Pot-Smoking Activist Attracts 100 To Rally 

Pot-Smoking Activist Attracts 100 To Rally 
Posted by CN Staff on August 28, 2003 at 07:54:56 PT
By Dan Nolan
Source: Hamilton Spectator 
Hamiltonians helped a pot activist stage one of his largest rallies on a cross-country tour promoting legalizing marijuana.About 100 people turned out to smoke and hear Marc Emery speak yesterday in front of police headquarters about how smoking and growing marijuana in Canada should not be a crime anymore. Emery, who runs the B.C. Marijuana Party, said the turnout was comparable to a rally he staged in St. John's, Newfoundland.
Emery's Summer of Legalization tour comes in the wake of several legal developments on pot possession. The Liberal government has proposed new laws making possession of 15 grams of pot a minor offence carrying no criminal record. The government is responding to court rulings that left rules on pot possession null and void.Superintendent Ken Bond said Hamilton police didn't intercede in the pot smoking because "there's no law. As long as they're not breaking any laws our hands are tied."Complete Title: Pot-Smoking Activist Attracts 100 To Rally at Police HeadquartersSource: Hamilton Spectator (CN ON)Author: Dan NolanPublished: August 28, 2003Copyright: The Hamilton Spectator 2003Contact letters hamiltonspectator.comWebsite: Articles & Web Site:B.C. Marijuana Party Smokers Get Off Scot-Free Advocate To Light Up at Police Station Cafe a Mellow Spot 
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Comment #2 posted by Lehder on August 28, 2003 at 17:29:46 PT
off topic
"In the Origins of Totalitarianism (1951) she drew a crucial distinction between tyranny and totalitarianism. In a tryanny, she wrote, the leader lives apart from the people. He exploits them for whatever money, power and position his lusts require; but he doesn't try to reshape who they are. In a totalitarian state, Arendt argued, the leader gets inside people's heads. He constructs a regime that is everywhere, one that seeks to obliterate spontaneity, creativity, and individual initiative, and to dictate thought. the result is not over-politicization but a perverse depoliticization of life. People come to understand that they cannot think a political thought because the wrong one would get them executed. They lose the habits of citizenship. Society becomes atomized. Individuals experience psychological isolation and loneliness, because they can't be sure that even their own family members won't betray them. They fall into a passivity induced by the impossibility of freedom. All they have is their perpetually whipped-up nationalism and the omnipresence of their dictator."This is a cool article. Atlantic Monthly 6/03 p28. It explains why the hallways of Russian apartment buildings are strewn with crud, and psychological aspects of the Iraqis under occupation. 
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Comment #1 posted by afterburner on August 28, 2003 at 12:45:53 PT:
''there's no law.'' 
They missed a lot of the details, but thank you, Superintendent Ken Bond, for confirming the Rogin decision and what Marc has been saying across Canada on this Summer of Legalization 2003. Thanks to Classy Dave for organizing the Flash Lunch with Marc and for postering the smoke-out rally. BuzzzWorthy and Quazy420, the organizers of this Saturday's (30.August) Canabian Day Rally at Queen's Park in Toronto, were at the lunch and the smoke-out. All Toronto, GTA, US visitors, and all freedom-loving people everywhere are invited to join us at the Canabian Day Rally. Party in the Park: free live bands, pot-friendly speakers, t-shirts, magazines, food, and fun. Join the celebration of the legal right to toke with your friends and to make new ones. Canabian Day [bands, speakers, times, locations] Marc Emery is a cannabis rapper. He spoke for hours from the desert of the public sidewalk in front of Hamilton Police Headquarters. When he reminded/informed the crowd that cannabis possession and smoking is already legal in Ontario, a cheer of approval went up from the crowd, like the smoke rising over the gathering of 4 concentric circles around Marc's epicenter. At 4:20pm Marc's lit a huge BC Bomber of a fine hybrid. He took a hoot and passed it on where it disappeared into the hungry crowd. Video will be available within a few days. Photos are up at Cannabis Culture Forums. More Pics From Hamilton curious and the hearty stayed in the blistering hot town, summer in the city, circle of enlightenment while the rest of the crowd cooled their heels in the shady grove, sipping water, playing hackysack, talking about the future rising, and enjoying a festival in the park.After the rally at HQ, we trekked over to Hamilton city center, Gore Park, for more toke 'n' talk, before Marc and his entourage had to leave for the airport and the next station stop, Sudbury. Cool runnings: peace be the journey.ego transcendence follows ego destruction, seize the day, it's life and life only!
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