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  Death Threats For Judge Judy In AIDS Scandal
Posted by FoM on December 11, 1999 at 11:06:48 PT
News Articles Courtesy Of MapInc. 
Source: National Enquirer 

justice JUDGE JUDY Sheindlin is embroiled in a shocking AIDS uproar that has made her the target of death threats and a campaign to take her off television.

The TV personality thrust herself into the middle of an explosive situation by telling an audience that drug addicts should be given AIDS-tainted needles.

What's more, when she had the chance to apologize, she further inflamed her critics by charging that anyone who thinks she really means what she says "is a fool."

The problem began for America's popular court TV star when she was asked, while promoting her new book in Australia, how she feels about that country's program to prevent AIDS by providing addicts with clean needles.

Judge Judy's brash response:

"Give them all dirty needles and die!"

At the time, her fans in the audience cheered. But now she's being buried in an avalanche of threats.

"People are calling her a fascist and some have said she should get AIDS," disclosed a source close to the controversial star.

"Judy is frankly stunned by the reaction. She got carried away and it is coming back to haunt her."

Bob Aldred, the chief executive of Queensland's Alcohol and Drug Foundation in Australia called Judy'sremarks,
"callous and deplorable."

He continued, "The arrogance of a TV celebrity using the tragedy of young lives struck down by drugs for her commercial gain is repulsive."

Added Craig E. Thompson, executive director of the AIDS Project Los Angeles, "It is sad when a person who has the ability to reach millions makes such an ignorant and thoughtless comment."

"Fortunately, she's merely a judge on a syndicated TV and no longer an influential legal authority."

Judy made her remark at a literary luncheon while hawking her new book, "Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever" according to an Australian news service. The AIDS blast was picked up in the U.S. by nationally syndicated columnist Arianna Huffington, who referred to the TV judge as a "sharp-tongued, dull-witted jurist."

Soon Judge Judy was the target of hate-filled e-mails, threatening phone calls and an organized boycott of her show.

Cliff Schaffer of Canyon County, Calif., was so outraged he's personally mounted an Internet campaign to help get Judge Judy off the air by hitting her and her show where it counts -- in the pocketbook.

He is circulating an extensive list of her advertisers, their phone numbers and their e-mail addresses, so people can express their outrage.

And he calls her statement "completely reprehensible and inexcusable. Her remarks show that she isn't fit to be a judge on television or anywhere else."

In private, Judge Judy realizes she made a mistake, according to the source.

"She got caught up in the melodrama and it has burned her," the source revealed.

"Judy said, 'God, I never realized this could create such an uproar. I was only doing what I do on my show. I believe in speaking my mind and I am against drug addicts but I went too far and came off much too strong.

"'Plus, I was in Brisbane, Australia -- I had no idea that this would get picked up back home.'"

But in public, she stubbornly refused to apologize.

Judge Judy's spokeswoman Nicki Pesusich told The ENQUIRER that the jurist was traveling and not available to make any statements on the issue beyond what she had posted on her Web site, .

Her Web posting declared, "I am writing to set the record straight on my position. Anybody who thinks that I would advocate the government supplying tainted needles to addicts is a fool."

But one person who isn't buying that explanation is Dr. Dawn Day, director of the Dogwood Center, a nonprofit research organization that fights drug addiction and the spread of AIDS.

"Every one of us should be appalled by Judge Judy's comments," said Dr. Day.

"It's a tragedy that a person who is known should make such damaging statements."

US: Death Threats For Judge Judy In AIDS Scandal

Newshawk: MAP Newshawks Just Do It!
Pubdate: 21 Dec 1999
Source: The National Enquirer
Copyright: 1999 The National Enquirer
Address: Letters National Enquirer
Lantana, FL 33464-0002
Author: Michael Glyn

Note: The National Enquirer prints about four letters an issue of 40 words or less, and pays $25 for those printed.

