Prince of Pot Smitten With NDP

Prince of Pot Smitten With NDP
Posted by CN Staff on November 11, 2003 at 08:33:30 PT
By Kim Lunman
Source: Globe and Mail 
The head of the B.C. Marijuana Party is urging members to join the New Democratic Party after NDP Leader Jack Layton endorsed pot as a "wonderful substance" that should be legalized.Marc Emery, a national marijuana activist who has been dubbed Canada's Prince of Pot, also said he would seek a nomination in the riding of Vancouver Centre as an NDP candidate in the next federal election.
"We're dead serious about throwing our support behind them in the next election," Mr. Emery said in an interview yesterday.He is airing recently videotaped segments of Mr. Layton on Pot-TV, a Vancouver-based Internet site, in which the NDP Leader endorses marijuana as "a wonderful substance."Mr. Layton appealed on Pot-TV directly to pot smokers, urging them to join the NDP and help "create a legal environment in which people can enjoy their marijuana in the peace and quiet of their own home or in a café."Mr. Emery, a millionaire marijuana-seed grower who started Pot-TV and unsuccessfully ran for Vancouver mayor, said he wants to encourage federal Marijuana Party members not to run candidates in the next election and to vote for the NDP instead."If someone's advocating what I'm saying, that pot should be legal ..... then there's no purpose for me to duplicate that effort."Mr. Emery, who has 22 marijuana-related convictions, also said he's prepared to make financial contributions to the NDP instead of to the Marijuana Party.However, he added, "To get full support from me, it would have to be a top-five item in the next election and it would have to be on the party's Web site.""These are my personal views," Mr. Layton said in an interview yesterday."Our party is going to develop a complete proposal for the next election. It will probably involve a lot of consultation with Canadians."I don't think we need to have a national election based solely on that issue."It'll be a part of our platform that we have reasonable laws to regulate in a non-punitive way the consumption of marijuana, absolutely."Mr. Layton said he was describing marijuana as a "wonderful substance" for people who mioght require the drug for medical reasons."I have some friends who have been very outspoken on this issue of marijuana for medical purposes. There's no question ..... it's absolutely a wonderful substance like any medication that helps out," he said."We do favour a decriminalized context — in fact, a regulated non-punitive environment for people to be able to have marijuana," he added.Mr. Emery, who conducted the recent Pot-TV interview with Mr. Layton, said the New Democrat is the only federal leader who has publicly supported legalizing marijuana.The federal government has introduced legislation to decriminalize possession for small amounts of marijuana (up to 15 grams), issuing tickets instead of criminal records.Mr. Layton said the legislation "really guarantees organized crime is the primary source of marijuana." From Tuesday's Globe and Mail Source: Globe and Mail (Canada)Author: Kim LunmanPublished:  Tuesday, November 11, 2003 Copyright: 2003 The Globe and Mail CompanyContact: letters globeandmail.caWebsite: Articles & Web Sites:Pot-TVhttp://www.pot-tv.netCannabis News Canadian Links Leader Boosts Legalization of Wonderful Pot Hails B.C.'s Marijuana Economy Canada's Most Valuable Product Dope - Forbes Magazine 
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Comment #5 posted by FoM on November 14, 2003 at 16:09:40 PT
Canada: Upcoming Event - Nov. 15th, 2003
Rally and March for Medical MarijuanaSupporters of the Victoria-based Cannabis Buyers' Club of Canada have a chance to bid on art pieces and take part in activities put on by the club this Saturday (Nov. 15).The annual International Medical Marijuana Day includes a 2 p.m. rally at the Ministry of Health building on the corner of Blanshard Street and Pandora Avenue, followed by a march at about 2:45 to Victoria city hall. A fund-raising silent art auction has been ongoing and ends at 4:20 p.m. Saturday. Interested bidders can view the pieces at the club's store, 826 Johnston St. until then. The day will also see the launch of Cannabis Digest, a medical marijuana journal designed to support the club and the medical marijuana movement.
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Comment #4 posted by FoM on November 14, 2003 at 08:18:47 PT
New Article from Snipped Source
The Complexities of Cannabis 
Garnett Genuis, Freelance Friday, November 14, 2003Edmonton Journal  
It's one thing to spout the latest rhetoric on legalizing marijuana; it's quite another to offer an informed opinion.A recent debate tournament on the topic drew more than 100 students from various schools throughout the city. Organized by Old Scona Academic Debate Society, the tournament was structured so that all participants would have an opportunity to argue both sides of the question at different times throughout the day. In teams of two, students competed in three rounds of debate, followed by a final in which the two top teams squared off in an effort to claim an enormous trophy for their school.The trophy will rest at Ross Shepherd for the next year, after which students will again gather to debate a hot public policy issue.This year I had the pleasure of participating in the debate, and I discovered first hand the amount of work and preparation that so many students put into these types of events. Snipped:Complete Article:
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Comment #3 posted by FoM on November 13, 2003 at 22:05:13 PT
From Canada, Signs of a Warming Trend
Prime Minister-in-waiting Paul Martin says good neighbors can agree to differ, be it over minor issues like marijuana laws -- or major ones like Iraq. November 14, 2003Copyright: 2003 Business WeekSnip:Q: One thing that has been in the news a lot lately are the more eccentric aspects of Canadian policy, from moves to decriminalize marijuana to legalizing same-sex marriage. Do you think those issues will color relations between the two countries?A: Not at all. On the very issues that you're raising, in fact, there are great differences of opinion within the U.S. itself. Opinion is not monolithic.Q: So what's your opinion on these issues?A: Let me give you one example -- the marijuana issue. It is very important to understand that decriminalization is not legalization. What a lot of police will tell you is that they don't believe in giving young people a criminal record because they happen to have been caught with a small amount. They also think it is by far a much greater inhibitor to have a stiff fine, which will be imposed, than criminalization, which will not be imposed. All of this has got to be accompanied by a much tougher effort against those who are growing pot and those who are distributing pot.Complete Articles:
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Comment #2 posted by Virgil on November 11, 2003 at 10:01:29 PT
pot-tv links on Layton
This is Marc Emery interviewing Jack Layton link tells of the media coverage the interview has generated- It is only 4 minuttes long and is promoted with this introduction.Pot Tv's interview with NDP "Head" Jack Layton has been getting extensive media coverage, as can be seen from this clip that aired on Global TV. Special thanks to Newshawk Flash for capturing this and a comical clip about the US Democratic nominations and Canadian coverage of gun wielding American Cops terrorizing students of a South Carlolina high school in search of marijuana.Now, I must say that if I were in a donating mood, I would donate money to this party and send a copy of the check to some American politicians explaning why and that if American politicians were not so gutless as to speak out against the wrongness of prohibition so as to enlighten the public, the best thing to do is to support a free society that can be a beacon of freedom to the rest of the world now that America has gone Nazi.
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Comment #1 posted by E_Johnson on November 11, 2003 at 09:01:15 PT
Finally the truth comes out
Workers in Pain Cost Business Billions -StudyBy Ellen WulfhorstNEW YORK (Reuters) - Not today, boss. I've got a headache.One in eight workers is in pain and losing productive time at work, costing U.S. business an estimated $61.2 billion each year, according to a study in the latest issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association (news - web sites), released on Tuesday.---------------------------------------------I wonder how much of this pain is caused by workers who are pee tested and can't use nature's own way of easing the pains of economic labor.
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