Marijuana Activist Dies Following Explosion

Marijuana Activist Dies Following Explosion
Posted by CN Staff on November 01, 2003 at 20:23:13 PT
By James Gordon, The Ottawa Citizen 
Source: Ottawa Citizen 
Don Appleby's fight against the aids virus that was sapping him was made more difficult by a tragic paradox. While the Ottawa man was one of the few Canadians who could legally smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes, he could rarely afford it due to his minuscule disability pension.In the end, he was killed in the struggle to produce the drug that was helping him survive.
On Oct. 12, Mr. Appleby was in the bathroom of his Blake Boulevard apartment, trying a dangerous method to get some use out of the non-smokable parts of his marijuana plants. By injecting butane into a plastic container with the plant in it, he hoped to make a concentrated oil he could use. Friends suspect he then tried to light a joint, igniting an explosion that blew the bathroom door off its hinges.Residents of the apartment above his heard the explosion, and rushed him to the Ottawa Hospital's General campus. It's where he remained in intensive care since the incident, and where he died Thursday morning.Ron Whelan was Mr. Appleby's close friend, and was living under the same circumstances. He said yesterday that Mr. Appleby never should have died the way he did. Snipped: Complete Article: Ottawa Citizen (CN ON)Author: James Gordon, The Ottawa Citizen Published: Saturday, November 01, 2003Copyright: 2003 The Ottawa CitizenContact: letters thecitizen.canwest.comWebsite: Articles & Web Site:Cannabis News Canadian Links Activist Dies of Burns Pot Activist Dies After Mishap Handling It Marijuana Big Expense To Needy 
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