Marijuana Advocates Get Day in High Court

Marijuana Advocates Get Day in High Court
Posted by CN Staff on December 15, 2003 at 07:42:56 PT
By Shannon Kari, CanWest News Service 
Source: Vancouver Sun 
Toronto -- The recently restored prohibition against marijuana possession could be thrown out again in a matter of weeks, depending on the outcome of a widely anticipated case heard by the Supreme Court of Canada last spring.The court must rule by Jan. 31 on an appeal by two British Columbia men and an Ontario resident, who argued potential criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana are unconstitutional. The three said the ban violates charter rights to life, liberty and security of the person by criminalizing activity that does not cause harm. "There is no free-standing right to get stoned," responded the federal government in documents filed before it heard oral arguments in the case in May.
The Supreme Court decision follow a series of rulings this year that resulted in a nearly five-month period during which marijuana possession was legal in Ontario and forced the government to amend its medical marijuana policy. However, advocates of less restrictive marijuana laws in Canada say that an easing of the rules is unlikely now Paul Martin is prime minister. They also criticize the justice department for its increasingly hard-line attitude in marijuana prosecutions and Health Canada for failing to comply with court rulings in medical marijuana cases. Snipped: Complete Article: Vancouver Sun (CN BC)Author:  Shannon Kari, CanWest News Service Published: Monday, December 15, 2003Copyright: 2003 Vancouver Sun Contact: sunletters pacpress.southam.caWebsite: Articles & Web Site:Cannabis News Canadian Links Rule An End To The Pot Party Court Reinstates Pot Law 
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Comment #57 posted by jose melendez on December 19, 2003 at 04:58:41 PT
freedom fighter
You can still use both systems. When one is locked up for a moment, or you need a certain file format or program, it's very covenient to hop to the other platform. Also, I take advantage of the simpler networking configuration of the Macs to get the most out of my PC's. Finally, it calms down the antis. I think I'll apply some thought to that idea, as it applies to habitual cannabis criminalizers.
visiting school? bring books not bullets
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Comment #56 posted by freedom fighter on December 18, 2003 at 08:39:46 PT
kapti, Jose, off topic
Kaptinemo, check your email,Jose, your links are cool. Maybe you are right that I should get a Mac.Thanks for the help.You guys/gals are so cool.peaceff
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Comment #55 posted by jose melendez on December 17, 2003 at 06:49:22 PT
Thanks for the compliment. I am fortunate to have surrounded myself with very bright people, and many of my techniques are work-arounds, gleaned from their errors and frustrations.Windows users whould know that Microsoft has ceased updates for older versions of Windows, and that Messenger has been PROVEN to expose the computer to harm.Used Macs cost $65 and up, and are substantially more reliable, especially if you spend a bit more and get an OS X machine.Linux is exceptionally stable, but really, if you just want to USE the damned thing, get a Mac.
scared yet?
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Comment #54 posted by CorvallisEric on December 16, 2003 at 17:34:58 PT
Jose on computers (comments 45 to 47)
I just want to endorse Jose's approach to computers. He knows what he's talking about.
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Comment #53 posted by sukoi on December 16, 2003 at 14:55:30 PT
Response to BUDSNAXZ (comment #38 )
This is the respose that I received from NORML when I inquired about their absence in the CFC campaign:"Thanks for contacting NORML and supporting it’s law reform effort in the past via the CFC.You still can...however, NORML Foundation does not qualify in 2003 for advertising by the CFC because of an ‘unusual’ gift (a large donation was given 2 years ago for ‘fundraising and membership expansion’ that pushed the NF’s fundraising expenses beyond the 25% allowed for CFC advertsising,etc...).NORML concurs that the CFC is a great way to donate for many federal workers, contractors, etc...The NF’s CFC number is still #7981Thanks again!-NORML" 
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Comment #52 posted by FoM on December 16, 2003 at 09:52:08 PT
Pot Charges Stayed
By Chris Munkedal, Staff WriterDecember 16, 2003Fort Saskatchewan Record — Two men each facing a simple marijuana possession charge were let off the hook for the time being, when their charges were stayed Thursday, as part of a nationwide Federal Court order.An Ontario Court decision made it clear there was no valid possession in a cases which the possession aspect was affected by legislation to the Marijuana Medical Access Regulation in the Health Act, said Maureen McLellan, spokesperson for Justice Canada prairie region.Because of the rulings in Ontario, the government has elected not to appeal the cases, and all simple possession charges are ordered to be stayed, said McLellan.“It’s to ensure fair and equal treatment for all suspects during the time the charges and case occurred,” she said.From July 31, 2001 to Oct. 7, 2003 all possession charges for the illegal substance during that time frame are being stayed.Justice Canada estimates there are or will be more than 1,300 cases stayed in Alberta that occurred during that time.McLellan notes it’s still illegal under the current law to possess marijuana other than for a medicinal reason.Dayle Kenneth MacNeill took the stand to plead guilty to a possession charge, but his plea was denied.“What does that mean?” asked MacNeill of his case being stayed. The Judge replied: “It means it’s your lucky day, and you’re free to go.”MacNeill shrugged his shoulders, and left the courthouse.He says he still is unaware of what happened, or why it happened.“When I talked to my lawyer as I left the court, he just told me there’s a glitch in the system.”Regardless, MacNeill thought the substance was finally being legalized.“I thought, this is cool, I can outside and light up a joint,” he told the Record. “I had no clue what happened in there.”Joshua Patrick Michael had is case stayed before he could make a plea.McLellan says it’s not standard practice to mail out information to suspects who will appear in court on the charges, and that usually their lawyers are notified. However if they appear in court without a lawyer, then the prosecutor will let them know .
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Comment #51 posted by Richard Paul Zuckerm on December 16, 2003 at 08:55:10 PT:
Two court opinions have upheld our State Constitutional Right to privacy: Ravin v. State, circa 1976, Alaska, which was recently reaffirmed; State v. Mallan, 950 P.2d 178, 208-209, 218-219 (Hawaii 1998)(Dissenting opinion by Justice Levinson). Canada should learn from the poor example set by the majority of American courts of law, that the lack of independence among the three branches of American government renders The United States a dismal failure in terms of the appearance of a respectable government. American courts should strike down the gun control laws and taxation laws, too! American courts have also misinterpreted the history of the First Amendment Right to petition, since, historically, we were entitled to A FULL LEGISLATIVE HEARING on non-frivolous grievances presented to the legislatures...It wasn't until the complaints of SLAVERY came up, after the Southern Congressmen induced Congress to place a gag order on further grievances, and the courts of law in the United States have collapsed the First Amendment Right to petition with freedom of speech. See:[?], check out the "We The People" conference coming up soon, in Washington, D.C.?
