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Posted by FoM on August 14, 1999 at 12:36:38 PT
The Arts For Freedom!  
Source: A. H.E.M.P.  

cannabis The International Artists for H.E.M.P. (A HEMP) will be a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt foundation, a nonprofit membership organization comprised of people in the all of the arts, writing, performing, musical, visual, and athletics.

It will support a change in the current laws on Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana, through the dissemination of information about Hemp and its many medical, environmental and recreational uses, as well as the very negative social impact of the current prohibition.



The arts, especially in the modern world of mass communication, can be a force either for good or ill, truth or lies, but they will seldom be left to be neutral, nor should they be. Arts without conscience will become instruments of tyranny.

This fact has been made very clear by the blatant efforts to use the arts for prohibitionist propaganda. Under the guise of the very worthy cause of fighting "substance abuse", artists, and the industries that they make possible, are being called upon to lie to the people of the world about the Cannabis plant and those who use it, even the seriously ill and disabled.

Far from ameliorating the very real problems of substance abuse, this propaganda will make these problems worse and further deprive the people of their freedom. It appears that many of those who manage the industries made possible by the arts are all too willing to acquiesce and even to contribute to this subterfuge.

In the face of this challenge, artists cannot become accomplices or passive witnesses to this process. A HEMP will mobilize all of the arts to break the silence which has been imposed on those who disagree with current policies. Artists - because of their gifts -- cannot abdicate their responsibilities, and they certainly cannot allow their art to be used to further the lies and hatred.

A HEMP will be the catalyst and vehicle for the resistance to this betrayal of the arts and the people.


In spite of almost a century of anti-cannabis prohibitionist propaganda, the overwhelming majority of the people in the United States and Canada, and many other countries favor the medical use of cannabis. Nonetheless, governments continue the inhumane persecution of the sick, dying and disabled.

Farmers, badly hurt by one of the worst agricultural depressions since the 1930s want to be allowed to grow hemp, but the United States remains the only major industrial country in the world to deny them that right, in a country founded by hemp farmers.

Even in the face of a multibillion dollar annual anti-marijuana campaign, almost one-third of the people oppose marijuana prohibition. In the United States alone, there have now been over eleven million marijuana arrests in the last 30 years. That is greater than the population of the state of Ohio.

A HEMP's goal is to use all of the arts, writing, performing, musical and visual, and all of the media, to educate and inform the public about Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana History, and its environmental and medical uses.

Equally important, A HEMP will focus on the cruelty and hypocrisy of arresting marijuana users while allowing the use of Alcohol and Tobacco, which -- by any measure -- are much more destructive of individual health and social peace.

A HEMP is concerned about the misinformation being presented to today's children about the harms of marijuana, which has the perverse effect of discrediting valuable information about the dangers of substance abuse.

Children have to be told the facts about marijuana in order to be told the truth about alcohol, tobacco and other "drugs."

A HEMP will not advocate the use of marijuana by anyone. Moreover, it will urge that those who do choose to use marijuana do so responsibly, with all due concern for the rights and well-being of others.

A HEMP will seek to use its credibility to discourage the inappropriate use of marijuana by anyone, and especially by those under the age of eighteen, (except under medical supervision.)

A HEMP is dedicated to fostering a society in which adult Americans will have the freedom to make responsible personal choices for their own health, and the pursuit of happiness. Farmers will have the freedom to serve the needs of their fellow citizens, unfettered by arbitrary government regulation or taxation.

A HEMP will serve it's members by providing information, assistance and a national platform to preserve, protect and defend these freedoms, and by giving them a way to use their talents in the furtherance of this cause.


A HEMP will be an international membership organization through which artists will reach out to people of the world through all of media, with a special emphasis on the Internet.

Our web site will include latest news about Cannabis as well as a calendar of events happening around the world. We will also have a complete history of the many uses of this one plant. The site will also include electronic letters to local politicians to make it easier for sympathizers to voice their support of change.

On-line we will also have a magazine for members that includes complete and up to date information on how to grow, harvest and cure your own smoke. As well as the latest information on Hemp production, places, farming techniques and changing laws.

