law: guess former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson was a good republican also. Haven't heard his name in a while!
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Comment #16 posted by global_warming on November 24, 2005 at 14:46:25 PT
This Is The Time
My deepest condolences to comment #10"Reverend Crane was killed last night;..
"I was there while they were killing him,"..
"Four to six guys ... they were wearing all black with black masks. ..."He was a true American. I don't want him to be forgotten."This is the time to end cannabis prohibition,In that blink of your 'mortal eyeYou can receive eternal grace
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Comment #15 posted by Richard Zuckerman on November 24, 2005 at 12:32:40 PT:
Please download the hot news story from, entitled "Utah Lawyer Hospitalized After Being Targeted by Homeland Security for Information Linking Five U.S. Supreme Court Justices With Briberty Over Bush v. Gore Decision", by Greg Szymanski, dated 24 Nov 2005? The line at the bottom of the article I printed out is marked, though I expect you must access this article through Another article on hot news is the finding of four credit cards in PERFECT CONDITION belonging to 9/11 airplane passengers. Another worthwhile artice from is a sanitized article entitled Project Paperclip: Dark side of the Moon, by Andrew Walker, BBC News, published 11/21/2005. Another worthwhile article from same Web site hot news story is about the NORTH AMERICAN SECURITY ACT, S. 853 and H.R. 2672, two Congressional Bills which would dissolve our federal and state constitutional Rights. The Web site gives you the opportunity to e-mail your Congress members to OPPOSE these Bills!!! I personally believe that our mortal enemies are within, that 9/11, the Oklahoma City federal courthouse bombing, the explosion in a park in Oklahoma City, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, Waco, and Branch Davidian, were inside jobs, iatrogenic, caused by the United States government, that the reason why alternative sources of energy have not been developed is to make it easier for them to control us into slavery, gradually so as not to arouse our suspicions.Richard Paul Zuckerman, Post Office Box 159, Metuchen, New Jersey, 08840-0159, richardzuckerman2002
Diploma in Paralegal, New York University, 2003; Diploma in Truck Driving, with an up-to-date New Jersey Commercial Drivers License,, 1995; B.A. in Political Science, Kean College of New Jersey [Kean University], 1987.
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Comment #14 posted by FoM on November 24, 2005 at 11:09:38 PT
New Anti-Drug Commercial
Did anyone see this new commercial where a girl is talking to a flat raggedy ann type doll on a sofa? I caught the end of it and that's all. What's that about? If a person smoke pot do they now turn into a raggedy ann type doll? Very strange ad.
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Comment #13 posted by runruff on November 24, 2005 at 10:49:01 PT:
Purchased law.
Plain and simple. When the law stops making sense. When the few bennefit from the misery of many. When a democratic republic looks like an oligarchy. When intelligent people recognize our politicians are facists. What we have is purchased law.
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Comment #12 posted by potpal on November 24, 2005 at 10:06:32 PT
ot / safer indeed
The deadly toll of alcohol... 
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Comment #11 posted by Max Flowers on November 24, 2005 at 09:49:04 PT
No actual jurisdiction
All of this, in my view, comes down to jurisdiction. Federal jurisdiction does not, and was never meant to, extend into the area of personal, private behavior conducted in one's private life and which does not impact other people. Whether it's using cannabis, eating dirt, or practicing witchcraft, if it does not hurt others and is private, the federal government (not to mention the state and all other governments) has no say in it---or is not legally supposed to have any, anyway.This entire fight is so unnecessary. If meddling, power-drunk politicians would just limit their activities to those which are truly authorized under the constitution, and behave in a way that is consistent with the true limits of their purview, we wouldn't have to be going through all this. I find it so frustrating that so much energy is wasted on this and other issues where they are illegally butting in, while other issues---ones that really could use their attention---languish.