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Comment #50 posted by Breeze on December 16, 2003 at 08:39:00 PT
I may be preaching to the choir, but here goes.
If you want to successfuly get the message out about a desire for change in the WOD-the most effective thing to do is to write letters (hand written) to offices of media and officials.
This seems like a lot of time, but it does work.
The thing about emailing the media and others is that there must be a FLOOD of such email- 
Another tactic in getting your message out, is to post on sites that people visit frequently, and often. 
Post on message boards that are read by thousands- post in news groups that are read by the same.
Another thing that people tend to forget is that the majority of voters in the country are the elderly.
Thats right, the OLD farts!!!
They have a tendency to be out and about this ONE day of the year in droves!!!
You might not think so, but after you vote in the coming primary- hang around a few minutes and you will see your self. They are usually the first ones in line, as they tend to wake up at the crack of dawn.
If you want to make a difference, make your appeals to this class of people, change their opinion from the propaganda that they have been brainfed for the last 30 years. Remember, the people who were in thier 30's when Nixon started his opinions on MJ's hazard to society are now people who are in their 60's.
Kucinich would likely make a wonderful president, not only because he seems to have common sense, but because he is a person, not a suit.
The media LOVE suits because suits are who they are constantly sucking up to for raises in cash flow. Suits run the media, the government, etc.
There are millions of suits in this nation.
There are only a few billion of blue collars.
Make a difference- reach the people- go to where the people are, and make the voice heard, because the people aren't going to come to you.
Thats why delivery pizza is a mainstream buisness.
thank you- Breeze
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Comment #49 posted by escapegoat on December 16, 2003 at 07:56:30 PT
Canadians for Safe Access vs. Anne McLellan's lies
Man, this was don't see it in this video, but I have a tape of the LIVE broadcast (this went out LIVE across Canada) and you should have seen her squirm. Like a deer in the headlights...
Anne McLellan Press conference
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Comment #48 posted by yippierevolutionary on December 16, 2003 at 07:28:42 PT
Jesse Ventura's America
I just watched the show on Pot-TV what can I say JESSE IS THE MAN. Your average questioner of the drug war would fumble and backpedle when the Fed said "don't believe me Don't believe the government look in the yellow pages for treatment centers and ask them they have to deal with the effects of drug use" but Jesse said "FOLLOW THE MONEY, more patients more money" (im liberally paraphrasing) Jesse is someone who KNOWS WHAT IS HAPPENING (remember dr blumquest in fear and loathing?) Everyone that questions prohibition gets the vicious economic benefits to criminals, but only people who KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING understand the gargantuan benefits to Industry. The Fed tried to say the only people in prison are trafficers of over 100 lbs!!Fed: Whose in prison for pot? traffickers
Jesse: Tommy Chong!!! (he was wearing a free tommy shirt)Anyway it was the greatest thing I've seen and I was really excited about it, but I fear Jesse will go the way of Donahue. He's too real for TV. We should all send e-mails to MSNBC.
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Comment #47 posted by jose melendez on December 16, 2003 at 07:12:26 PT
the best way
the best way to keep your pc in top shape is to stay on top of your windows updates, from Internet Explorer:, it helps LOADS to have a Windows install CD after you run the virus stuff, and then ghost your system to another disk. way, it takes 7 - 10 minutes to restore your system.
scared yet?
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Comment #46 posted by jose melendez on December 16, 2003 at 07:06:43 PT
AND one more thing
test your system to determine virii at trendmicro:
go fight real crime!
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Comment #45 posted by jose melendez on December 16, 2003 at 07:04:18 PT
freedom fighter
start by downloading zoneAlarm free: download spyBot - Search and Destroy by pepiMK: get adAware:, if you are tired of trying to keep your operating system running and just want to USE the damned thing:Buy a Mac. swear, it's the same argument:Windoze, like alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals can accomplish lots, while harming you.Apples get you going with less side effects. Like cannabis, only not illegal. Unless you sell them to Cuba. Or Iraq. Even then, you can actually get something done. Like video. Not next week, or some time after you finish a three inch thick user manual. Today. Now. Like, when America will realize drug war is ILLEGAL!
drug laws deemed unconstitutional
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Comment #44 posted by kaptinemo on December 16, 2003 at 05:00:06 PT:
FF, email me when you get a chance
I need to know the name of the virus. There are procedures that can be taken to remove it if you know what it is.
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Comment #43 posted by Virgil on December 15, 2003 at 20:17:09 PT
NH and boston on drug importation from Canada
This is the introduction to the article at turn to Canada for 'illegal' drugs
Medicine cheaper north of border
Officials openly defy ban on importsKAREN TESTA
ASSOCIATED PRESSBOSTON—The city of Boston and the state of New Hampshire announced yesterday they will begin buying prescription drugs from Canada, jumping to the forefront of the growing but illegal movement to take advantage of lower prices across the border.
