Tripping Through The Pot Culture Haze

  Tripping Through The Pot Culture Haze

Posted by CN Staff on November 09, 2003 at 08:36:07 PT
By Tom Murray 
Source: Edmonton Journal  

Walk into the Jupiter Cannabis Culture Shop on Whyte Avenue, and the first thing you notice is how bright it is. Clean. Professional. Once known as the Jupiter Glass Galleria, the family-run enterprise is now devoted to selling all things cannabis related. "Thing is, it's so mainstream," shrugs owner Tom Doran Sr. "It's people in their 50s and 60s, young kids, professionals, blue collar, white collar. It's not a segment of society; it's all society."
Doran, 60, a respected Edmonton drummer, says his son, Tom Jr., was the impetus behind the change in direction. "The demographic on the avenue is different, with the amount of bars and nightclubs," interjects Tom Jr. With decriminalization in the air, cannabis shops have been springing up all over. What makes Jupiter different is the sheen of respectability the owners bring to the shop. They're looking beyond the counterculture, de-emphasizing marijuana's underground appeal, going for the mainstream. "They're just regular people who like to go home after a stressful day at work, have a couple of tokes, and relax," says Doran about his clientele. "Or maybe they have health problems and maybe they need something to handle the pain. They don't want to take heavy prescription drugs, or maybe the drugs don't work anymore, so they smoke a little pot or hash so that they can go to sleep at night." It's a family thing; Doran and his wife Denyse, 53, are dyed in the wool hippies. They still hew closely to the ideals of their youth. Even though Doran himself doesn't smoke pot anymore, he doesn't see why it should be illegal. Denyse once managed the Hippogriff, one of the first head shops in Edmonton, located on 101st Street near Victoria High School. "What was different in the '60s and '70s is that our generation really felt that it was going to make a huge difference in the world," she insists. "It was a consciousness thing; it really was about peace and love. We believed it. And we still do, but we thought we were going to change the world." Snipped: Complete Article: Edmonton Journal (CN AB)Author: Tom Murray, Freelance Published: Saturday, November 08, 2003Copyright: 2003 The Edmonton JournalContact: letters thejournal.canwest.comWebsite: CannabisNews Canadian Links -- Canada Archives

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Comment #32 posted by Jose Melendez on November 10, 2003 at 17:44:11 PT

see a pattern, here?
cig cos encourage free speech
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Comment #31 posted by FoM on November 10, 2003 at 14:35:06 PT

Glad you liked it! 
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Comment #30 posted by BigDawg on November 10, 2003 at 14:10:44 PT

There ya go!Kudos to the speech writer!Actually, I think Gores speech was quite good. Said alot of things that need saying by "bigwigs."But I REALLY wish people who have a history of cannabis use would stop calling for the rest to be put in jail.
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Comment #29 posted by FoM on November 10, 2003 at 13:23:46 PT

I know I don't have respect for Al Gore because of his stance on Cannabis but the speech yesterday was really hard hitting at the Bush people. Maybe we should thank his speech writer instead!
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Comment #28 posted by BigDawg on November 10, 2003 at 12:39:36 PT

Al Gore
HmmmmmThe way I see it...He admits to smoking pot all the way thru grad school, but will gladly keep locking the rest of us up if that is what the corporate sponsers want.Sorry, lost me on that one buddy.
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Comment #27 posted by FoM on November 10, 2003 at 09:55:01 PT

I am not wishing Gore would run but I thought there was a November deadline but I don't really know. I was amazed at his speech yesterday. He is brilliant with words. I guess I thought Clinton was good too or maybe because we've been listening to Bush fumble through words for so long they just seem brilliant to me.
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Comment #26 posted by Virgil on November 10, 2003 at 09:29:19 PT