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Comment #10 posted by fivepounder on November 24, 2005 at 09:41:31 PT:
This has not been reported widely
Ukiah Daily JournalSaturday, November 19, 2005Pot dispensary owner slain at home
 By LAURA CLARK/The Daily Journal
 Les Crane, 39, owner of Mendo Spiritual Remedies in Laytonville and Hemp Plus Ministry in Ukiah, was shot to death at his Laytonville home early Friday morning. Mendocino County Sheriff's Detective Commander D.J. Miller said Crane was killed about 2:30 a.m. in the home invasion. "The investigation has disclosed it appears to be robbery motivated. An undisclosed amount of currency and processed marijuana was stolen," Miller said. Yellow tape surrounded the Road 307 residence Friday, where investigators from the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office, evidence technicians and members of the County of Mendocino Marijuana Eradication Team could be seen taking photographs and measurements, and periodically carrying armfuls of marijuana from a building. Law enforcement at the scene would not disclose any more information, but a sign in the driveway spoke volumes: "Mendo Spiritual Remedies. In God we trust, Rev. Les Crane. God Gave it to us and no one can take it away. Welcome to our church." In the midst of all the activity, a man drove up and said to one of the sheriff's officers: "I just came by to see Les, but maybe this is a bad time." A visit later in the day to the Hemp Plus Ministry revealed the darkest details of what happened to Crane. "Reverend Crane was killed last night; I was there," said a visibly shaken Jennifer Drewry, as she sat inside the cannabis distribution center Friday afternoon, cradling her left arm, which was broken and in a sling from the beating she took during the ordeal. "I was there while they were killing him," Drewry, Crane's financee said, before recounting the ordeal, which could be described as nothing less than horrific. "Les was in bed sleeping. I was sleeping in another bedroom," she said, noting she woke up to the sound of footsteps. "Four to six guys ... they were wearing all black with black masks. ... They busted down the door and all you could hear them saying was This is a raid, this is a raid, this is a raid,'" she said, noting the voices sounded young. First, one of the men walked in and beat another of the home's residents, 20-year-old Sean Dirlam -- also known as "The Count" -- while he slept, she said. Then she said she opened her door and one of the men -- this one not wearing a mask -- hit her over the head. "The men in the masks stayed with Les, killing him and taking his medical marijuana and his money. "I was on my hands and knees praying to God, too loud I guess, so the one guy told him to shoot me, but he missed, and then I heard five or six other gunshots. I was too scared to look up after that, so I waited until it was quiet and then I ran into Les's room. "He was lying there; he could still talk. There was a lot of blood. The Count was hiding, talking to 911. .... It had to be 15 minutes before anyone showed up. It was a long time ... I was out of my mind. "They wouldn't let me sit with him," she said referring to emergency personnel. "I told them they are torturing me; he's dying ... I knew I only had a couple minutes; he was dying," she said, noting Crane was shot in the back of the head, in an arm and in his abdomen. "There was so much blood I couldn't see all the holes," she said. "He just asked me to marry him two weeks ago. I was planning a wedding; now I have to plan a funeral," Drewry said. "They ruined my life and took my dreams away from me -- all for money and greed," she said, by this time sobbing. Crane supplied medical marijuana to more than 1,000 people in Mendocino County. Mendo Spiritual Remedies serves more than 800 people in the Laytonville area and Hemp Plus Ministry, which opened about two months ago in Ukiah, already has 350 clients, according to those who worked there. Christina Bagby -- who referred to herself, Crane and his friend, Ukiah Morrison, as reverends -- works at the Ukiah ministry. "We believe that cannabis is the tree of life. In the Bible it does say the tree of life will be called upon to heal the nation. We believe that tree is cannabis. We promote hemp awareness." Morrison also works there, and like Bagby, spoke nothing but kind words about Crane. "He was very thankful to be alive and to help the community. That was his only objective in life -- to help others," Morrison said of the man he called his best friend. "He spent $7,000 of his own money to buy 350 turkeys both for Ukiah Food Bank and Laytonville Food Bank," he added. Quoting