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Comment #42 posted by Virgil on December 15, 2003 at 19:54:31 PT
Best summary of Kucicnich on MMJ 
I am putting only Kucinich's position up as he is clearly the person articulating a sensible position on cannabis policy and the War of Insanity. This comes from following the first link in comment40 to the Kucinich position and is here- Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)In short: On May 29, 2003, Kucinich was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle as supporting medical marijuana "without reservation" and indicated that as president he would be willing to sign an executive order permitting its use. (You can read the full text of the article here.) This is on the heels of his May 27 announcement calling for a broad rethinking of anti-drug policies, emphasizing treatment over criminalization. Kucinich signed on as cosponsor of the positive Truth in Trials Act on May 1, and on June 16, he signed on to cosponsor the States' Rights to Medical Marijuana Act. He has come full circle on the subject, having voted for a 1998 resolution condemning state medical marijuana initiatives. What Kucinich has done*: Kucinich was the first Democratic presidential candidate to come out in favor of medical marijuana in May 2003. On July 23, 2003, Kucinich voted for the Hinchey/Rohrabacher amendment to the Commerce-Justice-State appropriations bill that would have barred the Justice Department, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, from spending any money to raid or arrest medical marijuana patients and providers in the states that have eliminated or reduced penalties for medical use of marijuana.On May 1, 2003, Kucinich became the first of the announced presidential candidates serving in Congress to cosponsor positive medical marijuana legislation: H.R. 1717, the Truth in Trials Act. This measure would remove the federal gag on medical marijuana defendants, allowing federal defendants to present evidence about the medical aspects of their marijuana-related activity. It would keep them from being sent to federal prison if it were determined that they were acting in compliance with state medical marijuana laws.On June 16, 2003, Kucinich became a cosponsor of the States' Rights to Medical Marijuana Act (H.R. 2233), a bill that would allow states to determine their own medical marijuana policies without federal interference.In 1998, Kucinich voted for H.J.Res. 117, a resolution opposing efforts to legalize marijuana or other Schedule I drugs for medical use. The resolution condemned "efforts to circumvent" the Food and Drug Administration's drug-approval process via state medical marijuana laws, and it contained language suggesting that medical marijuana laws add to "ambiguous cultural messages about marijuana use [that] are contributing to a growing acceptance of marijuana use among children and teenagers." The resolution passed by a vote of 310-93.What Kucinich has said: At a town hall meeting hosted by his campaign on October 22, a GSMM member thanked Kucinich for his compassionate position on medical marijuana. Kucinich replied, "The sight of federal agents going in and busting terminally ill medical marijuana patients in California, to me ... is just a sign of government gone wrong. It's just a matter of simple human awareness and compassion."At his Manchester campaign headquarters opening, Kucinich responded to a statement of gratitude for his compassion on medical marijuana from GSMM member Linda Macia, saying "It's not even a question, if someone needs it," referring to medical marijuana. Kucinich then left the podium and stepped toward a teary-eyed Macia to hug her. "How are you doing?" Kucinich asked. Macia responded, "I'm in a lot of pain." When Kucinich returned to the podium, he said "Thank you, Linda ... In my administration, you're going to get the help you need."Kucinich bolstered his previous strong public statement on July 22, 2003 with an impassioned speech urging his colleagues' support for an amendment to an appropriations bill that would have barred the Justice Department, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, from spending any money to raid or arrest medical marijuana patients and providers in the states that have eliminated or reduced penalties for medical use of marijuana. Rep. Kucinich added the mention of his floor speech to his campaign newsletter, saying "He spoke out on the House floor, as he has on the campaign, for an amendment to stop Attorney General Ashcroft's crusade against patients who use medical marijuana to alleviate their suffering in the 10 states that allow it."From the San Francisco Chronicle, May 29, 2003: "Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio became the first Democratic presidential candidate to endorse the legalization of medical marijuana when he told The Chronicle on Wednesday it should be available 'to any patient who needs it to alleviate pain and suffering,' regardless of the current federal drug laws. 'Compassion requires that medical marijuana be available' Kucinich said during a telephone interview after a campaign stop in Cupertino. 'We must have health-care systems which are compassionate ... so I support it without reservation.' (You can read the full text of the article here.)"Kucinich said that as president, 'I'd sign an executive order that would permit its use.'"
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Comment #41 posted by CorvallisEric on December 15, 2003 at 19:54:28 PT
Nuevo Mexican (comment 6)
Good comments! I'm not particularly a Dean supporter. It's just that for me, "Anyone but Bush" is the overwhelming priority, especially because of future Supreme Court appointments. The next couple months is the time to raise hell with the candidates like the Granite Staters have done (comment 40) and to vote one's conscience in the primaries. Good points for Kerry (comment 15) and Clark (comment 13).PS, I voted for Gore in 2000 because my state (Oregon) was a toss-up.
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Comment #40 posted by Virgil on December 15, 2003 at 19:36:02 PT
The candidates on the MMJ?CC issue
Source: GradesKucinich: A+Moseley-Braun: AClark: B+Kerry: B+Sharpton: BDean: CLieberman: CEdwards: D-Bush: FGephardt: B- downgraded to "?"I put in the link and copied the rest from this thread at DU- link goes to a website that goes to a website by Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana and has all the candidates on the left hand side. The thread also has a link to It goes to a release by Common Dreams for the Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana calling for the candidates to respond before Jan. 1. It came out on Dec. 10th and someone probably put it up already.
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Comment #39 posted by CorvallisEric on December 15, 2003 at 19:29:55 PT
mayan (comment 35)
Why was his hair very recently dyed? No roots!I'm not into the conspiracy stuff, but that's a really interesting point!Vote your conscience! Look where voting for the lesser of two evils has gotten us!Lots of people voted their conscience. I think we got the greater of two evils (in spite of Gore's promises to be stupider and more hateful than Bush). You can decide if there's a connection.
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Comment #38 posted by BUDSNAXZ on December 15, 2003 at 19:16:59 PT
I had not heard that. I had called NORML and asked them about the absence of their foundation in the brochure and they did not tell me that.
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Comment #37 posted by CorvallisEric on December 15, 2003 at 19:10:13 PT
sukoi (comment 33)
I wouldn't trust the safety and privacy (to say nothing of the legality and ethics) of my computer on that website, or any other that features "warez" and "cracks". 
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Comment #36 posted by The GCW on December 15, 2003 at 18:58:24 PT
Urantia paper 84.
(When you use salt to savor food, pause to consider that, for almost a million years, man could obtain salt only by dipping his food in ashes.)Let man enjoy himself; let the human race find pleasure in a thousand and one ways; let evolutionary mankind explore all forms of legitimate self-gratification, the fruits of the long upward biologic struggle. -the last page
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Comment #35 posted by mayan on December 15, 2003 at 18:36:51 PT
What A Weekend!
Let's hope a favorable decision comes soon in Canada! So, we got Saddam(maybe)...can our troops come home yet? Who thinks he would let himself be captured alive? Why was his hair very recently dyed? No roots! Will he(or his look-alike!) lead us to the weapons? He has nothing to lose. I'm sure the WMD's are being planted right now. And wasn't Jesse Ventura awesome Saturday night? It's too bad Johnny Pee wouldn't appear himself! What a coward. What a weekend! Vote your conscience! Look where voting for the lesser of two evils has gotten us!Here's some more on ABC & Kucinich... ABC Orders Some Candidates Off the Stage: way out is the way in...9/11 Widow Requests Writ To Depose Saddam Hussein In Rico Suit: WIDOW CHARGES BUSH WITH FOREKNOWLEDGE AND ABETMENT OF MURDER IN RICO SUIT: says 9/11 Interceptors flew:TOO FAR, TOO SLOW, TOO LATE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS:
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Comment #34 posted by sukoi on December 15, 2003 at 18:20:12 PT
I contacted NORML during the CFC cycle because they were not listed this year. I was told that they had too many monetary contributions to qualify this year. Is there something that I don't know?
