Herbal Essence: Stoners Celebrate 'New Year'

Herbal Essence: Stoners Celebrate 'New Year'
Posted by CN Staff on April 21, 2005 at 18:26:01 PT
By David Schmeichel, Staff Reporter
Source: Winnipeg Sun
Is anyone else hungry? About 500 marijuana activists descended on the front lawn of the Legislature yesterday afternoon to commemorate 4-20 (April 20), or Stoner's New Year, as it's known in "greener" circles. The crowd members -- many of whom looked like they must have ditched class to attend -- openly took pulls from bongs, pipes and marijuana cigarettes in a show of support for efforts to repeal the pot prohibition laws.
"Weed should be legalized," said Natalie Cross. "It's natural, it grows from the ground, people use it for medicinal purposes and it doesn't make you violent. Plus, there's a social element. "When people meet other people who smoke weed, they instantly create a connection." Manitoba Marijuana Party President Chris Buors had an easy task yesterday, distributing leaflets to a crowd that probably didn't need much convincing. "I would never miss a day like today," said Buors, who recently did a stint in jail for growing weed. "I call this a support-rich environment." Buors took the afternoon as an opportunity to again call for an end to Canada's prohibition on cannabis. "Take the organized crime element out of it," he said. "Get the gunfire off the streets. Stop giving them something to fight over. You don't see Labatt and O'Keefe's fighting on the streets over their market share, do you?" Yesterday's demonstration mirrored similar get-togethers held by marijuana enthusiasts across the continent every April 20. First-time attendee Richard Demarin had only good things to say about the Manitoba version. "If God were here, he'd be happy with this," said Demarin. "He made the plant and put it on this Earth ... I think he'd be happy to see everyone here, getting along and not fighting." 'LAW IS THE LAW'Despite a police presence behind the Legislature, it appears no arrests were made as a result of the demonstration. Still, not everyone was thrilled about the cloud of pungent smoke wafting over the lawns. "The law is the law and it should be enforced, whether it's at the front of the legislature or in your backyard," said Premier Gary Doer. Source: Winnipeg Sun (CN MB)Author: David Schmeichel, Staff ReporterPublished: Thursday, April 21, 2005 Copyright: 2005 Canoe Limited Partnership Contact: editor Website: -- Canada Archives
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