Pot User Laments Loss of 'Medicinal' Source 

Pot User Laments Loss of 'Medicinal' Source 
Posted by CN Staff on January 08, 2005 at 11:05:39 PT
By Cheryl Wierda, Abbotsford News
Source: Abbotsford News
A medical marijuana user, with approval from Health Canada, is questioning why police have shut down the Abbotsford location he used to grow cannabis.Brian Carlisle, who was the victim of a home invasion in Chilliwack in September, had been growing his pot at local marijuana advocate Tim Felger's Bradner Road property since the fall. On Thursday morning, Abbotsford Police converged on the well-known property and arrested two men.
Police said 2,090 plants were at the property. "Apparently, there was more than what my licence was for," Carlisle said, adding he's heard other medical marijuana users were growing at Felger's property. Felger was in custody yesterday and could not be reached for comment.A Health Canada spokeswoman said up to three people can grow medical marijuana for three separate licensed cannabis users at one location.The number of plants allowed to each licensed person varies according to their medical requirements, but the number of allowable plants falls below the total number of plants grown at Felger's property.The other man who was arrested had gone to the Bradner Road property to pick up Carlisle's medication because Carlisle doesn't have snow tires on his vehicle.What irks Carlisle is that he said has registered the pot-growing location with Health Canada and police."Why didn't they call me and check?" he asked. "I'm a little bit upset. They (police) breached the secrecy of where I grow . . . now what do I do with my medication?""What does it take for a person in this country to maintain their health?" he said. "I'm trying to follow the rules."On Thursday night, Carlisle said police drove him to the location and allowed him to extract 25 plants, but not his equipment. He could not say exactly how many plants he had at the Bradner Road property.He was also told that he would not be allowed to continue to grow there, because a new municipal bylaw states the power must be cut off after the discovery of a marijuana grow-op.He said he doesn't know now where he is going to get his medicine, as he can't get it through Health Canada or a pharmacy, and doesn't want to grow at home after the violent home invasion his family suffered. The two men arrested were expected to appear in Abbotsford provincial court yesterday. Details of charges were not available at press deadline yesterday. Source: Abbotsford News (CN BC)Author: Cheryl Wierda, Abbotsford NewsPublished: January 8, 2005Copyright: 2005 Abbotsford NewsContact: editor abbynews.comWebsite: Canadian Links News -- Canada Archives
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