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Comment #33 posted by sukoi on December 15, 2003 at 18:11:36 PT
freedom fighter, look here:
I use Norton Utilities 2003, it works well!
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Comment #32 posted by BUDSNAXZ on December 15, 2003 at 18:10:50 PT
Another way for some to donate to NORML
Some people can donate through the Combined Federal Campaign
The brochure that get passed out with all the charities you can make your choice to donate to does not even list NORML but they do actually have a number (listed below).
As a function of the United Way, the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is available for federal and state workers,  military personnel and retiree to donate a small portion of their weekly paycheck to The NORML Foundation. The United Way manages the funds and distributes them on a monthly   basis. Federal, state employees and military personnel can donate to the NORML Foundation by checking off #7981 on your
CFC form, which is typically distributed in the late fall. 
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Comment #31 posted by FoM on December 15, 2003 at 18:03:25 PT
freedom fighter
I'm glad you agree. The way I look at this is one person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter. It depends on whose shoes a person walks in.Thank you sukoi but I don't have any ideas on how to do something like this. I try to know what news is important and I try to teach myself to make personal web pages but that is the extent of my knowledge.
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Comment #30 posted by freedom fighter on December 15, 2003 at 18:02:14 PT
SUV Reefer madness
Strange how some people think....Kinda funny, BLAME THE HIPPIES FOR TODAY'S GENERATION OF LOW-RIDING CARS Your editorial "Boosting SUV safety" ( Journal, Dec. 8 ) describes SUVs, mini-vans and small trucks as unsafe and dangerous because in collisions with cars passengers of the car suffer most of the fatalities and injuries. There seems to be this contradiction: If those in the car suffer more is it not the cars which are more dangerous to sit in? But you blame the fact that the bumpers and frames of SUVs and trucks are about 20 centimetres higher than those of cars, and suggest that therefore they should be lowered by law. What utter nonsense. Pickup trucks are designed to drive across farm fields and pastures, construction sites, etc. Farmers' trucks have to have at least 30 cm ( one foot ) of clearance above ground so they can cross a swath in the field. SUVs are used for driving through the same conditions or worse, and have to go where there are no roads or snow plows. They are used by people having to drive up logging trails, get around in timbered cattle pastures, and often have to drive over fallen trees buried in snow. It cannot be done with lower ground clearance. However, you can raise cars. As it is now, cars are too low. The 1930s cars were about 60 cm off the ground, and had tires 90 cm in diameter. They seldom got stuck, even if the only roads then were mud, or unplowed snow. The reason is that larger diameter wheels roll easier over obstacles and use less power to do so. As late as 1948, cars were about 30 cm off the ground, and had the same bumper height as the pickup trucks of those days. Along comes the marijuana generation and they reinvent the wheel so cars now are as low as 10 cm off the ground, with tires half the diameter of what they had been. Needless to say they now get stuck in a mere 10 cm of snow, and what is worse, nobody can get a shovel underneath to dig them out. Some will say cars were lowered to make getting in easier. That's a lot of bull, because the lower the seat is dropped the harder it is for the physically challenged to get their behind out of it. The proof is that now many of the SUV drivers are little ladies who seem to have no trouble getting in or out. A.K. Zimmer, St. Albert like no one could really define what a hippy is like. Unless you grew your hair long and was a communist, or a pacfist or a low-rider druggiee!paceffPS) Can anyone direct me to a good virus software that is free?? I tried the McCaffee? for trail run to get rid of viruses and trojan horses. Caught 14 different programs and have deleted them but one still just keep on attacking my system even after it is deleted. I do'nt know what to do about this. Keeps on changin or redirecting the links elsewhere and I had to refresh every time I get on CannabisNews. My home-page are forced to change everytime. This really sucks! 
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Comment #29 posted by freedom fighter on December 15, 2003 at 17:45:27 PT
I agree.. What we are doing is no different than what Saddam had done in past. Bush broke so many international laws. Kinda strange to find Saddam with a pistol and Bush with a suitcase with a nuclear button. So to speak!ff
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Comment #28 posted by sukoi on December 15, 2003 at 17:44:03 PT
I had planned on contributing anyway, see if you can find a way to make this happen. I would love to send a HUGE contribution in the name of "Cannabis News". If you set something else up, I will contribute to that as well!
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Comment #27 posted by FoM on December 15, 2003 at 17:36:09 PT
I don't think so but it is a good idea. I know Ron Bennett's boards have that feature but this site is hosted by Mapinc. and they don't have that feature.
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Comment #26 posted by FoM on December 15, 2003 at 17:33:08 PT
That is a very kind offer. I don't understand how these things work. A lawyer would though.
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Comment #25 posted by yippierevolutionary on December 15, 2003 at 17:30:24 PT
Thanks FoM I know you do you are good people
what about our IP addressess when we post? Could we set up some kind of SSL encrypted connection to post?
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Comment #24 posted by yippierevolutionary on December 15, 2003 at 17:27:47 PT
Saddam's Capture
I also don't think Saddam was captured a few days ago, this Iraq war has been totally PR driven. It had a theme song for God's sakes. Also remember that thing andy card or karl rove said something like "we introduced the war in the fall because from a marketing stand point you dont put things out in the summer" or something I forget exactly. Timing is everything in politics. November was the bloodiest month for the US. Saddams capture is part of an administration PR blitz that started with Bush's 2 hour thanksgiving trip to Baghdad.KUCINICH FOR PRES
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Comment #23 posted by FoM on December 15, 2003 at 17:26:52 PT
This is for you and everyone here. I will NEVER share information from this site with anyone or any group. I value my privacy and everyones privacy that posts here. I believe in individuals rights to privacy. That is very important to me.
