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  Million Marijuana March, Cleveland, OH!
Posted by FoM on May 02, 1999 at 18:21:24 PT
Written by John R. Bills! Thank You! 
Source: North Coast Norml 

cannabis About 1500 people showed up for the lively and loud march around the Cleveland Justice Center for the first Million Marijuana March here. It was quite a crowd, but I was saddened by the fact that I saw none of my pot-smoking friends in the crowd. Still, the size of the crowd, and their jubilation soon made me forget this fact. I also heard more than a few horn blasts from drive-by closet supporters, which enlivened the crowd to shout and chant slogans like, "Free the weed!", "Let my people grow!", etc...

There was a reverent attempt to encircle the jail; there was more than enough people in my opinion, but there were not enough organizers to make it happen. Hopefully, this will get better as the movement gains momentum. Hopefully, next year some of those corporate heads will come out and support this peaceful and constitutionally just movement next year. I made it a point to join NORML and donate some $ for the cause, and also sported my new Million Marijuana March t-shirt. More people wanted them but I don't think the organizers forsaw the crowd that would show up. There were quite a few fans waving from captiivity in the Justice Center, which made for more hoops and cheers of protest.
Eventually, the crowd gathered around the park just north of the Justice Center. Everybody seemed to be anticipating some exciting stuff, but, unfortunately, the most moving speakers did not come to the pulpit until much of the crowd had dissipated. Again, the organizers need to be a little bit more on top of the situation; there were a lot of potential voters in the crowd who could be convinced to become more proactive in the fight to end the War on Drugs. Susan Sunshine was there, one of the eight legal medical marijuana users. She was very passionate about the subject, spouting poems and music for the crusade. She should have started when the crowd was still very large. There was also one of the plaintiffs in the class-action suit against the federal government. I don't recall his name, but his speech was very good, hitting on just about every point in the medical marijuana movement, and moving the crowd to sigh in digust at the rediculousness of our prohibitionist government.
The Libertarian Party showed up to hawk their cause, which is essentially that of our founding fathers. The War on Drugs is slowly stripping away the freedoms of the Contitution, and people need to become aware of this. People must remember that there is no where else to run. America is the last frontier of freedom. If we lose it here, there will be nowhere to go. I was hoping to see genuine leadership on this front. Again, the organizers need to do a better job in speaking to these masses, and making them proactive in politics. They did make the very important point that becoming politically active is a very important and powerful means to affect a change for the better, but the crowd was down to about 500 by this time.
The music was very good, a band from Pittsburg played a good set of reggae-style dance music that lasted for about an hour. There were only three policemen on duty, and they were far enough away from the crowd to allow the wandering spliff to be passed around during the music. I caught a good buzz and wandered around and enjoyed the atmosphere of relative freedom.
Toward the end, another man came on, someone in the legal profession, and let everyone know how the law stood in Ohio. It seems we still have some of the most liberal laws in the country. They need to get a little more liberal and legalize it. The man was very knowledgeable and seemed to me like a good prospective candidate for public office. Of course, when he gets elected, his stance would probably change for the old party line, because that seems to be what happens all the time these days. Seems it did not take very long for McCaffery and Reno to scare new California Attorney General Lungren into forsaking his own state's constitution.
Toward the end, there was another set of excellent acoustic music. There were only about 2-300 people by this time, but people were still dancing, including two girls who were both probably only in their early teens, if that. They were trying to dance that hippie dance that the older girls were doing(I'm sure there is a name for it, but I don't know it) and they were doing a descent job of it. What struck me was how young they were. But I soon realized by their sad, affectionate waving and undulations toward the window of the Justice Center, that their dads were probably just another statistic in the War on Drugs, and maybe they would get to be fathers again if only people would listen. That was when I slowly departed the scene, wondering how many little girls and boys are out there, feeling the pain of separation, feeling the pain of the War on Drugs, the War on America.

by John R Bills

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Comment #7 posted by SUPER MARIO on May 02, 2001 at 22:06:31 PT

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Comment #6 posted by liz on March 04, 2001 at 14:48:04 PT:

That's not what it is about!
Please don't smoke when you come! This is about decriminaliztion of marijuana, and for medical marijuana, and for the education of it. Educate people the difference between hemp and pot. Stay home next year!!!!

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Comment #5 posted by steve on August 16, 2000 at 19:00:34 PT:

i attended the march, and i got blazed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i smoked some purple,blueberry,orange buds.i was keyed! i hope to attened next year.


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Comment #4 posted by shea on May 08, 2000 at 11:18:08 PT
million man marijuana march, cleveland oh
I attended the Million Man Marijuana March in Cleveland, Ohio on May 6, 2000. I was a very peacefull event. I look forward to attending it next year!

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Comment #3 posted by FoM on May 02, 1999 at 19:38:02 PT
Million Marijuana March, Cleveland, OH!
Thank You too John!
This little news site is different then the others in that we have this opportunity to make a comment. How many time did I yell at the tv when something was on that I didn't like or go Yeah! when something was great! We can do that here and that is what makes it a little unique. Thank God for Marijuana News and Drug News they are both great and what I hope is this site will be a compliment to there sites. We are growing and expanding and more and more people are getting on line and many have questions on drug issues or marijuana just like we all did and typed in the word marijuana in a search tool and pressed enter and waited to see the police come and take us away! I'm being silly there! Sorry! LOL!

This is real news! Personal reports of events! That's real interactive news! Please send me an e mail to Cannabis News if you want me to post something. Or better yet post it in here where I will surely see it. United we will win divided we won't be able too!
Peace, FoM!

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Comment #2 posted by John R. Bills on May 02, 1999 at 19:01:22 PT:

North Coast NORML
Dear FoM,
Thank you for posting my article! It made me very proud. I will, in the future, attend events, and make it a point to write up pieces that you can post at your discretion. If you have any questions or comments, e-mail me and I will reply. Also, thank you for remembering North Coast NORML! I can't believe I did not mention the main sponsors of the event! I'm so sorry! This was my first write-up of an event. I will make it a point at future events. My main motivation was the fact that I saw nothing on any news channel even though I saw channels 5, 19, and 43 with news cameras in the beginning of the march. Your site, and related sites are now, and forever, my news of choice. Thank you North Coast NORML for a great 1st Million Marijuana March in Cleveland! Thanks to all who support this wonderful cause! Peace!

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Comment #1 posted by FoM on May 02, 1999 at 18:40:28 PT
Million Marijuana March, Cleveland, OH!
Thank You John,
Since I am from Ohio this means a lot to me to read how everything went. I do think Ohio's laws are some of the most liberal in the Nation and that's great but I remember when simple possession of marijuana in Ohio could bring a 20 to 40 year sentence! I really believe that because Ohio's were some of the toughest laws on the books and at that time if I remember correctly there was a chance the laws on a National Policy on Marijuana Reform would be right behind,( somewhere in this time wasn't NORML Started?) they went ahead and made Ohio's laws reasonable the way they thought the Nation would go! Wrong!
Thank You! If I can help with North Coast Norml in a capacity that I'm able I will gladly help!

The times of these different events are vague but how it seemed to happen is still fresh in my mind!
No Internet in those days! LOL!
Peace, FoM!

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