One Toke for Mankind, One Leap for Pot Smokers 

One Toke for Mankind, One Leap for Pot Smokers 
Posted by CN Staff on September 01, 2003 at 17:23:18 PT
By Scott Haddow 
Source: Northern Life 
Marijuana supporters, 100-strong, converged outside Sudbury police headquarters Thursday afternoon to listen to the charismatic Marc Emery, Canada’s champion of legalizing marijuana.Police did not arrest pot activist Marc Emery for smoking marijuana in public Thursday. About 100 people cheered him on. Pro cannabis flags on makeshift wooden poles waved high in the sky. Drums beat in the background. Voices shouted loudly. Car horns honked repeatedly from the streets.
“We’re not criminals and we’re not animals,” said Emery “We’re proud Canadians and we’re human beings.”Emery was in town as part of his nation-wide summer of legalization smoke-out tour. He has been arrested in some places, but continues to fight for what he believes in.“Marijuana is a lifestyle and the criminal prohibition of marijuana has created terrible problems,” said Emery. “Last year, 50,000 people in Canada were arrested for a marijuana offence, even though it’s legal. It shows a very bigoted and deeply held prejudice on behalf of the police and the political establishment to keep criminalizing the marijuana people. It’s wrong and I will not accept it.”As promised, Emery lit up his “cannon” at 4:20 pm in front of police headquarters on Brady Street.“It’s hardly going and I am already buzzed,” Emery proclaimed proudly.Emery then passed the massive doobie around the crowd, encouraging all to take a puff off it. Countless support joints were lit up throughout the massive crowd. Within moments, cheering and shouting had been replaced by coughing and laughing.Emery was surprised and delighted at the large gathering in Sudbury.Staff-Insp. Brian Jarrett wasn’t going to arrest Emery as long as he acted in an orderly fashion.“Right now there’s a problem in Canada with the interpretation of the law as it relates to simple possession,” said Jarrett. “Emery’s using this avenue to make his point. Until legislation is changed we have no foundation to arrest him.”Jarrett doesn’t agree with the legalization of pot.“This goes far beyond pot for medical prescription purposes,” said Jarrett. “Legalizing marijuana could have very dangerous repercussions and the people of Canada will have to live with it.” Source: Northern Life (CN ON)Author: Scott Haddow Published: Friday, August 29, 2003Copyright: 2003 Northern LifeContact lifeedit northernlife.caWebsite: Articles & Web Site:Cannabis Culture Magazine Lighting Up a Joint for Cannabian Day Activists Light Up in Sudbury Activist Attracts 100 To Rally
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