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Comment #22 posted by Nuevo Mexican on December 15, 2003 at 17:25:48 PT
How to tell if Saddams capture was staged:
Look at how the media is 'framing' the capture of Saddam:
Bush is now a shoe-in for the election yadda, yadda, yadda!I dare anyone here to refute the charge I am making that this is a re-election ploy, forced upon the administration prematurely, although it was planned for the Christmas holidays. What happened?First Dennis Kucinich, Al Gore, and Howard Dean stole the stage from bush for the first time in all of the debates, as bushes Haliburton rip-off and the Iraqi war contracts made it look like bush was soon to be history. Don't worry, he still is on the way out, but the rich must be comforted in their time of doubt, thus bring out the ACE! Saddam!Hiding in a hole? Forgetaboutit! If anyone thinks Saddam would voluntarily hide out in a hole the size of the one you've seen on the news, you must be on legal pharmaceuticals or have drunk yourself silly.Imagine George Bush, after having been in Saddams position for so many years, rich, powerful, seeminglyh adored by the media (who actually lives in fear of their death) finding himself hiding in a hole with 750,000 American dollars, no cell phone, no radio, no means of communication. Never gonna happens in Georges mind.As much as it looks like Saddam, I still have to doubt whether it is really him.
 The real Saddam, if not a whore for the CIA, which he is, is hated world-wide, for good reasons, but by the time bush leaves office, he will have out-Saddamed Saddam, and then we get to put him on trial. In Iraq!But not if we have our way. Bush will serve time WITH Saddam, as they both deserve the same. Please argue this point with me. oh, thats right, nobody reading C-news believes anything out of bushes mouth, I forgot. 
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Comment #21 posted by sukoi on December 15, 2003 at 17:24:44 PT
FoM, global_warning and others 
If it would be possible to set up an account for contributions to go to that everyone is comfortable with, then I would be glad to make the contribution in my name. I don’t smoke, so I have nothing to fear from that aspect. I would need some help, ‘cause I have no idea how to do something like this, but I am more than willing. I know that you guys don’t know me from “Adam”, so this would have to be an account set up for this specific purpose in order to keep everyone safe and all of the money going to the specific fund. Any lawyers out there? 
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Comment #20 posted by yippierevolutionary on December 15, 2003 at 17:19:46 PT
I joined the ACLU to fight for my rights, but now all I get is tons and tons of mail from planned parenthood and other "leftist" causes. I understand this is how they mobilize their base but the ACLU is suppose to be about privacy and they sold my address to every democratic cause there is. Also last year for question 9 I managed to raise 40 bucks at my school and donated 10 of my own and sent 50 to MPP for Nevada. My mom is a devout Catholic, like she doesn't even like alot of things about Vatican II lol and she hates seeing me get mail from planned parenthood!
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Comment #19 posted by FoM on December 15, 2003 at 16:51:40 PT
I didn't know that about Kerry. He sure seems sympathetic to medical marijuana. A medical marijuana patient called in on one show I was watching where he was the guest. She thanked him for his support of medical marijuana and he humbly said she was very welcome.
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Comment #18 posted by Sam Adams on December 15, 2003 at 16:46:38 PT
Senator Kerry has quietly been one of the Democratic drug warriors during his career.He has openly supported and the HEA Act of the 1998, specifically saying he like the provision that strips financial aid.  Unfortunately he's a drug warrior, worse than Dean.When the Democratic primary comes to my state, I'll register and vote for Kucinich, he's definitely got some integrity.
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Comment #17 posted by FoM on December 15, 2003 at 16:41:26 PT
I understand your worry. We gave money to Cheryl Miller's Memorial Fund and it showed up in our checking account. I wish there was a way to contribute without getting mail like we have from MPP. That freaked me out. 
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Comment #16 posted by global_warming on December 15, 2003 at 16:33:48 PT
"Support NORML's efforts to make marijuana law reform an important issue in the 2004 Presidential election by making a contribution at or joining at"I would gladly send them some money, but I have a fear that my name will be available to some database theft and I will become a target of the demon/bloody bastards.If there were some other way to offer support/money, I would be open to it.I guess I am not much of an American "Patriot", for I have understood, that throughout this bloody history on this planet, our very governments have been easily userped and every sympathasiser has been doggedly rooted and found.If the NORML people could organise coin tosses at major intersections or some other way for people to donate money, anonymously I'm sure that the money would flow.I know that the narcos would try to clamp this down quickly, for they would not have a way to know how much or who has donated..If the new electronic voting tools are honest, and not tampered with, you have my vote, a vote for change and an end to this oppression.Kucinich has "balls" he stands up against the tyrants, but what will happen to him?
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Comment #15 posted by FoM on December 15, 2003 at 16:30:10 PT
What's Wrong with Kerry?
He is endorsing growing Medical Marijuana in Boston not just at the Mississippi farm?
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Comment #14 posted by FoM on December 15, 2003 at 16:28:33 PT
What ever hope I had that Gore might be a changed person he blew when he endorsed Dean. 
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Comment #13 posted by Sam Adams on December 15, 2003 at 16:25:12 PT
What about Clark?
I won't vote for him either, but I sure hope the Dems end up picking Clark. He's the only one to criticize Bush in real language. He tells it like it is! I think Dean is going to be wiped out going up against Bush. A Northern Democrat would have to be exceptionally charismatic to win against Bush. Does anyone reallly belive that the NASCAR dads are going to vote for Dean? Are you kidding?I can't belive the Dems and the media were so excited about Gore's endorsement. Gore is the reason we have Bush! Are they crazy? They should send Gore the equivalent of political Siberia as fast as they can. He should be invisible at this point! Did they trot out Dukakis when Clinton was running against Bush?It really seems like the Democratic brain trust is asleep at the wheel.
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Comment #12 posted by FoM on December 15, 2003 at 16:15:06 PT
About Howard Dean
He reminds me of a republican in a democrats suit. He looks so stiff. Has anyone besides me thought that they might draft Hillary Clinton?
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Comment #11 posted by Sam Adams on December 15, 2003 at 16:04:15 PT
2004 election
Ever seen the Chuck Norris "Missing in Action" movies? They're all about Viet Nam POW's. In every prison camp, there's one American prisoner who gets special treatment - he gets to eat meals with the soldiers, not the prisoners, wear nice clothes, sleep in a nice bed, etc. This is in exchange for sucking up to the sadistic General who runs the camp. The sell-out would usually help out with disciplining the other American prisoners and do other things for the General.The other prisoners always hate the sell-out - without exception, his excuse is "C'mon guys, we're all in prison now like it or not, and there's nothing we can do about it. These guards aren't that bad! If we're just reasonable with them, we can get through this OK"You guys are welcome to vote for Dean, I'd rather sleep in the mud and starve.