No Gore in O 4
There is no chance of him running this time and most likely never again.I am for executing Gore and Clinton too for his conspiracy for murder in relation to the total Cannabis Prohibition. When I say Hang Them All I surely do not exclude a President and VP that let the murder and treason go on.It does not mean I cannot recognize a speech that brought the house down as something that needed to be said and was in fact said and in Washington, DC at that.The one thing that should be like a lighthouse to guide presidents is their legacy and how history will view them. I have serious questions remaining about Clark, but at least I do think that he would be concerned about his contribution to America, the people and the ideals. I feel like Clinton wanted to be the best president ever and do that he had to do the best he could for the country.I was a registered Republican, but even I could recognize his gifts as many people do not make 1600 on the SAT. His Monicanizing ruined his chance at greatness and was an act of stupidity where his little brain took over and as he was hunted by what was truly a vast right-wing conspiracy from the day he was elected, he should have recognized he was prey to many and should have been much more defensive.This issue came up once before, how the impeachment weakened Clinton to accept the status-quo on the WOD, when intellect and a desire for legacy would make a person think he would have called for legalization of marijuana. It will be interesting to see what the Big Dog says on the MMJ issue when the GW extracts make market and the near beyond.There was a wisdom to chose the AIDS crisis for his attention. He negotiated to have the AIDS cocktail made in India at 38 cents a day so that the "Let them die" philosopy has a challenge from "Let them live." Now all these people in every country there is will have the same problems we know about with nausea and AIDS wasting syndrome, and neuropathy issues, as well as the mental issues such as a more positive outlook and a type of euphoria in the face of death. Clinton is still concerned about his legacy and he still has brilliance and he still has audience. He has chosen a planetary tragedy for the concentration of his efforts and there is the big issue of cannabis in front of him. When people are dying over 38 cents a day, GW extracts and Unimed synthetic Marinol are not options. If you are for "let them live" you have to be for "Give them cannabis." We all know it and Clinton will have to address the issue in near fashion. His train has left the station and if he wants to get to "Let them live" he will have to refuel at town Cannabis.
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Comment #25 posted by FoM on November 10, 2003 at 08:54:23 PT

Here's My Question
Does anyone think Al Gore will change his mind and run for President? Is it too late? I think it isn't but I'm not sure.PS: I'm not endorsing him just asking a question. 
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Comment #24 posted by kaptinemo on November 10, 2003 at 08:43:58 PT:

Al Gore speaks
An excerpt from his speech in which he pontificates about how our civil liberties have been savaged:*There are reasons for concern this time around that what we are experiencing may no longer be the first half of a recurring cycle but rather, the beginning of something new. For one thing, this war is predicted by the administration to “last for the rest of our lives.” Others have expressed the view that over time it will begin to resemble the “war” against drugs – that is, that it will become a more or less permanent struggle that occupies a significant part of our law enforcement and security agenda from now on. If that is the case, then when – if ever -- does this encroachment on our freedoms die a natural death? It is important to remember that throughout history, the loss of civil liberties by individuals and the aggregation of too much unchecked power in the executive go hand in hand. They are two sides of the same coin.A second reason to worry that what we are witnessing is a discontinuity and not another turn of the recurring cycle is that the new technologies of surveillance – long anticipated by novelists like Orwell and other prophets of the “Police State” -- are now more widespread than they have ever been.* Yes, Al-me-lad, tell us about how it was during the Klinton Administration, when you had 8 years to speak in favor of MMJ and stopping the persecution of patients and the trashing of THEIR civil liberties by your chain-dogs McCaffrey, Reno and Shalala, you stayed...silent.When you had an opportunity to speak out against the damage the Klinton Administration was doing to civil liberties by allowing the travesty of the War on (Some) Drugs to take the lives of innocent people like Donald Scott, Ismael Mena and Esequiel Hernendez, all gunned down by cops and Marines who trampled any semblence of 'due process' under their DrugWarrior-issue jackboots, all on your watch, you said...nothing. Nothing.Not a peep or a moue of protest passed your now mock-righteous lips.Al's always been a 'weak sister', doing the only thing he can; voicelessly wring his hands and futter impotently from the sidelines, then whine about the results of his lack of action, blaming others when he should look in the mirror for the culprit.Anyone whose family crawled in bed with arch-Soviet-agent Armand Hammer, who helped maintain a Soviet state based on lies, torture and blackmail, is no one to be trusted. Like the Busch Family with Nazi-ism, the stain just don't wash out. Al is no one to lecture those who've been on the short sharp and sh***y end of HIS Justice Department's WoSD stick about the rape of civil liberties committed by the Bushites.And he has the BRASS BALLS to use the 'drug war' as an example? What in-effin-credible HYPOCRISY!When will America wake up? *When*?
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Comment #23 posted by E_Johnson on November 09, 2003 at 20:35:32 PT

If only...
If only Gore would admit that everything he said about Bush and the Patriot Act could just as well apply to Clinton's escalation of the war on weed, which Gore promised to continue if elected.That would really be a new day in politics.
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Comment #22 posted by E_Johnson on November 09, 2003 at 20:09:32 PT