from the Bible, Morrison said: "Greater work than I have done, shall you do.' Les Crane embodied that and he helped uplift the community. ... He was definitely my super hero and mentor. He was like a father to most of us." Laytonville residents The Daily Journal spoke with Friday said Crane did indeed do some good in the community: His teen center was clean and sober and the teens did use it. He also gave to charities. Other residents said Crane hung out with what some perceived as undesirables -- for instance other large scale pot growers. Some described him as loud and boisterous and said he had his share of scrapes with the law ... that he was courting trouble. In October, District Attorney Norm Vroman brought cultivation of marijuana charges against Crane, who adamantly proclaimed his innocence. "Anyone that is a patient that would like to stand up, please join me and stand up against the tyranny," Crane said at the time. "It isn't a controlled substance to me. This is a medicine and those laws do not apply to patients." Morrison and Drewry both believe Crane's killer was somebody he knew. "As he was breathing ... after he had been shot several times, I asked him, Who did this to you?' and he said, They came to see The Count today,'" Drewry said, adding, "They came to rob the marijuana there and a safe. They took it all." "He always told Hemp Ministry workers Don't hesitate to open the safe; it's not worth a life,'" Morrison said, noting Crane was trusting because the money was irrelevant to his cause. Crane's door was probably unlocked, Morrison said. However, Morrison added, "He was not an idiot; he knew his work was risky." Crane came to Mendocino County several years ago with $100 and a dog after selling his tie-dye business in Florida. He had heard Mendocino County had passed Measure G supporting legalization of marijuana in the county for personal use. He turned the $100 into a sizable profit that harvest year and took that nest egg and started the dispensary and then opened a youth center in Laytonville. "He was a true American. I don't want him to be forgotten. I just heard him say the other day, The more you give out, the more you receive to give out the next day,'" Morrison said. Law enforcement officials are seeing more violence sparked by marijuana. "This time of the year there is always the potential for violence in marijuana grows due to the quantity of marijuana and the large sums of money that are exchanged," Miller said. Laura Clark can be reached at udjlc . Editor K.C. Meadows contributed to this report.Back to
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Comment #9 posted by Richard Zuckerman on November 24, 2005 at 08:07:59 PT:
That the United States Supreme Court has refused to acknowledge medical necessity as a defense to a Cannabis charge; that the United States Supreme Court has refused to spell it out in Black and White as to whether the Second Amendment and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution do not implicate an individual citizen's federal constitutional Right to keep and bear arms, But See Duncan v. Louisiana, 391 U.S.  (1968)(Concurring opinion by Justice Black)(Quoting the Congressmen who steered the 14th Amendment thru the House and Senate, specifically including the Right to keep and bear arms as a "fundamental guarantee"); that the United States Supreme Court has refused to take a case on JURY NULLIFICATION since Sparf and Hansen v. United States (1895); the United States Supreme Court opinion giving the Presidency to George W. Bush; the recent United States Supreme Court opinion in the Kelo emminent domain case; suggests the United States Supreme Court are as involved in creating a "New World Order" as the other globalists in government. In fact, two presently presiding Associate Justices of the United States Supreme Court belong to either the Bilderberg or Council on Foreign Relations!!!Richard Paul Zuckerman, Post Office Box 159, Metuchen, New Jersey, 08840-0159, richardzuckerman2002
B.A. in Political Science, Kean College of New Jersey [Kean University], 1987;
Diploma in Truck Driving, with an up-to-date New Jersey CDL,, 1995;
Diploma in Paralegal, New York University School of Continuing Education, 2003.
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Comment #8 posted by FoM on November 24, 2005 at 07:40:17 PT
Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I'm preparing the turkey and looking out my kitchen window at the snow coming down. It's perfect since it is here today but it's warming up in a day or two and will melt. This year has been a good year and we are making progress. Maybe 2006 will be our year. That would be great. 