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Comment #10 posted by Virgil on December 15, 2003 at 14:06:13 PT
NORML release on Kucinich
This is the link at DU for this e-mail alert- NORML's efforts to make marijuana law reform an important issue in
the 2004 Presidential election by making a contribution at or joining at NORML Supporter,With the 2004 Presidential election less than a year away, I am pleased to
announce that for the first time in more than two decades, marijuana law
reform has emerged as a prominent campaign issue. Among the nine
Democratic Presidential candidates, several have publicly spoken out in
favor of the use of marijuana as a medicine, and three recently admitted
in a live nationally televised debate to having smoked marijuana. Their
admission was met with rousing applause from the audience! (NORML's
report in this debate is available online at:, arguably the most significant development of the campaign so far
is Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich's outspoken support for ending
marijuana prohibition. Last week Kucinich (D-Ohio) announced on his
campaign website that, if elected, he would end federal criminal
prohibitions on the personal use of marijuana by adults, and would
establish national guidelines to regulate it like alcohol. This is one of
the strongest and most progressive endorsements of marijuana law reform
ever uttered by a prominent Presidential candidate!KUCINICH CAMPAIGN ADOPTS NORML'S POSITION ON RESPONSIBLE USEOn the "Kucinich for President" website, Kucinich states: "Statistical
evidence shows that marijuana use follows a pattern very similar to that
of alcohol. Most marijuana users do so responsibly, in a safe,
recreational context. These people lead normal, productive lives --
pursuing careers, raising families and participating in civic life. ... A
Kucinich administration would reject the current paradigm of 'all use is
abuse' in favor of a drug policy that sets reasonable boundaries for
marijuana use by establishing guidelines similar to those already in place
for alcohol." (Full text of Kucinich's position on marijuana
decriminalization is available online at:'s position acknowledges NORML's long-standing principle that the
responsible use of marijuana by adults is a relatively safe activity
engaged in by millions of otherwise law-abiding, professional and
productive Americans!This is no coincidence. In the past weeks, NORML's staff provided
"invaluable" input to the Kucinich campaign regarding decriminalization
and the responsible use of marijuana, and we are pleased that Kucinich
adopted many of NORML's tenets and talking points when crafting his
official position statement on cannabis.That's right, your financial support to NORML is directly helping to shape
the political debate over marijuana policy in America!NORML'S SMOKE THE VOTE CAMPAIGNAnd that's not all. I'm also pleased to report that NORML's recently
launched "Smoke the Vote" campaign has so far been a tremendous success.The 2004 Presidential election promises to have profound effects on
marijuana law reform. That's why NORML is seeking to register 100,000
voters under the NORML banner with the online voter mobilization program,
"Smoke the Vote." This voter registration tool allows individuals in all
50 states to register to vote or change their address."Smoke the Vote" is the largest 'get out the vote' campaign ever launched
by NORML, and seeks to harness the more than 20 million marijuana smokers
nationwide into a powerful, viable political constituency. And it's
working! To date, more than 2,000 NORML supporters have used NORML's
"Smoke the Vote" service to register to vote for marijuana law reform in
the 2004 election! If you still need to register to vote or change your
address, do so right now at FOR CHANGEIn the coming months, NORML will be increasing its efforts to make
marijuana law reform a staple of the 2004 Presidential election. In
addition to registering NORML voters, tracking the candidates' officials
positions and voting records, and providing assistance to like-minded
politicians, NORML plans to inundate every campaign office with calls and
e-mails from Americans who are sick and tired of wasting taxpayers'
dollars arresting and prosecuting marijuana smokers!Please take a moment today to make a donation of $50 or more to help fund
NORML's 2004 campaign efforts, and assure we don't miss this excellent
opportunity to make the 2004 Presidential election a mandate for marijuana
law reform. You can contribute quickly and securely online by going to or by calling 888-67-NORML.NORML supporters have an unprecedented opportunity in 2004 to change the
direction of America's marijuana policy. Please help NORML make the most
of this opportunity by supporting our efforts and informing the
Presidential candidates: "We smoke! We vote! Get used to it!"Warm Regards,
R. Keith Stroup, Esq.
NORML Executive Director and Founder####################
NORML Media Watch
NORML was featured prominently in several media outlets this week,
including The Washington Times, The Los Angeles Valley Beat and The
Tri-Valley Herald. To read these articles or about other NORML media
appearances, check out "NORML in the Media" at: keep the candle lit by making your New Years resolution a monthly
pledge to NORML. Please visit: vote in 2004! If you have not already done so, register to vote or
change your voter registration address at:
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Comment #9 posted by FoM on December 15, 2003 at 13:58:03 PT
A Comment About Saddam
I believe Saddam Hussein is a terrible person and it's good he is captured but what bothers me is the way we go about it all. We should protect ourselves from attack here but going after people because they are bad isn't what I ever felt was our responsibility. Our country can be self sufficent. We don't need other countries to make the US work. I mind the way we are nose poking in countries that aren't ours and taking military action against those who we find to be bad. That's what bothers me. 
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Comment #8 posted by Nuevo Mexican on December 15, 2003 at 13:43:20 PT
This about sums it up!
From a post at Smirkingchimp.comMonday 12/15/03 
A CHRISTMAS TALE, by D.L. BruinI believe Saddam was captured some time ago, probably back in August or September. The Snake-eaters have kept him under wraps, interrogating him with the aid of cocktails of hallucinogenic substances. I think while they were working on him, they were simultaneously "planting" the Weapons of Mass Destruction around the country..... I don't believe the Bushistas INTENDED to parade Saddam before the cameras until a lot closer to the September Convention in NYC, but the Polls forced their hand......... I think the entire videotaped production was just that; a production, scripted, lit and rehearsed repeatedly. Reminded me of the Jessica Lynch "rescue", which we all now know was a total fabrication. This Admin really knows how to sell it to Middle-America...... the Middle America that watches Joe Millionaire and Survivor, and other dreck reality shows like COPS, that appeal to the basest of emotions. And of course Saddam is reported to be "talkative". You gotta know the "discovery" of the "secret WMD caches" will be upcoming episodes hosted by Geraldo and his ilk. And the 'Murican public will eat it up and lick the bowl clean.
I'm sorry, but I just don't buy any of it. This misAdministration has proven over and over that it is wholly incapable of speaking the TRUTH. Truth is not a word in their vocabulary. They will do anything to remain in power, and I do mean ANYTHING. I put nothing past this collection of miscreants.
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Comment #7 posted by The GCW on December 15, 2003 at 13:38:16 PT
Little ditty.
