Pot Activists Light Up in Sudbury

Pot Activists Light Up in Sudbury
Posted by CN Staff on August 29, 2003 at 08:24:33 PT
By Rob O’Flanagan, The Sudbury Star 
Source: Sudbury Star 
Canada’s high priest of pot culture was basking in his celebrity Thursday when he visited Sudbury. Canada’s leading advocate for legalizing marijuana, was swarmed by about 100 supporters and autograph seekers on the front lawn of Greater Sudbury Police headquarters. The police acted as though he wasn’t even there. “They are allowed to make their point,” said Staff Insp. Brian Jarrett.
“We live in a democracy and until the legislation is straightened out in November, any activity that involves simple possession of less than 15 grams will not be acted upon by the police.” Emery, on his nationwide Summer of Legalization Tour, is spreading the word that it is legal to smoke pot in public places in Ontario. He encouraged the crowd to fearlessly light up in parks and streets. For now, at least, Emery is correct. Recent court decisions in Ontario have struck down laws that made simple possession of cannabis a criminal offence. Law enforcement officials are now awaiting federal legislation that will define new laws governing the herb. Parliament will vote on the proposed legislation sometime in November. At 4:20 p.m., Emery, a businessman who publishes Cannabis Culture Magazine and runs Marc Emery Direct Seeds, shared a giant joint with the crowd. Dozens of smaller joints were sparked. Emery rallied the crowd with a pro-pot speech that accused the Canadian and Ontario governments, along with health officials, of misleading the public about the realities of marijuana. Cannabis, he said, is a purely benevolent substance. “Pot was declared legal in Ontario over two years ago,” said Emery, as he signed the copies of Cannabis Culture that were thrust at him. Dressed in a green suit and tie, the activist looked out of place in the casually dressed gathering. “Why hasn’t the Attorney General of Ontario announced this publicly?” he said. “It is a dereliction of duty and he should resign.” Although the jury is still out on pot’s health benefits and hazards, Emery is convinced that no pot smoker has ever contracted cancer or respiratory disease from toking. THC — the active drug in cannabis — “attacks tumours,” he said, and pot smoke improves circulation and digestion rather than restricting it, like cigarette smoke. No police officers could be seen near the rally. Jarrett was found inside the lobby of police headquarters. He showed no sign of anxiety about the gathering, but disagreed with Emery’s message. Legalizing pot, he said, would create a major policing headache. Society has determined, he said, that drinking and driving is unacceptable. The criminal offence is a drain on police resources and danger to public safety. If pot smokers get behind the wheel while high, he said, a new hazard would be introduced to our streets and roadways. “It will open up a whole new spectrum for law enforcement,” he said. “It will be much harder to police than impaired driving, which is hard enough as it is.” Emery said the criminalizing of marijuana decades ago resulted in its illegal growth and distribution by organized crime. Legalizing it and allowing people to grow it in their backyards, he said, would take organized crime out of the equation. Jarrett disagreed. As long as there is a demand for cannabis, he said, organized crime and “clandestine” growers would be there to supply it. Greed, he said, will keep them in the trade. Note: ‘They are allowed to make their point,’ police say. Source: Sudbury Star (CN ON)Author: Rob O’Flanagan, The Sudbury Star Published: Friday, August 29, 2003Copyright: 2003 The Sudbury StarContact: letters thesudburystar.comWebsite: http://www.thesudburystar.comRelated Articles & Web Site:Cannabis Culture Magazine Activist Attracts 100 To Rally Smokers Get Off Scot-Free Advocate To Light Up at Police Station
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Comment #10 posted by DeVoHawk on August 29, 2003 at 22:57:12 PT:
John Tyler
The Canadian Parliament only meets for about 130 days each year. When they meet again in the Fall stalling will then become a factor again.But as long as cannabis is legal this really means nothing; "a valid precedent will be set". Randy White's stalling seems to be coming to an end!
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Comment #9 posted by FoM on August 29, 2003 at 22:20:16 PT
Thanks Richard!