You can't trust Al Gore
Go ahead.Just see where it will get you.
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Comment #21 posted by E_Johnson on November 09, 2003 at 20:08:06 PT

I am your equal any day
"You can live with anger and confusion, or you can accept your place as a child, a baby in this world..
"You can get your hands out of my mind right now buddy.Talk about thought police... it never ends.It never really does, actually.
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Comment #20 posted by Truth on November 09, 2003 at 15:07:03 PT

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Comment #19 posted by CongressmanSuet on November 09, 2003 at 14:55:20 PT:

Gore did not lose, he was railroaded.... has done an excellent job of making this quite clear to all of us...
" For What It's Worth".
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Comment #18 posted by Richard Lake on November 09, 2003 at 14:33:34 PT:

Since you asked, global_warming

Folks who have been around CNEWS for even a short while know who I am.The issue of posting full news articles from news sources which have made proper and complete legal demands, in writing (not just by email) that either CNEWS or MAP not post as it violates their copyright, are honored, as they must be.Both CNEWS and MAP are under the legal protection of DrugSense, a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit, which hosts and provides technical support to both websites.Thru the kindness of folks in the National Lawyers Guild and the Electronic Freedom Foundation, and others, a team of the best legal folks in the field has been assembled to answer the demands and advise us.Thus both CNEWS and MAP have been advised that we must snip articles where the proper demands have been made, as at this point in time we would not likely win in court, and would thus most likely see all the funds that support both CNEWS and MAP and 135 other websites we host as well as a like number of discussion lists and forums awarded to those who sue us.Thus we ask, please, do not use the comment features of CNEWS to extend or add what FoM has snipped. It is a great danger to this website - and the work very many cannabis reformers over many other websites.Instead, please link to the article itself for the rest of the article.We know that some may prefer to add the entire article at their own website. That is a risk you take - your responsibility.Just know that the lawyers for the media who make these take down demands for violation of copyright prowl the web looking for those in violation of their copyrights.We have no argument with them. It is their right to do so. We are thankful that the majority of the media accepts what CNEWS and MAP does with good grace, and often encouragement.As for the links to the 36 most popular articles, some of which were posted to CNEWS, some not, it was no big deal fro me to create. Nobody expects anybody to check them if they do not wish to. I posted the message just as it was furnished to dozens of email lists, and for which I have already received a number of kind thank you notes.But the more important part of the message was the request for you to consider donating. CNEWS is the second most expensive site it terms of both webhosting space and technical support that DrugSense hosts.While CNEWS has a donate link on the homepage, we have never before asked CNEWS supporters directly to consider donating. I hope you will, if you like CNEWS, at least consider donating. You can earmark your donations, using the dropdown at to suppor t only if you wish.And right now all donations of $250 or less will be matched by a matching fund grant!global_warming, you implied that my post represented some kind of competition for "internet supremecy."CNEWS and MAP do not compete. We work and serve together, hosted by the same organization. We are sister websites. FoM and the MAP folks work from slightly different visions so we are not the same, but we recognize and appreciate why we are not the same.I hope I have helped answer your questions, global_warming.As to who I am, you can check my somewhat dusty webpage at or maybe this page, would you care to tell us about yourself?Richard

Please donate to support
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Comment #17 posted by ekim on November 09, 2003 at 14:33:19 PT

G.W. --------------Mr. Lake is one of the best
He has been working to bring the tuth to the people for years. Please everyone listen to him and send what you can. Only those that help can shorten this unjust war.
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Comment #16 posted by global_warming on November 09, 2003 at 14:33:04 PT

Hey EJ
Science has been trying to explain for about 200 years, a mere drop in this inky universe that we are exploring..Be assured, that the your presence marks are a witness to this confusion and mystery..You can live with anger and confusion, or you can accept your place as a child, a baby in this world..May you find peace and understanding,
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Comment #15 posted by FoM on November 09, 2003 at 14:29:34 PT