Also: Judy Judy says: "'Plus, I was in Brisbane, Australia -- I had no idea that this would get picked up back home.'" It was MAP's Australian newshawk who first brought the Australian news articles to U.S. readers.

Links to the original articles, Arianna Huffington's column, and information supplyed by Cliff Schaffer are all at:

Updates: are being posted to DRCNet's DRCTALK and MAP's MAPTALK discussion list, as well as letters being sent to MAP's SENT LTR list, signup pages at:

Cited: Alcohol and Drug Foundation:
AIDS Project Los Angeles:
Cliff Schaffer:
Dogwood Center:

DrugSense FOCUS Alert #139 December 8, 1999

December 08, 1999
For Immediate Release
Source: DrugSense

Judy Sheindlin, the former family court judge who now plays a judge on TV ("Judge Judy"), was in Australia last month promoting her new book when she made some outrageous comments that illustrated the depth of the hate produced by the war on drugs.

According to the Australia Courier-Mail, Sheindlin made an appearance in Brisbane, Australia on November 16 where she said the debate about needle supply to heroin addicts is an indulgence lead by "liberal morons." The solution is simple, she said. "Give 'em dirty needles and let 'em die. . .I don't understand why we think it's important to keep them alive."

To read longer accounts, see:

Activists have taken note of Sheindlin's barbarity, and calls and letters to the producer of her television show seem to be having an impact. Some carefully worded responses from Sheindlin's representatives do not deny that the "judge" made the "let 'em die" statement. However, the attempt at spin control seems like more of an effort to justify the comments, rather than admitting the stupidity and cruelty of them.

Despite her effort at damage control, her death sentence for addicts was not the first attack attempts at reform. In her 1996 book she wrote about seeing "a TV profile about a woman in the South Bronx who has devoted her life to rescuing drug addicts from infection by giving them free needles in exchange for their old ones. She believes that America has becomes callous to their plight. She says she is discouraged and ashamed of the citizens' inhumane response to 'afflicted addicts.' Well, forgive me for not dabbing my eyes. In the TV show about her, I watched addicts dump a weekly supply of syringes on her table, fifty or more apiece. What the hell did she think they put in those needles - soda pop? They were all shooting heroin, which is deadly and very expensive."

Please write to the sponsors of Sheindlin's show to express your displeasure over her comments and her half-hearted responses to our concerns.

Thanks for your effort and support.


It's not what others do it's what YOU do

Please Send Us A Copy Of Your letter Or Tell Us What You Did!

( Letter, Phone, Fax Etc.)

Please post a copy your letter or report your action to the MAPTalk list if you are subscribed, or by E-mailing a copy directly to

Judge Judy Sponsors - More CONTACT INFO

NOTE: Thanks to Cliff Schaffer for compiling this info.

For those who want to join in the campaign to respond to Judge "let-em-die" Judy, here is some contact info for KCAL TV 9 in Los Angeles which airs her show, as well as contact information for some of the sponsors.

Please remember to do the following:

1) Act fast.

2) Make it clear that such talk -- especially from a Judge -- especially from someone who is Jewish -- is completely reprehensible and inexcusable. Her remarks show that she isn't fit to be a judge on television or anywhere else.

3) Include the text, URLs or quotes from both articles, so it is clear what you are talking about and so Judge Judy can't lie about what she said.

4) Make it clear to both TV stations and sponsors that you will stop buying/viewing their products and that you are encouraging your friends to do the same.

5) Close your letter by saying that you hope those sponsors will also show their outrage against her remarks by cancelling their advertising for her show. We don't want to boycott or take other action against people who feel the same as we do about it. (Give them a nice way to join us.)

Twentieth Century Fox is likely to be especially sensitive to complaints. They have one of their big movies in the theaters right now "Anna and the King" and they will have a little more than thirty days to make all the money in the theaters that they can make. If they receive a number of letters/phone calls about Judge Judy's comments, along with a threat to picket or boycott, they will drop Judge Judy like a hot rock. They can't afford to wait a week to see if they have a PR problem.