I just finished posting the article. I'll never forget this horrible event. Never.Siege At Rainbow Farm 
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Comment #8 posted by Richard Lake on August 29, 2003 at 22:04:38 PT:
Playboy's article "Siege At Rainbow Farm"
The in depth, large (6,500 word), lead feature article from the October issue of Playboy headlined:SIEGE AT RAINBOW FARMIn 2001 a Hippie Campground Famous for Peace, Love and Weed Erupted in Violence and Death. Was It Another Ruby Ridge or the Collapse of a Failed Utopia?is now on line at: this is just the text of the article, not the nine pictures included with it. This may well prove to be the most complete article to ever be published, so folks wishing to remember Tom, Rollie and Rainbow Farm may want to purchase their own copy of the Playboy issue.Remembrance Vigil! Labor Day Weekend 2003 - Details at other news items about Rainbow Farm are at is a list of some related webpages: TRIBE email announcement list listmaster 
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Comment #7 posted by mayan on August 29, 2003 at 16:03:24 PT
Yep, John...
I don't see the cat crawling back into the bag!
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Comment #6 posted by John Tyler on August 29, 2003 at 12:38:54 PT
Has anybody else noticed that the date for cannabis legislation in Parliment keeps getting pushed back farther and farther? First it was spring of 2003, then July 2003, then September 2003, not it is November. The longer Parliment waits the better, as a valid precedent will be set. Everyone will realize that it will be OK if cannabis is legal. The sky will not fall. The nation will not be in danger.   
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Comment #5 posted by byrd on August 29, 2003 at 12:14:07 PT
I don't understand
“It will be much harder to police than impaired driving, which is hard enough as it is.”Doesn't he realize that people who drive impared (by anything) are going to whether something is legal or not?
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Comment #4 posted by E_Johnson on August 29, 2003 at 11:57:31 PT
Write stories and screenplays
There are all kinds of writing workshops online. It's a good way to develop projects. UCLA Extension has online writing workshops:
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Comment #3 posted by E_Johnson on August 29, 2003 at 11:37:52 PT
Close all the J-schools and fire the professors
I am so tired of seeing police allowed to mouth off about the dangers from stoned driving while editors and reporters softball them and refuse to make them back their statements up with hard facts or identifiable highway safety experts or publications.Every last journalism professor in North America should be fired as far as I am concerned, I don't know what they are teaching in J-school but it bears absolutely no resemblance to what I learned in the seventies.FACTS exist and FACTS can be looked up.We learned that. We used to be let loose in the records departnment of City Hall with a long list of arcane things and people to look up.It used to be that you could not get a story about the dangers of some threat to society past a news editor without having actual numbers in the story to show how big the threat really was.
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Comment #2 posted by druid on August 29, 2003 at 08:43:03 PT
Remembering Rainbow Farm
REMEMBER TOM AND ROLLIE!Pleae read this and attend if you can. Tom and Rollie should not be forgotten no matter how much the US Federal Government wants us to!***************************Who: Friends of Rainbow FarmWhere: In front of the "old" Cass County courthouse, at the junction of Routes 60 and 62, in Cassoppolis, MIWhen: 5:30 p.m., Labor Day, Monday September 1st, 2003What: Remembrance vigil for Tom Crosslin and Rollie RohmBring: Signs, banners, drums, music, candles, photos, memories, or anything you feel should be part of a loving and respectful gathering to honor our fallen brothersIt's that time again, folks.Two years ago, Labor Day weekend 2001, Tom and Rollie were executed by the forces of so-called law and order. They were not killed to protect the public safety, to punish them for smoking cannabis, or because of the plants in their basement. Our friends worked boldly and passionately to change destructive, unjust laws, and to inspire others to do the same; and in the end they rejected the authority of a court that had amply shown its bias. They refused to hide. They refused to run. They refused to bow down. And for that, the Police State ground them up in its gears.Now, Labor Day 2003, friends of Rainbow Farm will once again gather to remember, to honor, and to show the world that we will not forget. Whether you're an old Farm hand or just discovering the story, if you feel moved to join us, please do. We will begin at 5:30 and stay until we decide to go. I hope to see you there.PeaceLoveGratitude, Melody A. Karr, Michigan Cannabis Action NetworkBy the way, for those of you who haven't seen or heard, the October issue of Playboy Magazine includes a 9-page article entitled "Siege at Rainbow Farm." Whatever your opinion of the magazine, this was a pretty decent article --- as fair as anything else I've seen, more so than many. Word of warning: it does include graphic photos of Tom and Rollie's bodies.*************************************
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Comment #1 posted by FoM on August 29, 2003 at 08:25:45 PT
No Arrest
That's really good.
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