"Hashish is far more than a drug; it is a dream; it is even more than a dream, for it is an escape for both the most primitive and the most sophisticated of beings."- Victor Robinson, MD, Hashish: A Drug and a Dream, Ciba Symposium, 1946 - 
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Comment #6 posted by Nuevo Mexican on December 15, 2003 at 13:28:05 PT
Dean vs. Dennis, no comparison!
Doesn't it hurt the Dems to be against the war now that we have Saddam? Judy Woodruff from CNN asks: No! It exposes the fallacy of why we went to Iraq, to get Saddam, due to his connections to Ossama (NOT) and the Weapons of Mass Destruction, that will not be found. Dean half-heartedly supports the war, and isn't calling for a immediate withdrawal, like Dennis, so what is so good about that? Cajones Eric! Playing it safe a YEAR before the election is not going to win the White House or the Peoples hearts. I converted the most pro-Dean activist this week to Dennis, as all of her activist friends (Catholic Workers Group, School of the Americas, Pentagon actions, arrest after arrest for civil disobedience). She couldn't figure out why ALL of her deeply committed friends were sooooo dedicated to someone like Dennis Kucinich, when Dean appears to be a Shoe-in. Key Word: Appears. She felt pressured by the media to support Dean, as the marginalization of Dennis had worked up until Dec. 9th ABC debate. NO more! Thanks TED!Don't vote for whoever the media implies will be a winner if you vote for them, it is manipulation, and it is you that is being manipulated. But you already know that so whats up?ONly someone willing to go completely out of the way to oppose bush will win, and Dean is a waffler. Not Dennis! When the primaries are over, and if Dean gets it, Okay, but not when we have a Pro-decrim, end the drug war candidate!!!
Wake up Corvallis Eric, I can't get behind someone who supports the war on drugs, and voted down medical cannabis legislation! Unless he's the only choice.PRincipals Eric, principals! I pretty sure you voted for Nader, so whats up. Fear got you by the nape of the neck? Get behind Dennis and he will be the man, get behind Dean and you'll be happy bush is out, and disgusted with the Doctor you voted into office. I'm still proud of my vote for Ralph, Gore won, and didn't have cajones to fight for the office. Who would want to be president with a guy like Lie-berman for V.P.? Joe would've made bush look great (if Al was taken out by bushco) from what I can see, he licks bush (George) every day.Don't reward wimpy Dems like Dean (okay, he against the war in Iraq, the only thing he would get my vote for). Lets hear what you think is so great about Dean.We here at C-News have gone out of our way to educate you, but you're not getting it. And frankly, I'm surprised! 
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Comment #5 posted by CorvallisEric on December 15, 2003 at 12:28:17 PT
Nuevo Mexican (comment 4)
Bushes reelection will be YOUR FAULT Dems, if you don't vote in the primary or caucuses!It'll REALLY be your fault if Howard Dean (or whoever) isn't good enough for you next November. If Bush is the evil that most people here seem to think (and I tend to agree, especially when considering future Supreme Court appointments), then the only hope is to unite behind the Demo nominee and leave "fixing the system" for later. I believe this is what George Soros is trying to do.
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Comment #4 posted by Nuevo Mexican on December 15, 2003 at 11:19:33 PT
Barbed wire wrapped around your town?
First, we do a trial run on Israel, (lots of outrage, but noone can stop us, next), then we apply our new techniques out on Iraq, then we bring them home to use on all the Patriotic Americans standing up for Democracy, especially if they're disguised as an unarmed 350 lb. Black Man. We're already there folks, it is just a matter of time, as Steven Kubby and his family are finding out, there is no justice in America, unless your Rich, white, Republican and Arrogant! Email Bill Press on MSNBC and rip him for ripping Howard Dean for standing by his word, the war in Iraq IS WRONG!!! 
He says bush is 'Presidential' for capturing Saddam! With friends like Bill Press and Dems like Lie-berman, and Gephardt, we have not 4 more years of bush, but he will likely be the Premier of the U.S. for the rest of our lives if we don't get some effing BALLS! And ultimately, Dean will make way for Kucinich, as he is the 'waves breaking on the bow', that will make way for our ship to come in, and our 'ship' is Dennis. Thanks Howard, you're doing your job perfectly!Press then back-pedaled and defended Dean, but joined Pat in his critisism of Dean. Get Balls Bill, and all of you limp Democrats out there, GET A SPINE! NOW! Greens: re-register to vote Democratic, as the election of Dennis is critical to everyones future, including the planet Earth, and I wish that were an understatement. Just look at how willing the media is to prop up the monkey, to make him look like a man. Can you say AWOL?Bushes reelection will be YOUR FAULT Dems, if you don't vote in the primary or caucuses! Just like having a JOe Lieberman as v.p. undermined the popular outrage at the stolen election, with his mealy-mouthed statements of support for the integrity of the vote-counting process. NO one felt like fighting hard for Joes rightful place as V.P., because noone felt like fighting for Joe (including JOE!), he's useless, until it comes to doing bushes bidding.
