Councillor Fuming Over New Pot Café 

Councillor Fuming Over New Pot Café 
Posted by CN Staff on November 25, 2003 at 07:35:08 PT
By CBC News Online Staff
Source: CBC
Montreal -- Marijuana activists are heading for a showdown with Montreal police over the opening of pot café at the new Bloc Pot headquarters on Rachel Street.Indeed, the city councillor for the borough of Plateau Mont Royal, Nicolas Tetrault, is warning marijuana activists that police will intervene if people are caught smoking pot at the new café.
Marijuana activists said they set up the café to give pot smokers a welcoming place to light up. They won't sell the drug—customers will have to bring their own.The café will ask patrons to pay a small amount to become a member of the party before they're allowed in.The head of the Marijuana Party of Canada, Boris St. Maurice, said it will be hard for police to stop people from smoking up."When you go the route of a political party, you have far more flexibility in how you can run your operation," said St. Maurice. "Again, municipal bylaws and moratoriums … it's very hard to apply to a political party. "But Tetrault said the party doesn't even have a permit to sell cake or coffee, and he's asked police to arrest anyone caught breaking the law."The bottom line is the drug policy will be enforced, and it's zero tolerance for drugs in my borough, and all the laws will be applied by the police of the city of Montreal, period," said Tetrault.More than a 100 marijuana activists are expected to come out to the Saturday opening.St. Maurice said if they're arrested, his party will challenge the charges in court.Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Published: November 25, 2003Copyright: 2003 CBCContact: letters Website: Party of Canada Canada Archives
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Comment #1 posted by Sam Adams on November 25, 2003 at 09:45:23 PT
Sounds like they should go after this guy in the next election, I can't imagine that many Montrealers like fundamentalist-type city councilors, usually they're very progressive. I'm sure 100 activists working on his competitor's campaign would be more than enough to run him out of office.
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