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Comment #7 posted by Hope on November 24, 2005 at 07:24:28 PT
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hope it's a good one for all of us! Among many, many other things, I'm thankful for CannabisNews and FoM. I'm thankful for all the people that are with us and moving to our side, in ending prohibition.I'm thankful for winning in Denver. I'm thankful that we are still hanging in there and will reach our goal very soon of ending cannabis prohibition.I'm thankful for all of you.God bless us all and have mercy on us, if He will. May Grace and Love abound.
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Comment #6 posted by FoM on November 24, 2005 at 07:12:18 PT
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day. So far I haven't found any news but that doesn't surprise me on this day. It's snowing here and it's so pretty. We are listening to music and checking out the Macy's Parade.Mayan thank you. Blue is such a beautiful color.
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Comment #5 posted by Jim Lunsford on November 24, 2005 at 06:08:23 PT
Happy Thanksgiving Day
We have a big old meal set up in an outdoor smoker right now. There is so much to be thankful for today as well. I am alive. And so are many of my friends. That is something so wonderful and is quite the gift. At least my opinion. The right to live certainly seemed to be an appropriate message in this court case with Angel Raisch. Who has authority over whether or not I may live? Only myself and whatever deity exists. Man certainly does not. 
These times sure are a changing. New ideas and lessons learned about the human state are clashing violently with old schools of thought. Such as the Catholic Church curia continuing its archaic Old Testament ban all mentality. Yet, another group called "Catholics Speak Out" is condemning this stance. Link: I am not gay, but I find it incredible that someone could find homosexuality so threatening. In my opinion, God made all of us. So turning away someone based upon their sexual orientation is a bit like turning away God. 
We also have the politics of Nazism reigning in Time Magazine as well. The thirteen-year-old twins, known as "Prussian Blue," seem to be at the center of a political storm. Link: Personally, I think most of the people hearing their music will have already made up their mind on the subject matter. I do not see the big threat to our society by censoring them. I do see a bigger threat in the "BAN THEM" mentality opposing them. In the end, no one's right supersedes another’s. They sounded like crap to me when I heard them on some news show "warning" of the dangers of their music, but I'm more frightened by the idea of suppressing their voice. Anti-War protesting, budgetary concerns, pollution, speech, all areas of human activity are becoming too complex for the old rules to apply anymore. Therefore, we have this backlash of the old system. Which fights for its very survival. Prayer is action. Conducted in a manner of compassion and understanding. Finding ways to help those in opposition of our viewpoints achieve a balance with ours. Not necessarily that our viewpoint is even correct, but to strive to understand each other as human beings instead of some archaic notion of good and evil is the hallmark of good prayer. Whether you call it prayer, political activism, meditation, or what. Freedom of religion, pursuit of happiness, law and order, free markets, rights to defend ourselves, all are in the headlines of the world's newspapers. All areas that we have inherently in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. So, what is the problem? Us. We, the people, gave up so many of these freedoms when we turned down the opportunity to think for ourselves. Listen to all, but believe what you learn for yourself. Not what some simplistic moronic leader tells you to believe. There is no danger by having different ideas, beliefs, whatever. This is a big world, and we are certainly capable of living in peace together. We, the people, chose safety over freedom a long time ago. We, the people, chose to believe we were powerless against the authorities, though we are the ultimate authority in this government. Only we, the people, can restore these freedoms. And, it starts by just taking them. Freedom is not free. Ultimate freedom requires ultimate commitment. I have learned that much, at least. As for myself, I continue my journey of attempting to understand the other person's viewpoint. I fall way short of any glory in any endeavor, but I keep trying. That is my choice, and I am free to choose it. A revolution of compassion and understanding each other is the sole focus of my "doctrine." Cannabis is important to this goal, though its legalization is not essential to my freedom. No external situation dictates my emotional state. At least not more than I allow it to. True happiness can be found anywhere you look. I have found this simple truth to be all encompassing law. This doesn't mean I don't prefer the legalization. All of us are quite capable of directing our own lives, and what sort of logic is inherent in prohibiting a plant that is uniquely adapted to the human state? Fuel, medicine, recreation, spirituality, etc., all are uses for this plant. Yet, we, the people, allow it to remain illegal. Why? Because we, the people, gave away our power when we gave away our own innate ability to reason. It isn't the government, unless you count "We, the People," as government. It is us. As for myself, I render nothing unto Caesar. That's what he deserves. Paying taxes to support policies I find archaic is against my moral stance. Not that I make a fortune anyway. Oh yeah, who cares who reads this. It is my right as a human being to protest oppression and to withhold my support for ideas I find reprehensible. 