Judge Judy And Her Sponsors:

Judge Judy's number

KCAL 9 - Programming - 323-960-3610
Public Affairs - 323-960-3730

(Anna and the King - movie)
Twentieth Century Fox
10201 West Pico Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 369-1000

Secret Deodorant

David Sexton
Shell Oil Company
GSDF Division
630 Fifth Avenue - Suite 1970
New York NY 10111, USA

Telephone: 1-212-218 3112
Fax: 1-212-218 3114

Information For Private Shareholders:

If you have any questions or queries please contact the addresses below:

Royal Dutch Shareholders

Shareholder queries,

Shell International B.V
FHK Division
PO Box 162
2501 AN The Hague
The Netherlands.


Nissan Autos
1-800-NISSAN-1 (1-800-647-7261)

Nissan Motor Corporation
P.O.Box 47060
Gardena, CA 90248

Web TV (airs Judge Judy in interactive mode)

Footlocker Shoe Stores

Other Judge Judy Sponsors
Nissan autos
Coco's Restaurants
Ross Dress for Less
Dodge Ram Trucks

The show is produced by Big Ticket Television


Dear [sponsor]

I understand that your company sponsors the "Judge Judy" television show. As are probably already aware, the show's star, Judy Sheindlin, recently made some extremely offensive comments in regards to intravenous drug users. Sheindlin said, "Give 'em dirty needles and let 'em die. . .I don't understand why we think it's important to keep them alive," as she promoted her new book in Australia.

This "final solution" not only smacks of Nazism, it is completely irresponsible. Sheindlin should know that IV drug users infected with deadly disease don't just sit in a corner and keep it to themselves. The disease can be easily transmitted to unborn children, unknowing sexual partners and others. Sheindlin has clearly let her intolerance overpower any common sense she might have.

While Sheindlin is certainly entitled to her opinions, no matter how mindlessly murderous and hateful, her opinions do reflect on her sponsors. While I hope you don't share her opinions, it's hard to tell as long as your company continues to financially support Sheindlin's show without calling on her to retract her statements.

Sheindlin is well aware of the controversy she has created, and while she has made some attempt to justify her comments, she hasn't done the right thing: simply admitting that she was wrong. She obviously cares little about those of us who have protested her comments, so we feel as though we must bring the issue to your attention. I'm hoping this can be resolved before I change my buying habits to consciously avoid products from Sheindlin's sponsors, but unless I get some satisfaction from Sheindlin, I feel as if I don't have any other choice.

Thank you for your consideration.

Stephen Young

Always Include Your Address And Telephone Number!

Please note: If you choose to use this letter as a model please modify it at least somewhat so that the paper does not receive numerous copies of the same letter and so that the original author receives credit for his/her work.

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Prepared by Stephen Young
Focus Alert Specialist

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The New Callousness - 11/30/99

Judge Judy Urged To Retract Statement - 12/07/99

Discussions on Judge Judy's Comments:

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Comment #3 posted by Mark Carlin on May 15, 2001 at 12:31:42 PT:

Judge Judy
It doesn't surprise me at all that "Judge" Judy would make
a comment like that. I have always thought she was a self-
rightous snake. I have noticed on the few occasions when I
have watched her show that she will pretend to know just
about everything, and, when anybody wants to say anything
that will prove her wrong, she will immediatly make them
stop using her power as a judge to make them stop talking.
She is not even a fraction as smart as she thinks she is.
An example is that on one her shows I watched, someone testified that Japanese cars dent easier than American cars
and she replied "baloney". That is a true statement that would be supported by any body repairman that knows what he is doing because Japanese cars use a thinner gauge steel than American cars and they really do dent easier. Her smart-aleck attitude is bad for anybody to have, but especially for a Judge to have.