Musical Concerts will be one of the main projects of A HEMP. By putting together events that will attract people and media we will be able to spread more factual information and hasten the end of prohibition.

By the organization of events such as concerts, comedy and speaking engagements, and art exhibits, well-known people in all the arts can raise funds and public awareness towards the ending of marijuana prohibition.


A HEMP will be located in Los Angeles, California, at the heart of the entertainment community. Here we will be able to attract artists, producers, promoters and others in the entertainment community. By doing so we hope to put out a clear image of marijuana laws today and the devastating and negative impact prohibition is having.

We will be able to act as a hub for the anti-prohibitionist movement. In having 'celebrity endorsement' we will easily get the attention of mainstream media and by doing so shape the image that is Cannabis culture.


A HEMP will solicit direct tax exempt contributions to fund it's activities as well as cover office costs.

Membership dues and contributions will assist in fundraising, but the majority of the monies raised will be through concerts and live events, by having artists donate their time and appearances. Also, reproductions of cannabis related visual arts by well-known artists will be sold.


A HEMP will not directly lobby politicians, but will educate people about the hemp plant and marijuana prohibition.


A HEMP has a strategic relationship with the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws biased out of D.C.. Founded in 1970 with assistance of the Playboy Foundation. NORML has been the only long-term - front line defense for marijuana smokers.

A HEMP has access to all of NORML's resources and will utilize NORML's weekly news service and huge contact base.

A HEMP will also work closely with Sarah Hanes, CEO of Onboard Entertainment, a production company biased in San Francisco that specializes in MTV style Rock and Sport events. Onboard Ent. will produce the concert events for A HEMP.


A HEMP will work with Richard Cowan, owner of which is a Cannabis news wire updated with the latest news daily. All important events concerning Cannabis Law Reform will be sent to A HEMP members via e-mail. Members can also receive NORML's weekly post of important news events.

A HEMP hopes to develop an international monthly magazine in the near future that will be available on news stands world wide.

A HEMP Member Benefits

Membership will include priority access to the web site for concert tickets and all major events produced and associated with A HEMP. As well as complete information ranging from growing Hemp to medical marihuana, work place urine testing [sic] and up to date information regarding the emerging Cannabis culture.

Instant information will allow the members to see how they can help to create change in policy.


Since 1937 marijuana Prohibition has been a racist war against minorities, but also against Jazz musicians, Artists, Beatniks, Poets, Authors, Musicians, Actors, any and all nonconformists.

Today the prohibition of marijuana users has blossomed into a multibillion dollar war against all of America. Last year alone, the FBI reports that 695,000 Americans were arrested for marijuana crimes. Over 80% of the arrests were for simple possession.

The Government targets medical patients. Even people in wheelchairs are arrested for seeking pain relief. AIDS and cancer patients are arrested for illegally using marijuana to increase their appetite and assist with nausea.

Citizens in seven states have voted for the use of medical marijuana in every initiative put on the ballot. The Federal government has tried to subvert the will of the people by threatening doctors and patients with arrest.

In one election, Washington D.C., voters have had their voice squelched by Congress. When ordered that the vote tally of the November 3rd, 1998 election not be counted! Exit polls showed the initiative winning 69% to 31%. Not counting their vote is a direct challenge to democracy.

Over 500 American family farms are being lost every week due in part to not being able to compete in the burgeoning hemp market.

The environment is being damaged by a reliance on ecologically destructive logging and farming that could be greatly reduced by the development of a hemp industry that will never be possible so long as the US must import all of its hemp products.

The government of the United States and others around the world, following a mandate of an agency of the United Nations - under US guidance - are seeking to censor all criticism of current policies and to subvert the arts into instruments of prohibitionist propaganda.

And now artists are going to have to choose between supporting the repressive prohibitionist propaganda machine or speaking out for truth and freedom. The existence of A HEMP truly confronts artists with the challenge of being a part of the problem or a part of the solution.

If you're interested in being involved in any way whatsoever please contact:

Todd McCormick

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