I smoke Cannabis every single day. It is my body, and so, my right to do so. If I wanted to inject my body with battery acid, who has the right to stop me? Only myself. The ninth amendment states it so very clearly. “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” Prohibition is unconstitutional. Or, as our friend, Jose states so eloquently, "Drug War is Crime." Oh yeah, Toker00, thanks. I know you have no intent of dis-respect, and I hope you know I respect your activism. It is to the activists on this site to whom I direct my letters and opinions. To anyone else, just sitting on the sidelines, I have no voice. These would be the people "wishing" for a better way, instead of just taking their destinies in their hands. They are already dead. You are not. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Peace, Jim Rev Jim Lunsford First Cannabist Church Life: Live fully each moment, for it is the task at hand that you have decided to be the most important use of your time. Don't waste what can never be recovered. 
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Comment #4 posted by charmed quark on November 24, 2005 at 05:36:20 PT
Unfortunately, both parties are prohibitionist
While I had developed an EXTREME dislike ( even hatred, an emotion I try to avoid against people I don't know personally) for this administration, my strongest dislike of any administration I can remeber, much worst than Nixon - remember that Clinton also ramped up the drug war.The only difference is that I don't think Clinton would have gone after medical users.BTW - wasn't "medical neccesity" already tried and rejected, the Supremes saying that Congress DEFINED cannabis as having no medical utility, therefore you can't claim medical necessity?
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Comment #3 posted by mayan on November 24, 2005 at 03:25:46 PT
Free Fallin'
A new Harris poll has Bush at his lowest point ever. He is now in the lower 30's. So much for bottoming out!Bush Approval: Raw Poll Data, here's another blog I just found recently... A New Map! many red states anymore.
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Comment #2 posted by b4daylight on November 23, 2005 at 21:05:12 PT
Poor people
to bad history can not hurry up and get rid of this puritan political agenda.
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Comment #1 posted by FoM on November 23, 2005 at 19:34:47 PT
DPFCA: 4:20 Report KPFA 11/25 Noon 
Radio Link: 4:20 Report with Ed Rosenthal returns to KPFA this Friday Nov. 25 Noon -1:00pm. KPFA is 94.1 on the FM dial. (and every last Friday of the month)Ed will discuss Oakland's Measure Z and what is being done to implement this pro-marijuana initiative that was approved by 65% of the voters. Ed's guests will be Desley Brooks, Oakland City Council member, and Susan Stephenson, one of the proponents of Prop Z. Other features include news and coming events. Join Ed for an exciting hour between 12 and 1 this Friday on KPFA, 94.1. The 4:20 Report is heard the last Friday of each month at 12 Noon and broadcasts marijuana news and issues.On Sat, Nov. 26, join Ed again on KPFA ,94.1 at 9:00 AM for a special edition of the "Saturday Morning Talkies." Ed's topic will be "A Bit of Optimism Right Here at KPFA". We will be talking about current events and how they affect us psychologically. Ed's unique perspective will give you lots of food for thought with your bagels or pancakes.Call in comments and questions will be welcomed for both shows.Dale Gieringer (415) 563-5858 // canorml 2215-R Market St. #278, San Francisco CA 94114 
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