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Comment #2 posted by FoM on December 12, 1999 at 17:14:27 PT
Judge Judy's Shocking Stab at AIDS Junkies

US: Judge Judy's Shocking Stab at AIDS Junkies

Newshawk: Kevin Zeese
Pubdate: 21 Dec 1999
Source: Globe
Copyright: 1999 American Media Operations, Inc.
Page: 7
Address: 5401 N.W. Broken Sound Blvd.
Boca Raton, FL 33487
Author: Neil Blincow
Cited: Common Sense For Drug Policy:

See: DrugSense FOCUS ALERT:
Shortcut: to Judge Judy press clippings:


Exclusive Interview: "Give Em All Dirty Needles"

TV's tough-talking Judge Judy has sparked a firestorm of protest by blasting needle-exchange programs and saying drug addicts should be given dirty syringes instead!

"Give 'em all dirty needles and let 'em die!" acid-tongued Judy Sheindlin declared during a press conference in Australia to promote her book Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever.

She also branded as "liberal morons" supporters of clean-needle programs, which are aimed at preventing AIDS-infected addicts from spreading the disease.

Addiction specialists are infuriated by the 57-year old jurists comments.

"I'm shocked and outraged," says Kevin Zeese, president of the drug education group Common Sense for Drug Policy.

"If we did what Judge Judy suggests, that would just increase the spread of AIDS and condemn a whole class of people to death."

Experts say needle exchange programs can reduce the risk of contracting HIV - - the virus that causes AIDS - by 50 percent.

"The benefits of these programs are well documented," says Daniel Gentry, director of the Center for HIV Studies at St. Louis University in Missouri.

"The idea is to help drug addicts lower the risk of gettting AIDS from infected needles.

"Judge Judy obviously doesn't want to help these people." But the veteran Family Court judge, whose syndicated series is a huge ratings hit, is unfazed.

In an exclusive GLOBE interview, she explains that she saves her sympathy for the victims of drug abuse, not the abusers.

"The tens of thousands of drug-addicted babies, many of whom will die of AIDS and are born only to suffer - they have my sympathy," she says.

"The mothers who fed them drugs do not.

"The tens of thousands of victims of robberies, rapes, burglaries and murder have my sympathy. The perpectrators looking for their next fix do not."

The no-nonsense TV star says that years of dealing with addicted criminals helped form her harsh opinion.

"I spent a quarter century of my life in Family Court," she told the GLOBE. "I looked into the vacant eyes of a 10-year-old as she described what happened to her each time her drug-crazed mother sold her to men for $5.

"Each year there was case after case of babies born drug-addicted and infected with AIDS to women who were still walking around pregnant with another baby.

"Spend MY tax money on these victims and not a penny on free needles. If this sounds tough, YOU spend some time with these victims, as I did."

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Comment #1 posted by kaptinemo on December 11, 1999 at 13:51:44 PT
Judge Judy: Technological Dinosaur
Judge Judy has once again put her foot in her mouth, a la MISTER McCaffrey.

As some of you might recall, the McCzar insulted his hosts the Dutch by lying and saying their crime rate was double ours (the US) when it is only about half - and blamed the [incredibly successful] Dutch policy towards soft drugs as the reason. When the truth was quietly stated by the Dutch Ambassador to the US, McCzar refused to apologize or retract his earlier statements. Perhaps he figured, with an unfortunately typical American provincialism, that he could expect his remarks would go no further than the Dutch press. Such provincialism is both embarressing and absurd in the Age of the World Wide Web.

So, now we have Judge Judy, engaging in exactly the same provincialism; thinking, perhaps, that anything she said in "Brisbane, Australia" would not follow her back to the States. What, did she think Australia is some kind of cultural backwater or something?

Judge Judy is another example that not only is the Ugly American alive and well, but is also a technological illiterate to boot.

And this is the kind of mentality that rules this country. And concocts drug law.

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