AP Article On Al Gore's Speech
Gore Accuses Bush of 'Big Brother' Policy By Jennifer C. Kerr, Associated Press Writer Published: November 9, 2003Washington -- Former Vice President Al Gore accused President Bush on Sunday of failing to make the country safer after the Sept. 11 attacks and using the war against terrorism as a pretext to consolidate power. ``They have taken us much farther down the road toward an intrusive, 'big brother'-style government--toward the dangers prophesied by George Orwell in his book '1984'--than anyone ever thought would be possible in the United States of America,'' Gore charged. Gore, who lost the disputed 2000 presidential election to Bush, said terrorism-fighting tools granted after Sept. 11 amount to a partisan power grab that have led to the erosion of the civil liberties of all Americans. He was especially critical of the Patriot Act, which expanded government's surveillance and detention power following the terrorist attacks. Gore chided the administration for what he said was its ``implicit assumption'' that Americans must give up traditional freedoms in order to be safe from terrorists. ``In my opinion, it makes no more sense to launch an assault on our civil liberties as the best way to get at terrorists than it did to launch an invasion of Iraq as the best way to get at Osama bin Laden,'' Gore said. His speech before a crowd of about 3,000 people was sponsored by the liberal activist group, which earlier this year held an online presidential primary in which Howard Dean finished first. The second sponsor, the American Constitution Society, is a national organization of law students, professors, lawyers and others that says it seek to counter what it characterizes as the dominant, narrow conservative vision of American law today. Copyright: 2003 Associated Press
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Comment #14 posted by FoM on November 09, 2003 at 14:22:11 PT

EJ, He Sure Messed Up There
I wish he would have said something about changing the laws on Cannabis today but he didn't. What he did say was powerful though. He tore Bush and his administration up one side and down the other. That was the most powerful speech on our lost liberties that I've ever heard. He is a smart man and I don't know why he sidesteps Cannabis because he sure enjoyed it years back.
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Comment #13 posted by E_Johnson on November 09, 2003 at 14:13:35 PT

Remember the Al Gore of 2000?
I believe in a Drug Free America!(Spoken on stage one week after wife announced to the press that without Zoloft, she'd be home in a bathrobe eating ice cream and crying.)A panel of doctors has exhaustively studied the question and concluded there is absoluitely no evidence for any medical benefits of marijuana.(Spoken to the family member of a MMJ POW on MTV's Rock the Vote, a year after the IOM report concluded there absolutely was evidence for the medical benefits of marijuana.)

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Comment #12 posted by global_warming on November 09, 2003 at 13:15:16 PT

Who is Richard Lake?
It will take me most of my short life to examine all of those tediously gathered links..As for secret legal battles, I'm not sure which battles he was reffering to, the battles of the slaid in prison or the battles for internet supremecy..The many dollars spent to lawyers and corrupted legal practioners may far outweigh the money needed to battle the system..When the grassroot rural folks in Indiana wake up, to the fact that the people in DC have not the american constitution in their hearts, but some evil and corrupted business that they pass onto us, through taxes and restraints, then will the people that live in this america, gather and demand, carefully reach and dismantle these liars and phony power mongers,..and cast them into the the streets of america..This american country was bult on the hopes that were enlightened by the misery of the old world-europe, and it seems, that this psychosis has moved across the waters,..My big question is, can the average american awaken..understand what is happening?I have little faith in the bubbas and the barbarins ever going beyond their fat beer bellies or their greasy fat laden minds..So in this life and many more ahead, it will be the fat and bloodthirsty narcos that control this world, pity, for as GCW has said so many times..the green fields of this earth are gifts,..When that awareness arrives, it comes with such a price, a weight that is filled with tears and remorse, regrets that can fill this world, ...Oh God, where has this anger come from?
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Comment #11 posted by FoM on November 09, 2003 at 12:22:26 PT

Bravo To Al Gore
It's over but all I can say is it was electric!
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Comment #10 posted by FoM on November 09, 2003 at 12:21:06 PT

Gore said: Repeal The Patriot Act!
All I can say is he's doing a great job. If only he would say legalize marijuana then I would really be happy.
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Comment #9 posted by FoM on November 09, 2003 at 12:07:43 PT

He is saying everything we need to hear. He even mentioned the drug war making up most of our law enforcement. 
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Comment #8 posted by Virgil on November 09, 2003 at 12:03:33 PT

Al Gore is awesome
For people that miss this highly critical speech of the attack on our liberties while ignoring the best path to protecting our security. I cannot help but be ashamed of our media that this will not be rebroadcast for consumption by the American public.Again we see the power of the Internet and the beauty of having a way around the media blockade to reason and information and thoughts that are true and will lead us to a more perfect union. And one thing about the Internet is you can store things of great importance like this speech and see it at your convenience. This speech is archived at
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Comment #7 posted by FoM on November 09, 2003 at 11:56:00 PT

I Hope Others are Watching Al Gore 
What he is really saying is hitting hard! 
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Comment #6 posted by Richard Lake on November 09, 2003 at 11:30:20 PT:

DrugNews [FWD from various lists]

With a thousand activists at the Drug Policy Alliance conference last week to include enough of the folks who put together the DrugSense Weekly so that the week's issue couldn't be produced, there are a good number of folks who may enjoy an update of the news.So below is a list of the top 10% in terms of the number of readers of news items posted to MAP during the past week, in no special order:US CA: Anti-Smoking Laws Threaten 'Oaksterdam'
URL: SC: No Drugs Found In High School Raid
URL: OK: Column: 'Drugs' Is An Issue To Reader
URL: NC: ACLU Criticizes High School Raid
URL: TN: Opinion On Ordinance Requested
URL: Police Defend Sale Of Seized Or Lost Goods
URL: AL: Jemison Passes Stiffer Penalties
URL: MO: Ashland Group Targets Teen Drug Use
URL: KY: Grayson Urged To Replace Officer
URL: SC: No Drugs Found In High School Raid
URL: AL: Hartselle School Board Silent
URL: NC: Defense Lawyers Oppose Meth Law Interpretation
URL: Breaking The Two-Pound Barrier
URL: NC: Judge Rules Against Charges on Adams
URL: AB: Hard Look at Random Drug Tests
URL: Column: Uribe Is Coping With Insurgents, but Not Congress
URL: SC: Armed Police Storm School In Drugs Raid
URL: MB: What A Wonderful Wasted World
URL: Study Confirms Cannabis Can Help People With MS
URL: PA: Addicts Have More Options
URL: Web: Drug Policy Alliance National Conference Underway in New Jersey
URL: IL: EP Police Department Members Volunteer for Random Drug Testing
URL: VA: Web: Pain Doctor Acquitted in Virginia
URL: Toking Could Ease MS
URL: MS: Column: Conservative? Not Mississippi
URL: MB: Judge Condemned Drug Mule To Die In Jail
URL: Marijuana Could Help Multiple Sclerosis Patients
URL: ON: OPP Warns Of Danger Of Drug Production
URL: AB: Kids Caught In Crystal Meth Cauldron
URL: NC: Editorial: Harvest Of Contraband
URL: AB: Crystal Meth Scourge Destroying Families
URL: Medical Marijuana May Help With MS
URL: Study Suggests Marijuana May Ease MS Symptoms
URL: World's Biggest MS Trial Shows Benefits of Cannabis
URL: NC: Ex-Addict Draws From Experience
URL: TN: Taxpayers Bear Cost Of Cleaning Up Meth Labs
URL: NHS Bid Follows Cannabis Trial
URL: For all the latest news go to http://www.drugnews.orgAnd for news focused on cannabis, check our sister website*****Now if I may, a few words on a topic that has become of increasing concern to many of the volunteers at MAP/DrugSense, but one that you may be able to provide some help with.As you may know, DrugSense in the last few years has rapidly increased it's support for our community with projects beyond the Media Awareness Project, using funds both from grants and from individual donations to provide web, list, and forum hosting as well as website creation skills and/or technical support to well over a hundred websites, and similar numbers of lists and forums.Projects like a complete remake of the Students for Sensible Drug Policy website - the fastest growing student organization in the United States - and hosting their mailing lists. And taking on hosting as well as technical support for the huge website. And providing hosting and support for any number of special projects, like the Coalition for Medical Marijuana and the Cheryl Miller Memorial Project Plus web design and hosting in growing areas of interest, like the Pain Relief Network and the Canadians for Safe Access websites.In fact so many projects taken on by the skilled web design and technical support folks thru the other major wing, or project, of DrugSense, Drug Policy Central that I really could not begin to list them all - with more superb work being done every day by the DPC team, Debra Harper, Jo-D Harrison and Doug Snead, led by Matt Elrod these are hard financial times for reform. One of our major grant sources had their funds cut in half, so they cut their sustaining grant to DrugSense in half, leaving a $25,000 hole in our budget for the months ahead.On the upside a generous funder has offered DrugSense up to $5,000 - but only to match donations from folks like you for amounts up to $250. Those of you who have been watching the thermometer at or on many of the news clipping pages know that with well over a month into the fund raising drive donations have slowed to a crawl at a slightly past the half way point.Yes, about nine $250 donations, or about 225 $10 donations, or some combination adding up to a little over $2,000 will be double - and the goal will be met!It would be a shame, I think, for that not to happen. So please click this link and do whatever you can, did you know that you can earmark your donation to support the webwork, hosting, or other DPC costs of any of the websites, lists, or forums DPC supports? You earmark the funds for many using the dropdown at "My donation is on behalf of the selected organization:" on this page donation will be tracked and applied only to the costs to DrugSense for support of the organization/website you select.I hope you don't mind my saying a few words about this. Worrying about the funds needed to sustain and grow the huge effort DrugSense has become, with support to so many, is not something I would prefer to do, for sure.Thank You for whatever you do, what you may do, and what you have done in the past. And Thank You to all those who volunteer time for our efforts, you are just as valued as those who donate funds!Richard Lake, 
Sr. Editor, 
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Comment #5 posted by Richard Lake on November 09, 2003 at 11:28:06 PT:

Adding "the rest" endangers CNEWS and much mo

While the legal back and fourth with the newspaper chain lawyers who have demanded that CNEWS not post more than short extracts of their articles continues in background by a top legal team assembled by the NLG and the EFF so FoM does not have to worry about it, you can be sure that the lawyers on the other side are watching what happens here.Thus it is not helpful at all for anyone to post the rest of a snipped article. Nobody wants a legal battle we are not likely to win, and for CNEWS and much more to fold, do they?Links to the rest of a snipped article on the publication's website are not a problem.But some of the best legal minds on free speach, copyright, and fair use agree that we don't stand much of a chance if we are hauled into court for failing to honor our agreements to not post more than the first few introductory paragraphs of a copyrighted article, and a link to the actual article, where possible.So please, if you appreciate CNEWS, don't try to do it in!
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Comment #4 posted by FoM on November 09, 2003 at 11:12:30 PT

Virgil, Thanks For The Info Too!
I have it on now! This could be really good! 
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Comment #3 posted by FoM on November 09, 2003 at 10:59:25 PT

Thanks Virgil
I turned on C-Span!
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Comment #2 posted by Virgil on November 09, 2003 at 10:33:38 PT

Reefer Madness on CSpan2 now
The author of a book is blasting the laws on MJ Gore will have an Internet broadcast at 2PM by You are invited to view this important speech on Sunday, November 9 at 2pm EASTERN by web cast, or on Link TV. In Washington DC, this event will be attended by local MoveOn members and by members of our partner in this effort, the American Constitution Society. Unfortunately, all seats for the event are filled. But we encourage you to tune in this Sunday, at 2pm Eastern, by going to: 

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Comment #1 posted by Truth on November 09, 2003 at 10:02:42 PT

the rest
It was a consciousness thing; it really was about peace and love. We believed it. And we still do, but we thought we were going to change the world."Kathy Kirby, a local writer/promoter and sound tech, also has strong beliefs about the nature of the times, particularly regarding the use of drugs. "However hokey it may sound, drug use is truly more recreational today then it was back in the '70s," she insists. "We were trying to 'open the doors of perception' and embrace change." In 1967, bus tours were organized in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district, showing off the hippies to the gawking squares.Perhaps because the underground culture was smaller, Edmonton's Aquarius kids were largely ignored. The hair was longer, the clothes funkier, but the authorities left the hippies to their own devices."We were very cool about it," Doran remembers. "I mean, we never smoked it in the street, it was always in the back alley, or the car. Somebody's place. Never in public."Kirby remembers the early '70s, when getting caught meant getting busted. "For paraphernalia, you could get six months in Belmont. It wasn't hardcore prison time, but it was jail."The juggernaut that was the "Me Generation" '70s chewed up what remained of hippie culture. Hard drugs replaced soft, and the world turned a little meaner. "You were seriously harassed," admits Kirby. "A lot of the hippie culture came together because we were so recognizable."Those that survived morphed into greedy bastards, or retreated into navel-gazing and buttressing their beliefs against the mocking next generation. But the hippies were tougher than they were given credit for, and the effects of the Summer of Love are still filtering down to us. Society has changed dramatically, but the revolution is not complete. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has a vested interest in demonizing marijuana, and continues to dictate society's stand on the topic. "Exactly," agrees Denyse. "In fact, a family member of ours today is in the legal justice system. ... I asked what he thought about marijuana, decriminalization, etc., and (he) told me that his family came from the Ukraine in the 1920s to Alberta, and they brought marijuana with them."And every night after supper they would have a good cigarette. So there was actually more tolerance then than there is now."CannabisNews Canadian Links -- Canada Archives 
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