I think Joe Lie-erman is a Republican plant, just watch the debates, and Al Gore knows it, and thus his endorsment of Dean! A message to Democratic candidates debating: as soon as you attack Dean, you send votes to the Republicans, noone can stand watching childish, immature, white men NIT-pick each other, when it soooo easy to focus on the failures of bush and cheney.buchananandpress msnbc.comFreedom Rider: Nathaniel Jones, 350 lb. Black ManIn Phoenix, Arizona a 67-year old white man mixed anti-anxiety medication with alcohol and then got behind the wheel of his car. He struck another car but didn’t stop as required by law. He was apprehended only because another motorist followed him and called police. When the heavily medicated driver finally encountered police he used his knee as a weapon to strike one of the officers in the thigh. He was found to have a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. He was charged with extreme drunken driving, hit and run, and suspicion of assaulting an officer. His name is Glen Campbell and he is still alive. GoneThe war on terrorism's number-one distraction has now been taken out. Let the Iraqis celebrate. Let Hussein be punished to the max--though no punishment devised by mortals can fit his crimes. Let Bush and his crew do a modest victory dance. But let us not forget that Hussein--as brutal as he was--was not the main threat to America and that his capture does not guarantee success in Iraq or the (more correctly named) war against al Qaeda. Sunday, December 14th, 2003
We Finally Got Our Frankenstein... and He Was In a Spider Hole! -- by Michael Moore Thank God Saddam is finally back in American hands! He must have really missed us. Man, he sure looked bad! But, at least he got a free dental exam today. That's something most Americans can't get.America used to like Saddam. We LOVED Saddam. We funded him. We armed him. We helped him gas Iranian troops. But then he screwed up. He invaded the dictatorship of Kuwait and, in doing so, did the worst thing imaginable -- he threatened an even BETTER friend of ours: the dictatorship of Saudi Arabia, and its vast oil reserves. The Bushes and the Saudi royal family were and are close business partners, and Saddam, back in 1990, committed a royal blunder by getting a little too close to their wealthy holdings. Things went downhill for Saddam from there.But it wasn't always that way. Saddam was our good friend and ally. We supported his regime. It wasn’t the first time we had helped a murderer. We liked playing Dr. Frankenstein. We created a lot of monsters -- the Shah of Iran, Somoza of Nicaragua, Pinochet of Chile -- and then we expressed ignorance or shock when they ran amok and massacred people. We liked Saddam because he was willing to fight the Ayatollah. So we made sure that he got billions of dollars to purchase weapons. Weapons of mass destruction. That's right, he had them. We should know -- we gave them to him! the poll! They said 'go to the poll and vote now, and so I did, but it appears closed, as they last reported on the tube, it was now 51% yes, 49% no. Results hoped for barely gotten, so CLOSE the poll! Saddam's capture: Will it help end the violence?  * 2073 responses 
52% Game from Buzzflash:A BUZZFLASH EDITORIAL It's the endgame of a mad, politically calculated war. From the beginning, everyone's agreed that Saddam Hussein is a bad man, almost a prototype for a villain in a James Bond Film. But that's where the agreement stopped. The Bush Cartel, for a variety of politically and financially calculated reasons, decided that a war that could cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars was of strategic importance to its world domination game plan -- and to a second term for George W. Bush. The corporate media -- for reasons of financial interest combined with sheer ineptitude -- enabled and facilitated a rush to war that was transparently self-serving for the Chickenhawks in the White House. The Democrats, as usual, allowed the Grand Hypocrisy Party (GHP) to define the issue in such a way that it marginalized any dissent. This despite the fact that the Bush Cartel brazenly used lies and shifting justifications to mask the real reasons for the war. Arrest Cheer Fades Into Iraqi Ire at U.S. "It's great that he's caught, but it wasn't him who screwed up the petrol and the electricity and everything else so badly, so now a canister of gas that was 250 dinars costs 4,000, if you can get one," said Ghazi, a 52-year-old dentist, from his car as he queued with hundreds of other drivers waiting for petrol. "This is an oil country and it should be rich. It should not be Afghanistan." Other drivers echoed the complaints of chronic fuel shortages in a country with the world's second-largest oil reserves, as well as of their treatment at the hands of troops who have killed civilians while hunting suspected Saddam partisans or pursuing criminals with Iraqi police. "The Americans promised freedom and prosperity; what's this? Go up to their headquarters, at one of those checkpoints where they point their guns at you, and tell them that you hate them as much as Saddam, and see what they do to you," said Mohammad Saleh, 39, a building contractor. "The only difference is that Saddam would kill you in private, where the Americans will kill you in public," he said. "A lot of things -- safety, freedom, prosperity -- that we were supposed to have are gone. They promised many things, and now that they have caught Saddam maybe they kept one.";jsessionid=0Z5YWGMG4G1VACRBAEKSFEY?type=topNews&storyID=3991873
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Comment #3 posted by sukoi on December 15, 2003 at 10:57:51 PT
Here's a little!
Medical Cannabis Grower Non Conviction Applauded
Monday, 15 December 2003, 11:05 am
Press Release: NORMLNorml Applauds No Conviction For Medical Cannabis Grower The National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML NZ) applauded last week's decision by a Judge not to convict a Christchurch businessman who was caught growing cannabis for medical use. 
NORML's South Island Coordinator Stephen McIntyre said the decision was fair and called it a victory for justice and commonsense; but added that there was a disturbing lack of consistency in judgments of cases of adults who use medicinal cannabis with the consent of their doctors. 
"At sixty a day, New Zealand has the highest rate of cannabis arrests in the world, and I'm thrilled that Mr Jackson's name won't be added to the growing list of pot convictions. But some of the reasoning behind Justice Panckhurst's decision raises serious questions about the fairness of the justice system, especially when it comes to medicinal cannabis cases." 
"The crux of the decision seemed to be that Mr Jackson is a man of status on a good income, with employees and the prospect of cementing a lucrative business deal in the near future. Of course this is all reasonable, but do medical marijuana users on a benefit get the same consideration? Past experience shows that they do not!", Mr McIntyre said. 
On trial this week in Christchurch is Neville Yates - another medical marijuana user who's been charged with cultivation. This isn't his first arrest for medpot though. Mr Yates - a one-legged invalid who uses a wheelchair and who turned to cannabis as a way to successfully deal with chronic pain and get off the prescription methadone and valium he was given by his doctor and heavily addicted to - has already spent 18 months in prison for growing his own medicine at home. 
"It'll be interesting to see whether this time around Mr Yates gets the same degree of consideration that Mr Jackson was awarded. A recent survey has shown that doctors in this country would permit their patients to use medical marijuana were it not illegal to do so. NORML says that all medical users who have their doctor's approval should be excempt from arrest and prosecution for cannabis possession and personal cultivation", Mr McIntyre said.
Copyright (c) Scoop Media 
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Comment #2 posted by FoM on December 15, 2003 at 09:53:23 PT
Just a Note
I've been looking for news but I guess all the writers are Christmas shopping or just not working. I hope you all are having a nice holiday season. We ordered a few DVDs so we will have a nice Christmas. I'll keep looking for news but even the transcripts for Jesse Ventura's America aren't up yet. This is a slow time for news so maybe we should try to make the most of it and enjoy the season! 
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Comment #1 posted by The GCW on December 15, 2003 at 08:34:46 PT
Elect Dennis Kucinich to replace Bush.
One thing that helps this problem get better in America helps it get better in Cannada also. Elect Democratic President nomonee, Dennis Kucinich for President of the United States of America.- 
Democratic Presidential nominee, Dennis Kucinich, put in writing that as PRESIDENT He WILL: "DECRIMINALIZE MARIJUANA" -"in favor of a drug policy that sets reasonable boundaries for marijuana use by establishing guidelines similar to those already in place for alcohol." (POSTED ON His website!) 
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